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  • Main Title Planning for the next generation of proton-decay experiments in the United States


  • Author: Ayres, D.S.
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  • Name: Argonne National Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Illinois


  • Creation: 1982-01-01


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  • Content Description: There are now three well-developed proposals for new proton decay detectors to be built in the United States. These are the 1000 to 5000-ton Soudan 2 tracking calorimeter, the 1400-ton Homestake II liquid scintillator Tracking Spectrometer, and the 2500-ton University of Pennsylvania liquid-scintillator - proportional-drift-cell calorimeter. These proposals were reviewed by the Department of Energy Technical Assessment Panel on Proton Decay in February 1982. I shall describe the Soudan and Pennsylvania proposals, present the latest results from the 31-ton Soudan 1 experiment, and discuss the recommendations of the DOE Panel. Following these recommendations, a one-week workshop, to be held at Argonne in June, will focus on the optimization of techniques for future experiments.
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  • Conference: 3. workshop on grand unification, Chapel Hill, NC, USA, 15 Apr 1982


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