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  • Main Title A fast chopper for programmed population of the longitudinal phase space of the AGS


  • Author: Brennan, J.M.
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  • Author: Ahrens, L.
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  • Author: Alessi, J.
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  • Author: Brodowski, J.
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  • Author: van Asselt, W.
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  • Name: Brookhaven National Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Upton, New York


  • Creation: 1989-01-01


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  • Content Description: A fast beam chopper has been built that can produce an arbitrary pulse program of the 200 MeV H/sup /minus// beam for synchronous injection into moving rf buckets in the AGS. The chopper will eliminate rf capture losses and can be used to tailor the initial distribution in longitudinal phase space by varying the pulse parameters, width and phase, on a bunch-by-bunch time scale, during multi-turn injection. The chopper also serves as a studies tool since it can provide controllable beam intensity with fixed longitudinal emittance (and conversely) and/or missing bunches. It is an electrostatic deflection device with 15 pairs of plates located above and below the 35 keV H/sup /minus// beam between the ion source and the RFQ preinjector. The plates are space 26 mm apart in the beam direction and connected as a slow-wave structure by coaxial cables. They are driven to +- 760 V by dc-coupled pulse generators. Beam current rise and fall times are less than 10 ns. 3 figs.
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  • Conference: 13. particle accelerator conference, Chicago, IL, USA, 20 Mar 1989


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  • Other: DE89012539
  • Report No.: BNL-41832
  • Report No.: CONF-890335-128
  • Grant Number: AC02-76CH00016
  • Office of Scientific & Technical Information Report Number: 6233706
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