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  • Main Title Recent results in the theory of the three-nucleon systems


  • Author: Friar, J.L.
    Creator Type: Personal


  • Name: Los Alamos National Laboratory
    Place of Publication: New Mexico
    Additional Info: Los Alamos National Lab., NM (USA)


  • Creation: 1987-06-01


  • English


  • Content Description: This paper concentrates on calculational results obtained by the Los Alamos-Iowa Faddeev group and on related calculations. Most of the interest of this group has centered on the Helium 3 and Hydrogen 3 ground states, including the effects of the Coulomb interactions between the two protons in Helium 3. Recent progress in treating the alpha particle is reported and zero energy n-d and p-d scattering and an improved understanding of the scattering lengths for these systems are also discussed. Simple physical pictures for these results are presented where possible. 54 refs., 9 figs. (DWL)
  • Physical Description: Pages: 16


  • Keyword: Charged Particles
  • Keyword: Interactions
  • Keyword: Beta Decay Radioisotopes
  • Keyword: Many-Body Problem
  • Keyword: Energy Levels
  • Keyword: Nucleon-Deuteron Interactions
  • Keyword: Beta-Minus Decay Radioisotopes
  • Keyword: Stable Isotopes
  • Keyword: Data
  • Keyword: Equations
  • Keyword: Electromagnetic Interactions
  • Keyword: Isotopes
  • Keyword: Even-Odd Nuclei
  • Keyword: Coulomb Scattering
  • Keyword: Light Nuclei
  • Keyword: Helium Isotopes
  • Keyword: Helium 3
  • Keyword: Basic Interactions
  • Keyword: Theoretical Data
  • Keyword: Odd-Even Nuclei
  • Keyword: Nuclei
  • Keyword: Length
  • Keyword: Years Living Radioisotopes 653003* -- Nuclear Theory-- Nuclear Reactions & Scattering
  • Keyword: Hydrogen Isotopes
  • Keyword: Tritium
  • Keyword: Hadron-Hadron Interactions
  • Keyword: Baryon-Baryon Interactions
  • Keyword: Neutron-Deuteron Interactions
  • Keyword: Three-Body Problem
  • Keyword: Numerical Data
  • Keyword: Faddeev Equations
  • Keyword: Ground States
  • Keyword: Scattering
  • Keyword: Dimensions
  • Keyword: Proton-Deuteron Interactions
  • Keyword: Information
  • Keyword: Elastic Scattering
  • Keyword: Radioisotopes
  • Keyword: Scattering Lengths
  • Keyword: Particle Interactions
  • STI Subject Categories: 73 Nuclear Physics And Radiation Physics
  • Keyword: Alpha Particles


  • Conference: International conference on the theory of few body and quark-hadronic systems, Dubna, USSR, 16 Jun 1987


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