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  • Main Title Search for neutrino oscillations at LAMPF


  • Author: Harper, R.W.
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  • Author: Ling, T.Y.
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  • Author: Mitchell, J.W.
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  • Author: Romanowski, T.A.
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  • Author: Smith, E.S.
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  • Author: Timko, M.
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  • Author: Freedman, S.J.
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  • Author: Napolitano, J.
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  • Author: Fujikawa, B.K.
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  • Author: Mckeown, R.D.
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  • Name: Ohio State Univ., Columbus (USA)
    Place of Publication: United States
  • Name: Argonne National Lab., IL (USA)
    Place of Publication: United States
  • Name: California Inst. of Tech., Pasadena (USA)
    Place of Publication: United States
  • Name: Lawrence Berkeley Lab., CA (USA)
    Place of Publication: United States
  • Name: Los Alamos National Lab., NM (USA)
    Place of Publication: United States
  • Name: Louisiana State Univ., Baton Rouge (USA)
    Place of Publication: United States


  • Creation: 1986-01-01


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  • Content Description: The decays of stopped pions in the LAMPF beam stop present a unique opportunity to probe neutrino oscillations in the mass region of deltam/sup 2/ approx.0.1eV/sup 2/ and mixing parameters as low was sin/sup 2/2THETA approx.10/sup -3/. The appearance of anti nu/sub e/ will be measured with high sensitivity by Experiment 645 during the run cycle that begins in the summer of 1986.
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  • Keyword: Pions
  • Keyword: Multiwire Proportional Chambers
  • Keyword: Particle Decay
  • Keyword: Pions Plus
  • Keyword: Radiation Detectors 645102* -- High Energy Physics-- Particle Interactions & Properties-Experimental-- Weak Interactions & Properties
  • Keyword: Drift Chambers
  • Keyword: Elementary Particles
  • Keyword: Pseudoscalar Mesons
  • Keyword: Sensitivity
  • Keyword: Mesons
  • Keyword: Measuring Instruments
  • Keyword: Detection
  • STI Subject Categories: 72 Physics Of Elementary Particles And Fields
  • Keyword: Hadrons
  • Keyword: Scintillation Counters
  • Keyword: Proportional Counters
  • Keyword: Decay
  • Keyword: Neutrino Oscillation
  • Keyword: Bosons


  • Conference: Recontres de Moriond workshop on massive neutrinos in particle physics and astrophysics, Tignes, Savoie, France, 25 Jan 1986


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  • Other: DE86011300
  • Report No.: LBL-21320
  • Report No.: CONF-860167-6
  • Grant Number: AC03-76SF00098
  • Grant Number: W-31-109-ENG-38
  • Grant Number: W-7405-ENG-36
  • Office of Scientific & Technical Information Report Number: 5795226
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