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  • Main Title A Verilog 8051 Soft Core for FPGA Applications


  • Author: Rangoonwala, Sakina
    Creator Type: Personal


  • Chair: Kougianos, Elias
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  • Chair: Mohanty, Saraju P.
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  • Committee Member: Hayes, Robert G.
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  • Committee Member: Clark, Dave
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  • Name: University of North Texas
    Place of Publication: Denton, Texas


  • Creation: 2009-08
  • Digitized: 2009-10-30


  • English


  • Content Description: The objective of this thesis was to develop an 8051 microcontroller soft core in the Verilog hardware description language (HDL). Each functional unit of the 8051 microcontroller was developed as a separate module, and tested for functionality using the open-source VHDL Dalton model as benchmark. These modules were then integrated to operate as concurrent processes in the 8051 soft core. The Verilog 8051 soft core was then synthesized in Quartus® II simulation and synthesis environment (Altera Corp., San Jose, CA, www.altera.com) and yielded the expected behavioral response to test programs written in 8051 assembler residing in the v8051 ROM. The design can operate at speeds up to 41 MHz and used only 16% of the FPGA fabric, thus allowing complex systems to be designed on a single chip. Further research and development can be performed on v8051 to enhance performance and functionality.


  • Keyword: IP core
  • Keyword: Verilog
  • Keyword: FPGA
  • Keyword: 8051 micro-controller
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  • Degree Name: Master of Science
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  • Academic Department: Department of Engineering Technology
  • Degree Grantor: University of North Texas