Study of vector boson decay and determination of the Standard Model parameters at hadronic colliders Metadata

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  • Main Title Study of vector boson decay and determination of the Standard Model parameters at hadronic colliders


  • Author: Amidei, D.
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  • Sponsor: United States. Department of Energy.
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    Contributor Info: DOE; USDOE, Washington, DC (United States)


  • Name: Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Batavia, Illinois
    Additional Info: Fermi National Accelerator Lab., Batavia, IL (USA)


  • Creation: 1991-01-11


  • English


  • Content Description: The power of the detectors and the datasets at hadronic colliders begins to allow measurement of the electroweak parameters with a precision that confronts the perturbative corrections to the theory. Recent measurements of M{sub z}, M{sub w}, and sin {theta}{sub w} by CDF and UA2 are reviewed, with some emphasis on how experimental precision is achieved, and some discussion of the import for the specifications of the Standard Model. 14 refs., 10 figs., 4 tabs.
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  • Conference: 10. international conference on physics in collision, Durham, NC (USA), 21-23 Jun 1990


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