Cataloguing in 2012: On The Cusp Of RDA

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This article discusses changes in music cataloguing systems.

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Harden, Jean, 1948- September 2012.


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This article discusses changes in music cataloguing systems.

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8 p.


Abstract: The major looming changes in music cataloguing today-the cataloguing code 'Resource Description and Access' (RDA); a system of genre/form and medium terms, to be used as "subjects;" and a not-yet-determined replacement for the encoding system MARC-result from a concern for the needs of the user. The first thorough, systematic analysis of user needs was 'Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR).' RDA is designed around the conceptual framework presented in that document. Similarly concerned with user needs is the new system of genre/form and medium terms that will soon replace the current workaround of using "subject headings" for what an item 'is', instead of only for what an item is 'about.' Because catalogue data created according to RDA cannot be adequately expressed in the current MARC format, another initiative is underway to develop a new encoding framework to replace MARC.


  • Fontes Artis Musicae, 2012, Middleton: A R Editions, Inc., pp. 249-256


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  • Publication Title: Fontes Artis Musicae
  • Volume: 59
  • Issue: 3
  • Page Start: 249
  • Page End: 256
  • Peer Reviewed: Yes


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