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  • Main Title Synthesis of new high performance lubricants and solid lubricants


  • Author: Lagow, R.J.
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  • Name: Texas Univ., Austin, TX (United States). Dept. of Chemistry
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  • Creation: 1992-03-01


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  • Content Description: We have started to make a number of classes of new perfluoropolyethers both in the solid lubricant area and liquid lubricant area. We have prepared some chlorofluoroethers for testing as additives for normal petroleum and polyalphaolefin lubricants which are so widely used in the United States. Perfluoropolyethers are not soluble in hydrocarbons. On the other hand, these chlorofluoropolyethers are soluble in substantial amounts in simple hydrocarbons. These are uniquely capable of being additives that flow with the motor oil or the polyalphaolefin.
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  • Other: DE92011940
  • Report No.: DOE/ER/12119-1
  • Grant Number: FG05-91ER12119
  • DOI: 10.2172/5524816
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