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  • Main Title The degradation of organic dyes by corona discharge


  • Author: Goheen, S.C.
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  • Name: Pacific Northwest Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Richland, Washington


  • Creation: 1992-02-01


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  • Content Description: Several dyes in water were individually exposed to corona discharge. Light absorbance decreased for all organic dyes with time. Absorbance losses with methylene blue, malachite green, and new coccine were studied. The loss of color was followed using an in situ colorimeter and the effects of varying the current, voltage, gas phase, stirring rates, salinity, and electrode spacing were investigated. The highest reaction rates were observed using the highest current, highest voltage (up to 10kV), highest stirring rate, lowest salinity, smallest electrode spacing, and an environment containing enhanced levels of oxygen. Current was higher in the presence of nitrogen than in the presence of oxygen (for the same voltage), but the reaction of methylene blue did not proceed unless oxygen was present. These results help identify conditions using corona discharge in which dyes, and potentially other organics, can be destroyed. 22 refs., 5 figs.
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  • Conference: Chemical oxidation technology for the nineties symposium, Nashville, TN (United States), 19-21 Feb 1992


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