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  • Main Title Improved solvent extraction recovery of shale oil. [DOE patent application]


  • Author: McKay, J.F.
    Creator Type: Personal
  • Author: Chong, S.L.
    Creator Type: Personal


  • Creation: 1981-07-20


  • English


  • Content Description: An improved process for solvent extraction of organic matter from shale by two extraction steps in sequence. The extraction steps are: (1) treating a kerogen-containing shale with a solvent system comprising a combination of water and an alcohol at a temperature of about 375 to 425/sup 0/C; and (2) treating the product of (1) with a solvent system comprising a combination of an alcohol and another organic solvent at an elevated temperature, but not above about 425/sup 0/C. The organic matter is recovered by separating the liquid which results from step (2) from the shale solids.
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  • Keyword: Shale Oil
  • Keyword: Fuels
  • Keyword: Organic Compounds
  • Keyword: Bitumens
  • Keyword: Water
  • Keyword: Ethanol
  • Keyword: Oil Shales
  • Keyword: Hydrocarbons
  • STI Subject Categories: 040400 -- Oil Shales & Tar Sands-- Oil Production, Recovery, & Refining
  • Keyword: Separation Processes
  • Keyword: High Temperature
  • Keyword: Temperature Dependence
  • Keyword: Materials
  • Keyword: Solvents
  • Keyword: Other Organic Compounds
  • Keyword: Solvent Extraction
  • Keyword: Fossil Fuels
  • Keyword: Organic Matter
  • Keyword: Kerogen
  • Keyword: Hydroxy Compounds
  • Keyword: Aromatics
  • Keyword: Benzene
  • Keyword: Solvent Properties
  • Keyword: Alcohols
  • Keyword: Oxygen Compounds
  • Keyword: Recovery
  • Keyword: Energy Sources
  • Keyword: Organic Solvents
  • Keyword: Mineral Oils
  • STI Subject Categories: 37 Inorganic, Organic, Physical And Analytical Chemistry
  • Keyword: Extraction
  • Keyword: Hydrogen Compounds
  • Keyword: Bituminous Materials
  • Keyword: Methanol
  • Keyword: Oils
  • STI Subject Categories: 04 Oil Shales And Tar Sands
  • Keyword: Tar 400105* -- Separation Procedures
  • Keyword: Carbonaceous Materials


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  • Patent Assignee: Dept. of Energy

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  • Other: DE82013590
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  • Office of Scientific & Technical Information Report Number: 5319235
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