Fabrication of lithium ceramics by hot pressing Metadata

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  • Main Title Fabrication of lithium ceramics by hot pressing


  • Author: Wilson, C.N.
    Creator Type: Personal


  • Name: Hanford Engineering Development Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Richland, Washington
    Additional Info: Hanford Engineering Development Lab., Richland, WA (USA)


  • Creation: 1982-03-01


  • English


  • Content Description: Controlled density LiA10/sub 2/, Li/sub 2/Zr0/sub 3/, Li/sub 4/SiO/sub 4/ and Li/sub 2/O pellets were fabricated by hot pressing for irradiation testing as candidate tritium breeding materials. Pellet specifications, characterization data, and procedures for hot pressing, pellet grinding and halide removal are discussed.
  • Physical Description: Pages: 31


  • STI Subject Categories: 70 Plasma Physics And Fusion Technology
  • Keyword: Alkali Metal Compounds
  • Keyword: Beta Decay Radioisotopes
  • Keyword: Zirconium Compounds 700102* -- Fusion Energy-- Plasma Research-- Diagnostics
  • Keyword: Oxides
  • Keyword: Beta-Minus Decay Radioisotopes
  • Keyword: Fabrication
  • Keyword: Ceramics
  • Keyword: Isotopes
  • Keyword: Chalcogenides
  • Keyword: Transition Element Compounds
  • STI Subject Categories: 360201 -- Ceramics, Cermets, & Refractories-- Preparation & Fabrication
  • Keyword: Light Nuclei
  • Keyword: Hot Pressing
  • Keyword: Breeding Ratio
  • Keyword: Odd-Even Nuclei
  • Keyword: Nuclei
  • STI Subject Categories: 36 Materials Science
  • Keyword: Hydrogen Isotopes
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  • Keyword: Aluminium Compounds
  • Keyword: Years Living Radioisotopes
  • Keyword: Lithium Oxides
  • Keyword: Oxygen Compounds
  • Keyword: Removal
  • Keyword: Halides
  • Keyword: Reactor Components
  • Keyword: Breeding Blankets
  • Keyword: Zirconium Oxides
  • Keyword: Radioisotopes
  • Keyword: Aluminium Oxides
  • Keyword: Conversion Ratio


  • Conference: 84. annual meeting of the American Ceramic Society, Cincinnati, OH, USA, 2 May 1982


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  • Other: DE82016261
  • Report No.: HEDL-SA-2594-FP
  • Report No.: CONF-820547-12
  • Grant Number: AC06-76FF02170
  • Office of Scientific & Technical Information Report Number: 5259234
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