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  • Main Title W mass and W asymmetry at CDF


  • Author: Leone, S. (Pisa Univ. (Italy) Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Pisa (Italy))
    Creator Type: Personal


  • Sponsor: United States. Department of Energy.
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    Contributor Info: DOE; USDOE, Washington, DC (United States)


  • Name: Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Batavia, Illinois
    Additional Info: Fermi National Accelerator Lab., Batavia, IL (United States)


  • Creation: 1991-05-01


  • English


  • Content Description: The lepton charge asymmetry from W decaying into a lepton and a neutrino is discussed (preliminary result). This measurement gives information on parton distribution functions at low x values. The derivation of the recently published W mass value of 79.91 {plus minus} 0.39 GeV/c{sup 2} is also presented. M{sub W} is used to set an upper limit on the top quark mass. 13 refs., 4 figs., 1 tab.
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  • Keyword: Spectra 645102* -- High Energy Physics-- Particle Interactions & Properties-Experimental-- Weak Interactions & Properties
  • Keyword: Partons
  • Keyword: Top Particles
  • Keyword: Neutrinos
  • Keyword: Mass Spectra
  • STI Subject Categories: 72 Physics Of Elementary Particles And Fields
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  • Keyword: Invariance Principles
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  • Keyword: Asymmetry
  • Keyword: Transverse Momentum
  • Keyword: Fermions
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  • Keyword: Postulated Particles
  • Keyword: Weinberg Angle


  • Conference: 26. Rencontres de Moriond conference, Les Arcs (France), 10-24 Mar 1991


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  • Other: DE91018243
  • Report No.: FNAL/C-91/152-E
  • Report No.: CONF-9103200--1
  • Grant Number: AC02-76CH03000
  • Office of Scientific & Technical Information Report Number: 5309803
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