Optimization of electrochemical-etching parameters for highly sensitive CR-39 fast neutron dosimeters Metadata

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  • Main Title Optimization of electrochemical-etching parameters for highly sensitive CR-39 fast neutron dosimeters


  • Author: Gammage, R.B.
    Creator Type: Personal
  • Author: Chowdhury, A.
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  • Name: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Tennessee


  • Creation: 1981-01-01


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  • Content Description: Voltage gradient and frequency were studied for their influence on the electrochemical etching of CR-39 plastic irradiated with fission spectrum, fast neutrons. A power supply having outputs of up to 1.5 kV (rms) and 5 kHz was used. Differential leakage current measurements under non-etching conditions indicated that the optimal values in electrochemical etching would be 20 kV/cm and 1.3 kHz. That these parameters produced a maximum sensitivity was verified in subsequent electrochemical etching experiments with foils that were both unirradiated and irradiated. The introduction of a proton irradiator cover and a conventional etching step prior to the electrochemical etching, increased the sensitivity to neutrons (approx. 30-fold) and decreased the background track density to 4.4 +- 0.6 tracks/cm/sup 2/. The corresponding sensitivity was then 1.3 tracks/cm/sup 2//mrem with a minimum level of detectability (3sigma) of 1.4 mrem.
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  • Conference: 8. DOE workshop on personnel neutron dosimetry, Louisville, KY, USA, 18 Jun 1981


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