Examination of H8 and B8 leadscrews from Three Mile Island Unit 2 (TMI-2) Metadata

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  • Main Title Examination of H8 and B8 leadscrews from Three Mile Island Unit 2 (TMI-2)


  • Author: Vinjamuri, K.
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  • Author: Akers, D.W.
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  • Author: Hobbins, R.R.
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  • Name: EG & G Idaho
    Place of Publication: Idaho Falls, Idaho
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  • Creation: 1985-09-01


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  • Content Description: Visual examinations, preliminary temperature estimates, and chemical and radiological analyses were conducted on samples removed from the control rod drive leadscrews. Hardness measurements and microstructure analysis suggest that significant temperature differences existed between the portions of the leadscrews closest to the bottom and top of the plenum assembly. Preliminary analysis indicates that the temperatures ranged from 666 to 1255/sup 0/K (740 to 1800/sup 0/F) for H8 and 723 to 1033/sup 0/K (842 to 1400/sup 0/F) for B8. The uncertainty in the temperature estimates is about +-28 to 56/sup 0/K (+-50 to 100/sup 0/F). Chemical analyses indicate that UO/sub 2/ and zirconium were deposited to a greater extent on surfaces closer to the core. Radiological analyses suggest that a number of the H8 radionuclides are insoluble in strong acid solutions. In contrast, more of the B8 radionuclides are soluble in strong acidic solutions. Also, an axial gradient in surface radionuclide concentrations was observed, with the highest concentration near the top of the plenum assembly. The data indicate changes in chemical composition and gradients in the surface radionuclide concentrations in the plenum assembly. As extrapolated from leadscrew data, the fractions of total core inventory of radionuclides retained on the plenum assembly surfaces are small (<2%).


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  • DOI: 10.2172/5048524
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