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  • Main Title Preliminary design of a 10 MV ion accelerator


  • Author: Fessenden, T.J.
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  • Name: Lawrence Berkeley Lab., CA (USA). Accelerator and Fusion Research Div.
    Place of Publication: United States


  • Creation: 1986-06-01


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  • Content Description: At the low energy end of an induction linac HIF driver the beam current is limited by our ability to control space charge by a focusing system. As a consequence, HIF induction accelerator designs feature simultaneous acceleration of many beams in parallel within a single accelerator structure. As the speed of the beams increase, the focusing system changes from electrostatic to magnetic quadrupoles with a corresponding increase in the maximum allowable current. At that point the beams are merged thereby decreasing the cost of the subsequent accelerator structure. The LBL group is developing an experiment to study the physics of merging and of focusing ion beams. In the design, parallel beams of ions (C/sup +/, Al/sup +/, or Al/sup + +/) are accelerated to several MV and merged transversely. The merged beams are then further accelerated and the growth in transverse and longitudinal emittance is determined for comparison with theory. The apparatus will then be used to study the problems associated with focusing ion beams to a small spot. Details of the accelerator design and considerations of the physics of combining beams are presented.
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  • Conference: 2. international topical symposium on ICF research by high-power beams, Nagaoka, Japan, 16 Jun 1986


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