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  • Main Title Secondary recovery of plutonium and americium from process waste streams by solvent extraction


  • Author: Hagan, P. G.
    Creator Type: Personal
  • Author: Navratil, J. D.
    Creator Type: Personal


  • Name: North American Aviation. Atomics International Division. Rocky Flats Plant.
    Place of Publication: Golden, Colorado
    Additional Info: Atomics International Div., Rocky Flats Plant, Golden, Colo. (USA)


  • Creation: 1978-01-16


  • English


  • Content Description: A solvent extraction process is being evaluated for the secondary recovery of plutonium and americium from Rocky Flats waste streams. The bidentate organophosphorus compounds dihexyl-N,N-diethylcarbamylmethylene phosphonate and its dibutyl analogue have been shown to be selective extractants for the actinides from solutions of nitric acid. The results from laboratory test runs in which the organophosphorus extractants were used for processing secondary waste solutions will be presented. Solvent extractant properties and purification procedures are discussed.
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  • Keyword: Transplutonium Elements
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  • Keyword: Phosphonic Acid Esters
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  • Keyword: Organic Compounds
  • Keyword: Nitric Acid
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  • Keyword: Separation Processes
  • Keyword: Americium Complexes
  • STI Subject Categories: 400105 -- Separation Procedures
  • Keyword: Plutonium Complexes
  • Keyword: Solvent Extraction
  • Keyword: Plutonium
  • Keyword: Transuranium Elements
  • Keyword: Esters
  • Keyword: Actinides
  • STI Subject Categories: 37 Inorganic, Organic, Physical And Analytical Chemistry
  • STI Subject Categories: 12 Management Of Radioactive And Non-Radioactive Wastes From Nuclear Facilities
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  • Keyword: Radioactive Waste Processing
  • Keyword: Transuranium Complexes
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  • Keyword: Hydrogen Compounds
  • Keyword: Actinide Complexes


  • Conference: Division of fuel chemistry meeting, Anaheim, CA, USA, 12 Mar 1978


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  • Report No.: RFP-2708
  • Report No.: CONF-780305-11
  • Grant Number: EY-76-C-04-3533
  • Office of Scientific & Technical Information Report Number: 5132990
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