Investigations of the Natural Fission Reactor Program. Progress report, October 1976--September 1977 Metadata

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  • Main Title Investigations of the Natural Fission Reactor Program. Progress report, October 1976--September 1977


  • Author: Apt, K.E. (ed.)
    Creator Type: Personal


  • Name: Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory
    Place of Publication: New Mexico


  • Creation: 1977-11-01


  • English


  • Content Description: During Fiscal Year 1977, efforts of the Natural Fission Reactor Program have been directed toward (1) further measurements and predictions of reactor product migration at Oklo, (2) uraninite solubility studies, (3) radiogenic equilibria studies of natural Pu, Ra, and Th in U ores, (4) search for evidence of other natural fission reactors, and (5) supportive analytical measurements and procedures development.
  • Physical Description: Pages: 28


  • Keyword: Research Programs
  • Keyword: Ruthenium Isotopes
  • Keyword: Thorium
  • Keyword: Uranium Minerals 050100* -- Nuclear Fuels-- Reserves, Exploration, & Mining
  • Keyword: Uraninites
  • Keyword: Radioactive Materials
  • Keyword: Elements
  • Keyword: Solubility
  • Keyword: Minerals
  • Keyword: Isotope Ratio
  • Keyword: Radionuclide Migration
  • Keyword: Age Estimation
  • Keyword: Plutonium
  • Keyword: Ores
  • Keyword: Mass Transfer
  • Keyword: Transuranium Elements
  • Keyword: Oklo Phenomenon
  • Keyword: Uranium Isotopes
  • Keyword: Radium
  • Keyword: Metals
  • Keyword: Radioactive Minerals
  • Keyword: Actinide Isotopes
  • Keyword: Environmental Transport
  • Keyword: Actinides
  • Keyword: Alkaline Earth Metals
  • Keyword: Uranium Ores
  • STI Subject Categories: 11 Nuclear Fuel Cycle And Fuel Materials


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  • Report No.: LA-7032-PR
  • Grant Number: W-7405-ENG-36
  • DOI: 10.2172/5204013
  • Office of Scientific & Technical Information Report Number: 5204013
  • Archival Resource Key: ark:/67531/metadc1057069


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