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  • Main Title Heavy quark production in ep collisions at HERA. [None]


  • Author: Derrick, M.
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  • Name: Argonne National Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Illinois


  • Creation: 1987-12-22


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  • Content Description: There are substantial production rates of heavy quarks from ep collisions at HERA. The center of mass energy of about 300 GeV is well above any b-quark threshold effects, and for b/bar b/ production, the cross section is estimated to be 3.3 nb per event, leading to rates approaching 10/sup 6/ b mesons per year. The rates for c/bar c/ production are about two orders of magnitude greater. Two major detectors are under construction and a program of heavy quark physics will start in 1990. 3 refs., 4 figs.
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  • Conference: Workshop on high sensitivity beauty physics at Fermilab, Batavia, IL, USA, 11 Nov 1987


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