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  • Main Title (The relationship between microstructure and magnetic properties in high-energy permanent magnets characterized by polytwinned structures)


  • Sponsor: United States. Department of Energy.
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    Contributor Info: DOE; USDOE, Washington, DC (United States)


  • Name: Pittsburgh Univ., PA (United States)
    Place of Publication: United States


  • Creation: 1992-01-01


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  • Content Description: This report summarizes the results of a study of the relationship between microstructure and magnetic properties in a unique genre of ferromagnetic material characterized by a polysynthetically twinned structure which arises during solid state transformation. These results stem from the work over a period of approximately 27 months of a nominal 3 year grant period. The report also contains a proposal to extend the research project for an additional 3 years. The polytwinned structures produce an inhomogeneous magnetic medium in which the easy axis of magnetization varies quasi-periodically giving rise to special domain configurations which are expected to markedly influence the mechanism of magnetization reversal and hysteresis behavior of these materials in bulk or thin films. The extraordinary permanent magnet properties exhibited by the well-known Co-Pt alloys as well as the Fe-Pt and Fe-Pd systems near the equiatomic composition derive from the formation of a polytwinned microstructure.
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  • Other: DE92015198
  • Report No.: DOE/ER/45390-3
  • Grant Number: FG02-89ER45390
  • DOI: 10.2172/5133101
  • Office of Scientific & Technical Information Report Number: 5133101
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