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  • Main Title Thorium assessment study quarterly progress report, third quarter fiscal 1977


  • Author: Spiewak, I.
    Creator Type: Personal
  • Author: Bartine, D. E.
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  • Author: Burns, T. J.
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  • Author: Cleveland, J. C.
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  • Author: Thomas, W. E.
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  • Author: White, J. R.
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  • Sponsor: United States. Department of Energy.
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    Contributor Info: USDOE


  • Name: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Tennessee


  • Creation: 1977-09-30


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  • Content Description: The objective of the program described is to contribute to the ongoing assessment of the potential role of thorium fuel cycles for alleviating safeguards concerns. Scenarios include (1) no fuel recycle permitted, (2) fuel recycle permitted only in secure regions (''energy parks'') with denatured (chemically non-separable) fuels only outside these regions, and (3) no limits on fuel recycle. A further objective is to provide nuclear mass balance data on HTGRs required by ERDA contractors for comparative cost-benefit studies.
  • Physical Description: Pages: 57


  • Keyword: Uranium Isotopes
  • STI Subject Categories: 98 Nuclear Disarmament, Safeguards, And Physical Protection
  • STI Subject Categories: 210300 -- Power Reactors, Nonbreeding, Graphite Moderated
  • Keyword: Fuel Cycle
  • STI Subject Categories: 210500 -- Power Reactors, Breeding
  • Keyword: Thorium Cycle
  • Keyword: Fast Reactors
  • Keyword: Radioisotopes
  • Keyword: Thorium Isotopes
  • Keyword: Isotopes
  • STI Subject Categories: 055001 -- Nuclear Fuels-- Safeguards, Inspection, & Accountability-- Technical Aspects
  • Keyword: Economics
  • Keyword: Graphite Moderated Reactors
  • Keyword: Lmfbr Type Reactors
  • Keyword: Even-Even Nuclei
  • Keyword: Separation Processes
  • Keyword: Nuclei
  • Keyword: Reactors
  • Keyword: Alpha Decay Radioisotopes
  • Keyword: Reprocessing
  • Keyword: Water Moderated Reactors
  • Keyword: Years Living Radioisotopes 210200* -- Power Reactors, Nonbreeding, Light-Water Moderated, Nonboiling Water Cooled
  • Keyword: Safeguards
  • Keyword: Liquid Metal Cooled Reactors
  • Keyword: Pwr Type Reactors
  • Keyword: Epithermal Reactors
  • Keyword: Actinide Isotopes
  • Keyword: Breeder Reactors
  • Keyword: Gas Cooled Reactors
  • Keyword: Water Cooled Reactors
  • Keyword: Htgr Type Reactors
  • Keyword: Fbr Type Reactors
  • Keyword: Planning
  • STI Subject Categories: 21 Specific Nuclear Reactors And Associated Plants
  • Keyword: Even-Odd Nuclei
  • Keyword: Uranium 238
  • Keyword: Thorium 232
  • Keyword: Actinide Nuclei
  • Keyword: Heavy Nuclei
  • Keyword: Uranium 233


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  • Report No.: ORNL/TM-6025
  • Grant Number: W-7405-ENG-26
  • DOI: 10.2172/5169479
  • Office of Scientific & Technical Information Report Number: 5169479
  • Archival Resource Key: ark:/67531/metadc1052680


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