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  • Main Title Quarterly Progress Report for the Period July 1 to September 30, 1958


  • Author: Garbe, R. W.
    Creator Type: Personal
  • Author: Walchli, H. E.
    Creator Type: Personal


  • Name: Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Atomic Power Department.
    Place of Publication: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Additional Info: Westinghouse Electric Corp. Atomic Power Dept., Pittsburgh


  • Creation: 1959-10-31


  • English


  • Content Description: An evaluation and the resulting conclusions of work performed are given for each project in which definitive progress was made. The principle progress consisted of: obtaining promising fuel fabrication results from production scale investigations of simplified UO/sub 2/ preparations methods, presintering operation elimination, increasing pellet densities and reductions of UO/sub 2/ losses; successfully brazing a ninety-five inch long experimental fuel subassembly in which all joints, including outside ferrules and control rod rubbing strips, had brazed fillets; completing the fabrication of the last group of MTR process water irradiation samples and all of the in-pile test loop samples except for the specimens containing 27% enriched pellets; performing a nuclear analysis of various fuel assembly designs as part of an over-all evaluation of fuel assembly bowing in the Yankee reactor; completing corrosion studies of primary plant materials in static autoclaves to aid in the selection of a pH control agent; developing a Compromise Design'' for the fueh assembly which incorporates a series of small design changes to eliminate the possibility of restricting control rod motion by interference due to a superposition of bowing of the fuel assembly and an adverse accummulation of mechanical tolerances; completing the calculation of the moderator temperature coefficient, the Doppler temperature coefficient, the void coefficient, neutron lifetime, and delayed neutron fraction; obtaining flux profiles, flux peaking, flux spectrum, peripheral fuel rod worth, void coefficient, temperature coefficient, and control rod worth data from the Critical Reactor Experiments with a 3: 1 water-to-uranium metal ratio core at the Westinghouse Reactor Evaluation Center; continuing instrumentation and individual component operational testing of the in-pile test loop; and analyzing the results of the post-irradiation examination of the second group of process water samples and delivery of the last group of samples to the MTR. (For preceding period see YAEC-87.) (auth)
  • Physical Description: Pages: 113


  • Keyword: In Pile Loops
  • Keyword: Water Coolant
  • Keyword: Expansion
  • Keyword: Impurities
  • Keyword: Efficiency
  • Keyword: Reactivity
  • Keyword: Reactor Core
  • Keyword: Configuration
  • Keyword: Fabrication
  • Keyword: Spectral Shift
  • Keyword: Power Plants
  • Keyword: Equations
  • Keyword: Corrosion
  • Keyword: Control Elements
  • Keyword: Corrosion Protection
  • Keyword: Coolant Loops
  • Keyword: Losses
  • Keyword: High Temperature
  • Keyword: Materials Testing
  • Keyword: Moderators
  • Keyword: Canning
  • Keyword: Pellets
  • Keyword: Fuel Elements
  • Keyword: Failures
  • Keyword: Sintering
  • Keyword: Enrichment
  • Keyword: Brazing
  • Keyword: Irradiation
  • Keyword: Joints
  • Keyword: Acidity
  • Keyword: Thermal Stresses
  • Keyword: Sampling
  • Keyword: Neutron Flux
  • Keyword: Neutrons
  • Keyword: Planning
  • Keyword: Uranium Dioxide
  • Keyword: Lifetime
  • Keyword: Rods
  • Keyword: Reactors
  • Keyword: Reprocessing
  • Keyword: Temperature
  • Keyword: Monitoring
  • Keyword: Mockup
  • Keyword: Density
  • Keyword: Production
  • Keyword: Mechanical Structures
  • Keyword: Deformation


  • Other Information: For Yankee Atomic Electric Co. Orig. Receipt Date: 31-DEC-59


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  • Report No.: YAEC-97
  • Grant Number: AT(30-3)-222, SUBCONTRACT NO. 1
  • DOI: 10.2172/4289488
  • Office of Scientific & Technical Information Report Number: 4289488
  • Archival Resource Key: ark:/67531/metadc1017843