About Electronic Theses and Dissertations

How long will it be until I see my thesis or dissertation online?

We typically upload theses and dissertations into the UNT Digital Library within two weeks of the time we receive the files from UNT's Toulouse School of Graduate Studies.

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How will people be able to access my thesis or dissertation?

Your electronic thesis or dissertation (ETD) is placed in the UNT Digital Library as a PDF file available for reading and/or downloading by all users, including being crawled and indexed by online search engines such as Google. Users may find your ETD by searching within the UNT Digital Library, by searching the UNT Libraries' Online Catalog, or by using a web search engine.

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What if I don't want to provide open access to my thesis or dissertation on the Internet?

To stimulate education and research, we encourage our graduate authors to expand the availability of theses and dissertations beyond the UNT community. However, graduate authors who have reasons to more fully restrict the distribution of their work may, at the time of submission, appeal to the UNT Graduate School for embargo or restriction. If your electronic thesis or dissertation (ETD) is restricted, an abstract will appear in the UNT Digital Library, but only members of the UNT community will be able to view the full text of the ETD.

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Is it possible to move my thesis from restricted access to public access?

Yes. At UNT we encourage the widest possible dissemination of students' work. To "un-restrict" your previously restricted thesis or dissertation, please e-mail Graduate Reader Jill Kleister at Jill.Kleister@unt.edu for the necessary paperwork.

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How do I log in from off campus to see a restricted electronic thesis or dissertation?

You must be affiliated with UNT to view a restricted electronic thesis or dissertation.

From the item record for the thesis or dissertation, select Download this File from the green navigation bar near the top of the page. A login prompt will appear. For user name, enter your UNT EUID. For password, enter your EUID password. Click the Login button and the download screen will appear. Click Download to access the PDF of the thesis or dissertation.

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If I'm not affiliated with UNT, how can I get a copy of a restricted electronic thesis or dissertation?

University policy prevents the UNT Digital Library from providing you with open access to the full text of electronic theses or dissertations that have been designated as restricted to the UNT community. However, you may be able to find a copy of the thesis or dissertation through the ProQuest service. See www.proquest.com.

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What is ProQuest?

UNT's Graduate School distributes official copies of each thesis or dissertation both to the UNT Digital Library and to ProQuest, a corporation located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

ProQuest UMI Dissertation Publishing has published dissertations and theses since 1938. In addition to publishing, ProQuest provides access to graduate works for libraries around the world through a variety of databases and printed reference tools. For more information, visit www.proquest.com.

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Which version of a thesis or dissertation is more authoritative--UNT Digital Library or ProQuest?

UNT's Graduate School distributes official copies of each thesis or dissertation both to the UNT Digital Library and to ProQuest. The text is identical in both products. You can use either service with confidence.

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Where can I find a UNT thesis or dissertation published prior to 1999?

The UNT Digital Library provides full-text access only to UNT theses and dissertations published from 1999 to the present.

UNT theses and dissertations published prior to 1999 are currently available in the UNT Libraries collections in paper or microformat. Please use the UNT Libraries Online Catalog to locate the thesis or dissertation that interests you.

In addition, many UNT theses and dissertations published prior to 1999 are available full-text online through the ProQuest service. UNT Community members can access ProQuest through the Dissertations & Theses @ University of North Texas link in the Libraries Electronic Resources menu. Users not affiliated with UNT should consult their local library for assistance with ProQuest products.

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Can you put me in touch with the author of a thesis or dissertation?

The UNT Digital Library does not have contact information for authors of UNT theses and dissertations. You may be able to obtain assistance from the author's major department or from the UNT Alumni Association.

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