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  Partner: UNT Music Library
 Decade: 1940-1949
 Year: 1940
 Serial/Series Title: Publicity/Promotional Photographs (1940-1950's)
 Collection: Stan Kenton Collection
[Stan Kenton with Benny Carter]

[Stan Kenton with Benny Carter]

Date: 1940~
Creator: unknown
Description: This sheet contains four square photographs. The upper photographs show Stan Kenton with a man at a piano (left) and sitting at a table with another man looking at paperwork (right); one of the men is composer and musician Benny Carter. The bottom phtographs show what appears to be a road in the country (left) and Stan Kenton with a pencil in his mouth, composing music at a piano (right). There is also a partially obscured photograph of an unidentified woman at the top of the sheet.
Contributing Partner: UNT Music Library