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[Stan Kenton's orchestra]
Photograph of Stan Kenton on a stage with an orchestra. Kenton is leaning against a piano in the foreground of the image. In the background, rows of string players are seated on risers and a drum set near the piano has the name "Shelly Manne" is near the piano.
[Stan Kenton's orchestra]
Photograph of an orchestra (likely Stan Kenton's). In the foreground of the image, several rows of string players are seated on risers and playing music from from decorative music stands. In the background, there are several men including one seated at a raised drum set and one seated at a piano on the floor.
Walkin' by the River
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This is a manuscript score of Joseph [Joe] A. Coccia's arrangement for jazz ensemble of the song "Walkin' by the River," by Una Mae Carlisle. It includes chord symbols and sections of the music, dynamics and solo entrances were marked using red pencil. On the back of the last page of the manuscript, there are suggested performance instructions and an alternative ending addressed to Stan [Kenton]. Each page of the manuscript bears the inscription "Stan Kenton Orch."
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