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[Meeting with Gordon Knox at the Princeton Film Center]
Photograph of Gordon Knox (seated at desk) and three other men at the Princeton Film Center.
[On location filming for Old Man in a Hurry]
Photograph of crew and equipment during on location filming for Old Man in a Hurry. A car is visible in the foreground with a camera mounted to the top. There is a two-wheeled buggy tied to the back of the car. There is a man seated atop the car, two on the buggy, two in the car and one standing beside the car. The car is parked on a dirt road in the countryside.
[Gordon Knox]
Photograph of Gordon Knox, founder and president of the Princeton Film Center.
[Gordon Knox, Jack Schaefer and Hugh Downs]
Photograph of Gordon Knox, Jack Schaefer and Hugh Downs. The photograph is blurry.
[Gordon Knox and Gunther von Fritsch on location in New Mexico]
Gordon Knox and Gunther von Fritsch filming Son of the Conquistadors in New Mexico in 1941. Fritsch and Knox are shown standing on the roof of a car looking over a camera on a tripod. A woman is visible behind the car seated behind another tripod. "100 Years, A New Mexico Film Celebration," is written in the top right corner.
[On location filming of Shooting Straight with Tim Holt]
Photograph of cast and crew, on location, during the filming of an episode of Shooting Straight with Tim Holt. There are guns and a map mounted on the back wall.
[On location in Venezuela]
Photograph of Venezuela, taken on location filming for the series, Venezuela on the March. The crew is visible in the foreground setting up in front of a few vehicles. A city is visible behind the film crew and mountains are visible in the background.
[On location filming of The Blue Angels, 1958]
Photograph of the crew of The Blue Angels, filming on location. Four camera men are visible atop scaffolding next to a plane. Other planes and a hangar are visible in the background.
Photograph of Venezuela, taken during filming for the series, Venezuela on the March. In the foreground, a series of vehicles are visible parked on a road lined with palm trees.
[Princeton Film Center, Hopewell Township, NJ]
Photograph of Princeton Film Center in Hopewell Township, New Jersey. A large white house is visible behind a pond.
[On location filming of Watson Wakes Up]
Photograph of Watson Wakes Up cast and crew during filming of a bedroom scene. Two actors are visible in bed with the crew surrounding the set.
[Son of Conquistadors, 1941, New Mexico]
Photograph of Gordon Knox (producer and director), Nancy C. Knox (associate producer) and Gunther von Fritsch (camerman) in New Mexico, 1941, crew of Sons of the Conquistadors. A house is visible in the background.
[On location in New Mexico]
Photograph of the Son of the Conquistadors film crew on location during filming at the Albuquerque Air Base in New Mexico. The cast and crew are visible in the foreground in front of a small airplane. There is a plane tower and a hangar in the background.
[Gordon Knox at the microphone]
Photograph of Gordon Knox standing in front of a microphone.
[Gordon Knox and Gunther von Fritsch setting up to film]
Photograph of Gordon Knox and Gunther von Fritsch setting up to film in New Mexico. Fritsch and Knox are shown standing on the roof of a car looking over a camera on a tripod. A woman is visible behind the car seated behind another tripod.
Princeton Airport Dedication
This film contains an unidentified press event held outside a building labeled Princeton Aviation Elev 160 and Gulf Oil. A Piper N7968W aircraft is displayed to the crowd following the press conference.
The Telefixit Program
A film of Greg Coleman advising viewers on TV tuning procedures.
Film overview of the history and services offered by the American Kennel Club.
Americans at Home: Treasure for your Table
Film about the history of craftsman housewares in America, such as crystal ware, fine china, and sterling silver.
Arteries of Progress
A film on transportation in Venezuela.
The ABC's of Decorating Your Home
Film from Better Homes and Gardens on tips for redecorating the home, including information on color selection, furniture arrangement and window dressings.
Cannons on Wings
This film focuses largely on the assembly line construction of Bell Aircraft's fighter planes.
Building America
Film on US infrastructure development, with topics including homes of the future, the role of lumber dealers in home building, the importance of home maintenance, and the importance of urban development. This film includes animated sequences.
Coaxial and Microwave Miracles
This film discusses technologies such as coaxial cables and microwaves and how they are used in the field of communication technology.
"This story is based upon the actual classroom experiences of Thomas J. Shelly, teacher of Economics and History in the Yonkers High School, Yonkers, New York. The American Economic Foundation is happy to present this example of how common sense combats economic fallacies" - from film.
Anesthesia for Operative Procedures of Short Duration, for Induction Prior to Ether and to Complement Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen
"This film has been prepared as an aid to the physician in obtaining a more complete understanding of the procedures, the limitations, and the advantages of Vinethene anesthesia" - from film.
Old Man In A Hurry
This film tells the story of Bion Shively, the oldest man to win the Hambletonian Trotting Classic.
Rural Review
This program on rural living includes segments on the 4H Club; "modern," "step-saving" kitchens; and "modern," time-saving farming equipment.
RCA Violin
This film features two black and white RCA Service Company television ads.
North by Northeast
This short film - produced in association with Northeast Airlines and Hertz Rent a Car Systems - shows travel opportunities in New England.
New England Idyll
This film includes footage of people on the beach, people on planes, etc. This appears to be excerpt footage from the film "North by Northeast" ( KNOX_26, directed by Wilbur T. Blume and produced by Gordon Knox).
Paul Landacre, Wood Engraver
Access: Use of this item is restricted to the UNT Community.
This short film on Paul Landacre shows the artist as he works on a piece titled "Lot Cleaning, Los Angeles."
Mightier Than the Sword
This film considers the power and appeal of magazines both as sources of entertainment and as educational materials.
Men Bet Their Lives On It
Film focusing on Packard engines, the Packard company, Packard engine production, and Packard's contributions to the war effort in the 1940s are the focus of this program.
New Wings for the Navy: The Douglas F4D
A film documenting how the Douglas F4D Skyray helped the US Navy break a world speed record.
Materials Handling
This film discusses how the development of bigger and better machinery over the years has improved work efficiency, especially in fields that involve moving materials and building structures.
Sulmet: Sulfamethazine in the Treatment of Livestock Diseases
This film advocates the use of Sulmet sulfamethazine for treating diseases in livestock.
Wings of the Future
This film discusses helicopters and looks at how inventors and innovators like Igor Sikorsky, Juan de la Cierva and Arthur Young helped to make helicopter flight possible.
Wings Over Dexter
A film showing the role of local service airlines in modern transportation.
What is Modern Art?
Filmed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Vladimir Sokoloff introduces a young woman to some examples of modern art by Picasso, Chagall, Dali, and others and explains the motivations behind some of the techniques developed by the artists.
Watson Wakes Up
A film about a man named Walter Watson. Walter can barely seem to make ends meet until he realizes the secret to financial stability: saving money.
Your Fair Share
This film represents an appeal for donations to the Newark, N.J. area Community Service Association. Presents the stories of individuals with health or social problems who need assistance and then suggests community programs that could help.
A Rising Tide
Film describing the history of industry in New Bedford, Mass., focusing on the decline of the textile industry. The film presents the planning, implementation, and results of New Bedford's initiatives to foster economic development and create new jobs.
The Navy's Blue Angels
This film looks at The U.S. Navy's Blue Angels, a highly trained group of precision flying pilots.
The Liquid Fire
This is a dramatization of the life of labor leader Samuel Gompers.
60 Seconds to Safety
This film outlines suggested fire safety measures for schools.
Shooting Straight with Tim Holt
Film of Tim Holt educating his young friend, Porky, on guns and gun safety. Part one covers the history of rifle use by early American settlers, including Buffalo Bill, and displays a matchlock rifle and a Springfield breechloading rifle.
Sample TV news clip reel
This film contains footage of black and white news clips from the 1950s. Subjects covered in these news clips includes Allis-Chalmers'cement-making process, pilot plant in Milwaukee and the installation of computing equipment ("Northrop Electronic Brain") in Hawthorne, California.
The Banshee
A film about the McDonnell Aircraft Corporation's "twin-jet carrier-based" fighter plane known as The Banshee.
Son of the Conquistadors
This film tells the story of Juan Martinez, a young man who leaves his family to join the US Air Force.