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Visiting people on a dairy farm.
Describes life on a dairy farm through the eyes of one Maryland family, the Schwartzbecks.
Fire departments for rural communities : how to organize and operate them.
Provides steps to take for organizing, adopting, and maintaining fire departments in rural communities.
Beef-cattle breeds for beef and for beef and milk.
Presents brief descriptions of the breeds of cattle which are kept for beef or for both beef and milk in the United States.
Hose pump for applying nitrogen solutions.
Describes methods for fertilizing crops with liquid fertilizer; provides calculations and tables for fertilizer measurements.
Land slugs and snails and their control.
Describes the characteristics of slugs and snails, the damage they can cause to plants, and methods of control.
Crested wheatgrass.
Discusses crested wheatgrass in the United States: its adaptation, its planting, its harvesting, and its use.
Bracing farm buildings.
Describes steps for creating a brace system for farm buildings in order to prevent distortion and collapse.
Porcupine control in the western states.
Describes the characteristics of porcupines in the western United States, the damage they cause, and methods of control.
Present guides for household buying.
Provides suggestions for buying materials for the household, including food, clothing, cleaning equipment, appliances, and other items.
Game laws for the season 1936-37 : a summary of federal, state, and provincial statutes.
A detailed review and summary of game laws for the 1936-37 season in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
The Plum Island Animal Disease Laboratory.
Examines the research facilities at the Plum Island Animal Disease Laboratory and provides information regarding its location, the organization, and the types of research and service provided.
Sugar beet culture in the northern Great Plains area.
Describes methods of planting, cultivating, harvesting, and utilizing byproducts of sugar beets.
Dresses designed for little girls.
Provides suggestions for the design, construction, and evaluation of dresses made for girls aged 2 to 6. Includes advice about design features, fabric selection, and quality of workmanship.
Nut-tree propagation.
A brief guide to nut-tree propagation, including budding and grafting and seed and stock selection. Intended for use by growers who must be able to distinguish seedlings from budded and grafted trees, or who wish to improve their own orchard trees.
Planning and recording family expenditures.
Describes methods and forms for recording family income and expenditures. Includes sample forms.
The 1952 cotton goal : 16 million bales from 28 million acres.
Discusses the need for large cotton crops in 1952 and requirements for achieving the highest possible yields. Includes an outlook for resources such as fertilizer, pesticides, defoliants, machinery, and manpower.
Bridge grafting.
Provides instructions for bridge-grafting to save fruit trees that have been damaged by rodents or disease.
Work of the United States Forest Service.
Discusses forest depletion and provides a history of forest conservation efforts by the United States government. Describes the work of the the Civilian Conservation Corps and other emergency projects, and discusses forest and range research.
The cherry blossoms, Washington DC
A brochure and map describing the history and locations of Japanese cherry trees in Washington, D.C.
Rethinking the role of nuclear weapons.
Discusses the changing role of nuclear weapons in the post-Cold-War era in the United States.
Eggs at any meal.
Discusses the nutritional value and versatility of the egg; provides recipes and suggests ways to use eggs in a variety dishes and sauces.
Turkey raising.
Describes methods of turkey farming for both small and large scale production.
The bud-graft method of propagating vinifera grape varieties on rootstocks.
Describes a method of grafting vinifera grapes on disease-resistant rootstocks to prevent infestation by phylloxera and the root knot nematode.
Poison ivy and poison sumac and their eradication.
Describes the characteristics of poison ivy and poison sumac, the damage they cause, and methods of control and eradication; also provides remedies for ivy poisoning.
Lamb as you like it.
Describes uses for lamb meat in meals; provides recipes and methods for its preparation in various dishes.
Insects injurious to the rice crop.
Describes several different pests which attack rice crops in the United States, including: stinkbugs, water weevils, borers, and several other minor pests; also describes the methods of controlling these pests.
Insecticidal efficiency of some oils of plant origin
Describes the results of scientific research examining the effect of plant oils as insecticides.
Hibernation of the corn earworm in the central and northeastern parts of the United States
Describes a scientific investigation into the hibernation patterns of the born earworm and emergence as moths in the central and northeastern United States.
Important cultivated grasses.
An illustrated guide to several varieties of grasses.
Poisoning the cotton boll weevil.
A guide to selecting the most suitable method for controlling the boll weevil. Describes poisons and equipment used in boll-weevil control.
Swine production.
A guide to hog-raising, including breeding, feeding, care of pigs, disease control, and selling.
Self-feeding versus hand-feeding sows and litters.
Details the benefits of self-feeding and hand-feeding sows and litters; describes how self-feeding can cut down on labor and feed expenses.
Housecleaning made easier.
Describes ways to make housecleaning simple, practical, and efficient; provides instructions for cleaning different types of objects.
Planting and care of street trees.
Describes the importance of shade trees within city limits, including: how to plan the layout of street trees; the various types of trees best suited for city growth; and how to properly maintain city-grown trees.
How to choose and use carrots.
Provides simple instructions for choosing the best quality carrots, storing them, and cooking them.
Investigations of the parasites of Popillia japonica and related scarabaeidae in the Far East from 1929 to 1933, inclusive.
Describes the results of scientific research of parasites of the Japanese beetle at various stages of the beetle life cycle. The studies were carried out from 1929 to 1933 in Japan, Chosen (Korea), India, and Taiwan.
Protecting field borders.
A guide to establishing borders for farm fields, in order to allow for drainage, to prevent woodland encroachment, and to provide wildlife protection.
Cooking beef according to the cut.
Discusses the nutritional value and versatility of beef; provides recipes and methods for its preparation in various dishes.
Improving 4-H clubs : 4-H studies point the way to better organization and functioning.
Suggests ways for county extension agents or 4-H club leaders to strengthen club work in their communities.
Rural libraries.
Describes how libraries are created in rural areas; describes the types of services offered by rural libraries.
The avocado : its insect enemies and how to combat them.
Describes insect pests of the avocado in Florida, and methods for their control.
Apple growing east of the Mississippi River.
Describes the various factors that should be taken into consideration when developing and maintaining apple orchards, including: types of soil, climate conditions, the selecting and handling of young trees, the use of fertilizers, methods of pruning and spraying, and methods of repelling pests.
Community cotton production.
Recommends and describes the "one-variety community method" of cotton production, in which a community limits itself to growing a single variety of cotton in order to produce a uniform product.
Varieties of winter wheat adapted to the eastern United States.
Describes varieties of winter wheat and where they grow in the eastern United States.
Our remaining land : we can use it and save it.
Discusses the condition of the remaining productive land in the United States and the risk of losing it to soil erosion. Describes conservation efforts including the use of land standards in conservation planning.
Fumigation of citrus trees for control of insect pests.
Describes methods for fumigating citrus trees in order to control scale insects and other pests.
How to use whole and nonfat dry milk.
Discusses the nutritional benefits of milk for adults and children. Pages 6-31 contain recipes using whole and nonfat dry milk.
Peach brown rot and scab.
Describes the characteristics of two peach diseases, brown rot and scab; also describes the damage they cause and methods of control.
Farm inventories.
Describes the various uses of farm inventories; provides instructions for making, using, and caring for a farm property book.
The European starling in the United States.
Describes the life cycle of the European starling, its beneficial and harmful qualities, and methods for its control.