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 Decade: 1940-1949
 Collection: Technical Report Archive and Image Library
Habits, Food, and Economic Status of the Band-Tailed Pigeon
Summary of the band-tailed pigeon including natural history, geographic distribution, value as a game bird, agricultural relationships, and food habits.
Attwater's Prairie Chicken, its Life History and Management
Summary of the Attwater's prairie chicken, including differences versus other prairie chickens, habits, habitat, limiting factors, management, and threat of extinction due to exploitation by man.
The Pocket Gophers (Genus Thomomys) of Arizona
Distributional study of the pocket gophers of Arizona, including economic status and species and subspecies.
Final Engineering Report Covering Austin Beta-Gamma Hand and Foot Checker
Abstract: "This final report discusses the project objectives and the manner in which these were attained in connection with the design and manufacture of the Austin Beta-Gamma Hand and Foot checker (Fig 1). Improvements incorporated to conform the equipment to modern production methods, as well as practical changes to achieve automatic operation and increased stability and to facilitate and simplify maintenance procedures, are covered in detail. The report also includes photographs (Figs. 2 and 3) and a schematic diagram of the final product (Fig. 4)" (p. 1)
An Improved 8 and 32 Inch Diffusion Pump Combination
Report describing the design and performance of an 8 inch and 32 inch diffusion pump and measurements of their capacity.
Experimental Techniques, Volume 1, Part 2: Ionization Chambers and Counters
From foreword: "Construction of some typical ionization detectors and their operation, with most developed at the Los Alamos Laboratory and a few at other projects connected with the development of the atomic bomb." This report includes chapters 8-16 and an appendix to the second part.
Preparation of N-Polychloropolyfluoroheptane
From introduction: "Discussion of alternate processes for manufacture of perfluoroxylene as insurance against any eventuality, e.g. disaster, poor quality, required amount of elemental fluorine not obtainable, necessity for further expansion at some future date, or decreasing cost."
Early Fluorocarbon Studies at Columbia University
Development of certain liquid and solid fluorocarbon compounds with special properties.
Some Recent Contributions to the Study of Transition and Turbulent Boundary Layers
No Description
Considerations of the Total Drag of Supersonic Airfoil Sections
The results of calculations of the viscous and pressure drags of some two-dimensional supersonic airfoils at zero lift are presented. The results indicate that inclusion of viscous drag alters many previous results regarding the desirability of certain airfoil shapes for securing low drags at supersonic speeds. At certain Reynolds and Mach numbers, for instance, a circular-arc airfoil may theoretically have less drag than the previously advocated symmetrical wedge-shape profile; although under different conditions, the circular-arc airfoil may have a higher drag.
Determination of the Number of Double Bonds in Less-Than-Milligram Amounts of Unsaturated Fatty Acids by Catalytic Hydrogenation in the Warburg Apparatus
Report discussing the determination of the number of olefinic double bonds in less-than-milligram amounts of unsaturated fatty acid derivatives using Barcroft-Warburg tissue respirometer as a manometric microhydrogenation apparatus.
Effect of X-rays on Tissue Metabolism
From introduction: "This paper presents data on the effect of x rays on tissue metabolism."
Pyrolysis of Hexadecafluoroheptane
"The studies of this report were made to indicate the thermal stability at elevated temperatures of fluorocarbons similar to the hexadecafluoroheptane" (p. 4).
Table and Mollier chart for ammonia below -60° F
A report containing a table and Mollier chart for ammonia below -60° F.
Automotive Antifreezes
From abstract: "A report on when antifreeze should be installed, what strength should be used, and what kind of antifreeze is best suited to the service involved."
High Voltage Pulse Transformer Designs at University of California Radiation Laboratory
A report on high voltage pulse transformer designs at the University of California Radiation Laboratory.
Paper Chromatography in Synthetic Organic Chemistry: Microgram Scale Syntheses of Labeled Monoiodotyrosine, diiodotyrosine and thyroxine
A report on paper chromatography in synthetic organic chemistry.
Safety Rules for the Installation and Maintenance of Electric Supply and Communication Lines: Comprising Part 2 and the Grounding Rules of the Fifth Edition, National Electrical Safety Code
A report on the safety rules for the installation and maintenance of electric supply and communication lines.
National electrical safety code: grounding rules and parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
A report on the national electrical safety code.
Report of the Twenty-Ninth National Conference on Weights and Measures, 1939
Report of the annual conference on weights and measures, hosted by the U.S. National Bureau of Standards in Washington D.C. It includes conference proceedings, a list of attendees, information about committees and officers, and other reports or commentaries discussed at the meetings.
Study of the Alaska Tundra with Reference to its Reactions to Reindeer and other Grazing
The Alaska tundra varies in width from a few miles to 200 miles along the Bering Sea and from 100 to 150 miles along the Arctic coast. Plant composition is largely lichens, grasses, sedges, alpines, and shrubs, of which 16 distinct vegetative types are described in this report.
Tables and Charts of Flow Parameters Across Oblique Shocks
Shock-wave equations have been evaluated for a range of Mach number in front of the shock from 1.05 to 4.0. Mach number behind the shock, pressure ratio, derivation of flow, and angle of shock are presented on charts. Values are also included for density ratio and change in entropy.
Guide Chart for Carbon Brush Terminals (Electric)
Diagrams and tolerances in inches for different size terminals.
Medical and Health Divisions Quarterly Report: January, February, March 1949
Metabolic properties of plutonium and allied materials, biological studies of radiation effects, and biological effects of radiation from external and internal sources.
The Mathematical Development of the End-Point Method
Detailed study of the mathematically developed end-point method and its application to the Milne kernel.
Development of Continuous Jet Impaction Method for Determining Air-Borne Contaminants
Report discussing a method of continuous air sampling that can be varied for use in different types of collections.
The Properties of Zirconium
Critical review of the information on zirconium, with estimates of the uncertainty in the values.
Operation of the 184" Cyclotron
The operation of the 184" synchro-cyclotron is reviewed in terms of the theory as developed by the authors. Certain relevant data on the properties of the magnet and rotating condenser are also presented.
High-Frequency Voltage Measurement
Fundamental principles and techniques used for voltage measurements primarily for frequencies in the upper audio- and radio-frequency ranges and including part of the ultrahigh frequency range.
A Rectangular Diffusion Pump
A diffusion pump having a rectangular mouth 1' by 3' in the vertical plane, employing linear jets.
Linear Amplifiers
Problems in the design of linear amplifiers are presented from the point of view of the radio engineer.
100-Ton Test at Trinity: Report on Earth Velocity Measurements
Apparatus, field layout, miscellaneous testing, and the method of analysis of a 100-ton test at Trinity.
The Enhancing Effect of the Inhalation of Hydrogen Fluoride Vapor on Beryllium Sulfate Poisoning in Animals
Report investigating the possible relationship between fluoride and beryllium toxicity by exposing rats to either beryllium sulfate mist and/or hydrogen fluoride vapor. Materials, experimental methods, and results are described. Bibliography begins on page 23.
Carbon 14 from Lead Nitrate
Report describing the production of carbon 14 from Pb(NO3)2 in the Oak Ridge Nuclear Reactor via the reaction N14 (n.p.) C14.
The Relationship of the Cell Surface to Metabolism, [Part] 4: The Role of Cell Surface Phosphatases of Yeast
Report describing the role of phosphates in the overall economy of the yeast cell. This report includes research methods, results, and a discussion of these results.
Life Tests of Tungsten and Tantalum Filaments in Ion Gauges
Results of an investigation carried on for the following purposes: (1) To determine the relative life of filaments when operated at low emission (low temperatures) as compared to those operated at high emission values. (2) To determine the nature of the dependence of life upon the initial diameter of the filament. (3) To determine the effect of varying concentrations of water vapor and air upon the life of the filaments. (4) To determine the relative life characteristics of tantalum as compared to tungsten.
The Decomposition of Diphosphopyridinenucleotide (DPN) and Adenosinetriphosphate (ATP) by Ultraviolet Light
Resolution of the products of the reactions of DPN and ATP with ultraviolet light by techniques of partition paper chromatography is reported in this paper.
Simplified Ionization Chamber
Construction and operation of a simplified ionization chamber.
Berkeley Proton Linear Accelerator
Construction of a linear accelerator which increases the energy of protons from a 4 Mev Van de Graaff injector to a final energy of 31.5 Mev.
Graphical Representation of the Four Series of Isotopes
Three graphs representing the four series of isotopes.
The Beta-Gamma Surface Dosage Rate from Natural Uranium
From summary: "Report discussing the beta-gamma dosage rate at the surface of a natural uranium disc. Measurements were taken using a Ryerson electrometer and an extrapolation ionization chamber."
The Inhibition of Malic Acid Oxidation in Rat Liver Homogenates by Octin-5-OIC Acid
Report of an experiment demonstrating that Octing-50oic acid inhibits the endogenous respiration of rat-liver homogenates. This report includes descriptions of the experiment, materials, and results.
The Radioactivity of Potassium 40: A Survey of Investigations
From note: "Report discussing the history of the research of potassium 40 and its radioactivity, as well as the author's own investigations into the isotope."
Reactor Engineering Division Quarterly Report, June 1, 1949 - August 31, 1949
Report issued by the Argonne National Laboratory covering the quarterly report from the Reactor Engineering Division. A summary of reactor programs, designs, development, and experiments are presented. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
The Possibility of Enhanced Hg202 as a Source of Monochromatic Light
This report discusses enhanced Hg202 as a source of monochromatic light in relation to the effects of the isotopic impurities.
Installation of a Chemical Research Laboratory
Installation of a chemical research laboratory.
Two-Dimensional Irrotational Transonic Flows of a Compressible Fluid
The methods of NACA TN No. 995 have been slightly modified and extended in include flows with circulation by considering the alteration of the singularities of the incompressible solution due to the presence of the hypergeometric functions in the analytic continuation of the solution. It was found that for finite Mach numbers the only case in which the nature of the singularity can remain unchanged is for a ratio of specific heats equal to -1. From a study of two particular flows it seems that the effect of geometry cannot be neglected, and the conventional "pressure-correction" formulas are not valid, even in the subsonic region if the body is thick, especially if there is a supersonic region in the flow.
A Mechanism for Automatic and Manual Control of the Air Velocity at the Window Opening of Fume Hoods
An effort to develop a control on the air velocity at the door opening of a fume hood.
Charts for the Computation of Equilibrium Composition of Chemical Reactions in the Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen System at Temperatures from 2000 to 5000 Degrees K
Charts are provided for the estimation and progressive adjustment of two independent variables on which the calculations are based. Additional charts are provided for the graphical calculation of the composition.
The effect of increased cooling surface on performance of aircraft-engine cylinders as shown by tests of the NACA cylinder
No Description