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Magnetic Force Welding Sintered Aluminum Powder Materials
Report discussing the use of sintered aluminum powder for nuclear fuel cladding. This report includes descriptions of pertinent materials and experimental procedures.
Study of the Alaska Tundra with Reference to its Reactions to Reindeer and other Grazing
The Alaska tundra varies in width from a few miles to 200 miles along the Bering Sea and from 100 to 150 miles along the Arctic coast. Plant composition is largely lichens, grasses, sedges, alpines, and shrubs, of which 16 distinct vegetative types are described in this report.
Fish and Shellfish Preferences of Household Consumers
This report is an analysis of a nationwide survey in October 1951 of household consumers' preferences for fresh and frozen fishery products. The survey was conducted under the auspices of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to aid the Nation's fishing industry, which is composed largely of small firms and individuals that find it difficult to make adequate contacts with consumers.
Otter Trawl Explorations in Philippine Waters
A trawl fishery of considerable magnitude has developed in the Philippines since liberation from the Japanese in 1945. At the inception of the Philippines Fishery Program of the United States Fish and Wildlife Serve, the trawl fishery was using a Japanese beam trawl and was, for the most part, confined to Manila Bay. Realizing that the supply of fish badly needed by the Philippine public could be augmented by trawling, the program inaugurated exploratory fishing voyages to likely grounds and demonstrated the otter trawl in important fishing centers. Twenty-four areas were surveyed, and a number of drags sufficient to demonstrate the possibilities were made in each. The results are tabulated and described, along with the composition of the catch and catch by depth.
Some Biological Effects of Ditching Tidewater Marshes
Just a century ago some 625,000 acres of salt, brackish, and freshwater marshes bordered the Atlantic coast from Maine to Virginia. As early as 1885, however, work was begun to reclaim for agriculture considerable acreages of the fresher tidal lands. This research was conducted to study the effects of marshland drainage on plants, wildlife and wildlife habitat.
Two-Dimensional Irrotational Transonic Flows of a Compressible Fluid
The methods of NACA TN No. 995 have been slightly modified and extended in include flows with circulation by considering the alteration of the singularities of the incompressible solution due to the presence of the hypergeometric functions in the analytic continuation of the solution. It was found that for finite Mach numbers the only case in which the nature of the singularity can remain unchanged is for a ratio of specific heats equal to -1. From a study of two particular flows it seems that the effect of geometry cannot be neglected, and the conventional "pressure-correction" formulas are not valid, even in the subsonic region if the body is thick, especially if there is a supersonic region in the flow.
Bending Tests of Metal Monocoque Fuselage Construction
Study of the bending stress in smooth skin, aluminum alloy, true monocoque fuselage sections of varying ratio of diameter to thickness.
Performance of B. M. W. 185-Horsepower Airplane Engine
No Description
Aerodynamic Investigation of a Cup Anemometer
Results of an investigation wherein the change of the normal force coefficient with Reynolds Number was obtained statically for a 15.5-centimeter hemispherical cup.
Tables and Charts of Flow Parameters Across Oblique Shocks
Shock-wave equations have been evaluated for a range of Mach number in front of the shock from 1.05 to 4.0. Mach number behind the shock, pressure ratio, derivation of flow, and angle of shock are presented on charts. Values are also included for density ratio and change in entropy.
A Comparison of Theory and Experiment for High-Speed Free-Molecule Flow
Comparison of free-molecule-flow theory with the results of wind-tunnel tests performed to determine the drag and temperature-rise characteristics of a transverse circular cylinder.
Two-Dimensional Subsonic Compressible Flows Past Arbitrary Bodies by the Variational Method
Instead of solving the nonlinear differential equation which governs the compressible flow, an approximate method of solution by means of the variational method is used. The general problem of steady irrotational flow past an arbitrary body is formulated. Two examples were carried out, namely, the flow past a circular cylinder and the flow past a thin curved surface. The variational method yields results of velocity and pressure distributions which compare excellently with those found by existing methods. These results indicate that the variational method will yield good approximate solution for flow past both thick and thin bodies at both high and low Mach numbers.
The International Metric System of Weights and Measures
General overview of the metric system.
Mollier Chart of Properties of Ammonia, 1923
Mollier chart of properties of ammonia.
Paint for Priming Plaster Surfaces
Results of commercial and experimental paints tested on plaster, concrete, and other porous surfaces.
Beta-Gamma Dose Rates from U232 in U233
This report defines in detail the source of the dose rate of U233 and describes a method by which they may be predicted.
Economic Evaluation of a 300-Mw(e) Supercritical Pressure Power Reactor
Report describing a 300-Mw(e) Supercritical Pressure Power Reactor's facilities, physics, economics, and problems encountered during its development. Appendix begins on page 103.
Pneumatic Injection Casting of Aluminum-Plutonium Fuel Elements
This report summarizes only that portion of the injection-casting experiments in which the castings were made with air pressure.
Strain Lines Developed by Compressive Tests on Structural Members of the Delaware River Bridge at the United States Bureau of Standards for the Delaware River Bridge Joint Commission
Strain lines illustrations from Delaware River Bridge.
Guide Chart for Carbon Brush Terminals (Electric)
Diagrams and tolerances in inches for different size terminals.
Report of the Twenty-Seventh National Conference on Weights and Measures: Attended by Representatives from Various States, Held at the National Bureau of Standards, Washington D.C., June 1, 2, 3, 4, 1937
Report of the twenty-seventh national conference of weights and measures.
Report of the Thirty-Fifth National Conference on Weights and Measures: Attended by Representatives from Various States
Report of the thirty-fifth National Conference on Weights and Measures.
Steady Darcian Transport of Fluids in Heterogeneous Partially Saturated Porous Media: Part 2, the Computer Program
The subject of this report is the generalized computer program written to solve problems involving steady fluid flow through heterogeneous, partially-saturated porous media.
Transportation Energy Conservation Data Book: Edition 2
Report documenting baseline data for the use in developing a comprehensive strategy for the reduction of energy use in transportation.
Physical Behavior of the H₂-O₂-H₂O System Under Pressure
Report regarding the solubilities of H₂-O₂ and 2H₂:1O₂ mixture over a range of temperatures and an atmospheric pressure of up to 2,000 pounds per square inch.
Power Reactor Fuel Processing Pilot Plant: Brookhaven Fuel Program
Results of processing 47 metric tons of Brookhaven spent reactor fuel are summarized.
Advanced Test Reactor: Final Shielding Design Report
From abstract: "This report has been prepared as a design reference document describing the calculation methods and engineering results for shielding analysis work done during the design of the Advanced Test Reactor."
A Neutron Absorption Alignment Chart
From introduction: "Neutron absorption alignment chart for the measurement of neutron flux density."
Thermonuclear Project Semiannual Report For Period Ending October 31, 1962
Report describing progress made on the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Thermonuclear Program.
Instrumentation and Controls Division Annual Progress Report, September 1, 1968
Report containing ongoing research and experiments of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Instrumentation and Controls Division.
Superposition of Forced and Diffusive Flow in a Large-Pore Graphite
Report describing an "investigation of steady-state counter-flow of gases in a large pore graphite" by exposing it to streams of helium and argon.
Design Report for Nuclear Merchan Ship Reactor Pressurized Water Loop at Oak Ridge National Laboratory Research Reactor
Report describing a pressurized water loop that was constructed for use in the Maritime Reactor Program. The report also includes the operational experience of using the device. Appendices begin on page 48.
An Investigation of the Instantaneous and Creep Buckling of Initially Out-of-Round Tubes Subjected to External Pressure
Report regarding a method for predicting the instantaneous and creep buckling characteristics of tubes to lateral external pressures using a small sample of 8.0-in.-o.d. stainless steel tubes. The report includes the development and application of buckling theories. Appendix begins on page 71.
Plutonium Recycle Critical Facility: Final Safeguards Analysis
Report discussing the Plutonium Recycle Critical Facility (PRCF). The reactor, building, associated equipment, operating program, safety, and operating procedures are described.
Plutonium Spike Fuel Elements for the Plutonium Recycle Test Reactor: Part 1 - The Mark 1-G
Report describing "[t]he fabrication of of the first aluminum-plutonium spike enrichment fuel elements for the Plutonium Recycle Test Reactor (PRTR) at Hanford" Laboratory (p. 2).
Plutonium Recycle Critical Facility: Final Safeguards Analysis Supplements
Report containing supplementary material for "Plutonium Recycle Critical Facility, Final Safeguards Analyses." This material expands upon previously supplied safety information and resolves previously unreviewed safety questions. Appendix begins on page A.1.
Report of the Thirty-Sixth National Conference on Weights and Measures: Attended by Representatives from Various States
Report of the thirty-sixth National Conference on Weights and Measures.
Metallographic Study of the Annealing Behavior of Aluminum-Silicon Eutectic Alloy
This purpose of this report is to establish a means of determining the mean effective temperature at which any specimen of Al-Si had been annealed.
Advanced Test Reactor Burnout Heat Transfer Tests
From abstract: "Results of burnout test to determine the limiting heat flux in a simulated Advanced Test Reactor fuel element channel."
Summary Report of Design Criteria for a Thermal Flux Liquid Metal Package Loop in the Advanced Test Reactor
From introduction: "Report summarizing all work completed during the preparation of design criteria for thermal flux loop."
Oak Ridge Site Report 30,000 KiloWatt Prototype Partially Enriched Uranium Gas Cooled, Graphite Moderated Nuclear Power Plant
From introduction: "This report describes the selected site for a prototype nuclear plant, the reactor safety aspects for the site, the modified design of the plant, and estimate of the design and construction cost."
Advanced Test Reactor Servo Regulator Rod Test Program
From abstract: "Verify rod mechanism characteristics reported by the United Shoe Machinery Corporation, demonstrate that rod mechanism characteristics were compatible with reactor kinetics and that over-all reactor system behavior was stable, and to recommend system modifications needed for satisfactory performance."
Construction Completion Report: CAI-816, 100-N Reactor Plant
Report from Hanford Laboratories concerning "the design and construction of the 100-N Reactor and heat dissipation plant complete with the necessary auxiliaries" (p. 2). Details of its construction and the plant's systems and instrumentation are described as well as economic considerations.
Health Physics Research Reactor Hazards Summary
Report describing the design and operation of the Health Physics Research Reactor, its core, and its support structures.
Steam Generators for High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors
Report describing a study that "was undertaken to provide a sound basis both for the optimization of either axial-flow or cross flow steam generators and for the evaluation of the relative merits of major design features" (p. 2).
Engineering Test Reactor : Engineering Design and Safeguards Report
From abstract: "Detail and engineering drawings for the Engineering Test Reactor."
Reactor Chemistry Division Annual Progress Report for Period Ending January 31, 1962
Report containing the ongoing research and developments of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Reactor Chemistry Division.
Chromosomal Aberrations in a Natural Population of Chironomus Tentans Exposed to Chronic Low-Level Environmental Radiation
From introduction: "Cytological examinations of the irradiated and some unirradiated populations in the radioactive sediments of White Oak Creek and the Clinch River were made."
Health Physics Division Annual Progress Report, July 31, 1961
Report documenting research and developments made by the Health Physics Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Chemical Technology Division Annual Progress Report, May 31, 1961
Report documenting the ongoing research and developments of the Chemical Technology Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.