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 Serial/Series Title: Civil Effects Test Operations Reports
 Collection: Technical Report Archive and Image Library
Aerial Radiological Monitoring System
From abstract: "This report describes the Aerial Radiological Measuring System (ARMS-II) operated by EG&G, Inc., for the Division of Biology and Medicine, U. S. Atomic Energy Commission."
Arguello Area (ARMS-II)
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Barrier Attenuation of Air-Scattered Gamma Radiation
Report of a study that "was conducted to determine the attenuation provided by vertical and horizontal barriers exposed only to skyshine radiation from cobalt-60 and cesium-137 sources. Materials of steel, aluminum, concrete, and wood were used as barriers" (p. 5).
Camden-Delaware Valley Area (ARMS-II)
Report regarding an Aerial Radiological Measuring Survey (ARMS) of the Camden-Delaware Valley area that was part of a national program to measure environmental levels of gamma radiation. 6,000 traverse miles were examined around Camden, New Jersey.
A Comparative Analysis of Some of the Immediate Environmental Effects at Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Report regarding the medical and environmental effects caused by the nuclear weapons that were detonated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, in 1945. Includes studies of wave overpressure and three tiers of blast lethality.
Comparative Nuclear Effects of Biomedical Interest
Report containing environmental consequences of nuclear explosions with a primary focus on early effects such as exposure to blasts and radiation. Includes definitions of terms, the progression of an explosion, and graphs depicting the relationship between the effects of blasts and the distance of material from Ground Zero.
Determinations of Aerodynamic-Drag Parameters of Small Irregular Objects by Means of Drop Tests
Report concerning the results of an experiment that determined the masses and velocities of over 20,000 objects and laboratory animals by simulating the blast winds of nuclear explosions.
Distribution of Weapons Radiation in Japanese Residential Structures
Report wherein the distribution of neutron and gamma radiation in Japanese-style single and group houses are studied to evaluated radiation exposure in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Evaluation of the Fallout Protection Afforded by Brookhaven National Laboratory Medical Research Center
Report regarding an experimental study to determine how much protection the Medical Research Center at Brookhaven National Laboratory provided against nuclear fallout. Fallout was simulated by pumping a sealed source of Co60 through tubing.
Experimental Evaluation of the Fallout-Radiation Protection Afforded by a Southwestern Residence
Report regarding experiments made to determine the fallout-radiation protection offered by a "single-story stucco and frame house with a heavy shake roof and no basement," (p. 5) which is noted as being popular in the southwestern United States.
Experimental Evaluation of the Fallout-Radiation Protection Provided by Selected Structures in the Los Angeles Area
Report regarding experiments made to determine the fallout-radiation protection offered by four types of buildings in Los Angeles, California. The first structure was the Laboratory of Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Biology and the University of California at Los Angeles, the second was a fallout shelter, the third was the communications area of the Los Angeles Police Department building, and the fourth was a classroom.
Experimental Evaluation of the Radiation Protection Afforded By Residential Structures Against Distributed Sources
Report regarding experiments made to determine the fallout-radiation protection offered by five typical residential structures located at the Nevada Test Site.
Experimental Evaluation of the Radiation Protection Afforded by Typical Oak Ridge Homes Against Distributed Sources
Report regarding experiments made to determine the fallout-radiation protection offered by several typical homes in the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, area.
Experimental Evaluation of the Radiation Protection Provided by an Earth-Covered Shelter
Report investigating the protection offered by an earth-covered shelter against fallout radiation. Radiation was simulated by pumping a sealed source of Co60 through tubing.
An Experimental Investigation of the Spatial Distribution of Dose in an Air-Over-Ground Geometry
Report containing results of a study that sought to measure the intensification of radiation at various distances from point sources.
Experimental Radiation Measurements in Conventional Structures: Part 1, Radiation Measurements in Two Two-Story and Three One-Story Typical Residential Structures Before and After Modification
Report discussing the methods, data, and analysis of results for "An experimental study designed to provide a basis for estimating protection against fallout radiation " (p. v) using one- and two-story structures with basements.
Experimental Radiation Measurements in Conventional Structures: Part 2. Comparison of Measurements in Above-Ground and Below-Ground Structures From Simulated and Actual Fallout Radiation
Report concerning the protection offered against radioactive fallout offered by two types of structures at the Nevada Test Site. Differences between above ground and underground structures are measured and compared to data taken from actual fallout conditions.
Extended- and Point-Source Radiometric Program
Report containing information regarding the airborne radiometric equipment intercalibration exercises undertaken by four government agencies and one private companies.
Fort McClellan Radiological Instruction Area (ARMS-II)
Report documenting the survey of the U. S. Army Chemical Corps Schoo, Radiological Instruction Area, Fort Mclellan, Alabama. This survey measures radiation an d gamma-ray flux in an approximately one square mile area.
Galveston Area (ARMS-II)
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General Correlative Studies - Operation Bren
Report summarizing "the utilization of the Health Physics Research reactor and a Co60 source during Operation BREN" and offers related meteorological data relating radiation emissions.
Ground Roughness Effects on the Energy and Angular Distribution of Gamma Radiation From Fallout
Report examining "[t]he effect of ground roughness, or surface irregularities, on the radiation field above ground which had been contaminated with fallout from the explosion in the atmosphere of a nuclear device (Smallboy Event)" (p. v).
Ichiban: The Dosimetry Program for Nuclear Bomb Survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - A Status Report as of April 1, 1964
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Methods and Techniques of Fallout Studies Using a Particulate Simulant
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Mobile Radiological Measuring Unit: Description and Operating Information
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A Model Designed to Predict the Motion of Objects Translated by Classical Blast Waves
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Neutron-Field and Induced-Activity Measurements-Operation Bren
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Norfolk-Peninsula Area (ARMS-II)
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Nuclear Bomb Effects Computer (Including Slide-rule Design and Curve Fits for Weapons Effects)
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Operation Plan and Hazards Report - Operation Bren
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Orlando Area (ARMS-II)
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Parr Area (ARMS-II)
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The Radiological Assessment and Recovery of Contaminated Areas
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The Scattering of Thermal Radiation Into Open Underground Shelters
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Technical Concept-Operation Bren
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Technical Concept-Operation Henre
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Las Vegas Area (ARMS-II)
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