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  Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design
 Decade: 1980-1989
[ribbons floating from window across the river to land]
A light colored window frame shape, dark inside, on the left side of the work has a pink ribbon shape floating out of it and into the mountainous landscape and water.
Ride to Vistula
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Painting of black, red, white, blue and brown thick loose rendering of a horse and a human head in the right corner of the composition.
[Rock Garden]
Photograph of a rock garden within the Yu Gardens in Shanghai, China. Large decorative rocks are visible in the foreground. In the background, a pointed roof is visible above the trees.
The brooch consists of a triangular shape with a triangular shaped opening through which a coiled piece of copper twists and emerges and wraps the triangulalr piece.
[Roof Detail]
Photograph of the Yu Garden in Shanghai, China. In the foreground, the detail of a tile roof is visible. The roof has multiple serpent-like carvings under the tile edge. A statue of a male figure is visible among more roofs in the background.
Photograph of a roofline in Prague, Czech Republic. In the foreground, two rooftops are visible. The dark building on the right contains three clocks spaced out among the top levels.
The sculptural wall piece consists of two copper pipe shapes in opposite facing open right angles. Bridging the space between the two right angles are four vertical flat shapes decorated with various geometric shapes and colors. Running vertically through each center panel is a black and angular S shape. Filling in the negative space of the right angles are three right angle pieces of clay woven and decorated with various colors, shapes and lines.
[Round Portal]
Photograph of a round portal in the Yu Garden of Shanghai, China. The portal is set in a white wall with black carvings on top. The portal leads to a stone pathway guarded by a lion statue in the background.
RTPD 20 zł
Postage stamp depicting a young female in the center. At the top of the stamp are the letters RTPD and in the lower section, the denomination of the stamp, 20 złoty. The stamp is printed in all blue on a cream paper.
[Saint Stephen Statue]
Photograph of a the statue of St. Stephen in front of the Matthias Church in Budapest, Hungary. Tree branches intersect the foreground in the top right corner. The statue of St. Stephen riding a horse is visible on the right side. The Matthias Church is visible beyond the statue as well as another building in the background.
Santa Fe
In this black and white painting are depicted three men. The two main figures wear cowboy hats and the figure on the right side of the painting also sports a sheriff's badge in the shape of a star. The brushstrokes are loose and expressive. The men appear to be having a dialogue.
I Saw Stalin Once When I Was a Child
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No Description
Seated Model
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The model is nude and seated. Her right arm rests on a red robe draped over the chair.
The Separation
The screen print on fabric depicts in a range of blues and some pinks, stairs, blocks, bridges moving through space. Some small triangular shapes float in the upper half of the work.
Pair of shoes of gold leather. Designed with slightly pointed toes, the shoes are modified D'Orsay pumps, with open toe formed by crossed-over wide straps at vamp, and with cut-away sides on the outside of shoe. High stiletto heels covered with same leather, tapering to base. Lined in silver leather. Designer's label stamped inside: "Bruno Magli / Bologna * Made in Italy" Stamped on sole: "7 / Vero / Cuoio"
Dress shoe of mint green satin. 2" heel. 'King Louis' style pumps. Pointed toe. Ornament on vamp with embroidery of a pink rose and green foliage on yellow background. Markings: Left- "Pietro / Last / Neiman Marcus" Right- "Neiman Marcus"
Dress shoe of yellow satin. 2" heel. 'King Louis' style pumps. Pointed toe. Ornament on vamp with embroidery of a pink rose and green foliage on yellow background. Markings: Left- "Pietro / Last / Neiman Marcus" Right- "Neiman Marcus"
Silk Panel I
The vertically running piece consists of a predominately dark ground with some vertical stripes in lighter colors and shades. Moving inward from the lower two corners are some mountainous shapes that overlap on the lower edge and meet again in the upper portion of the piece in front of the vertical striping.
Silk Panel III
The fabric yardage consists of a dark ground with some horizontal pink stripes and running vertically the length of the yardage are some ribbon shapes in purple, pink, brown and blue.
Silk Panel IV
The yardage consists of light and dark horizontal cloud like forms intersecting with each other and occasionally overlapped with floating rectangular shapes.
[silk screened cotton velveteen artwork]
The horizontally oriented work consists of shapes that resemble floating sidewalks in the sky. Running from the upper left corner to the lower right is a long ribbon shape that floats into almost a calligraphic word. The ground depicting distance gradates from a darker blue to a pink at the horizon. In the far distance appears some shapes resembling mountains. The left and upper edge of the work is bordered by gradated stripes.
[silk screened cotton velveteen artwork]
This screen printed cotton velveteen artwork depicts in a horizontal orientation two curved brown boardwalk type images. These boardwalks reach through the sky and enter into two rectangular frame shapes. Mountainous shapes line the bottom edge of the work.
[silk yardage, batiked]
The length of the silk yardage contains geometric shapes set at an angle and amongst the geometric shapes are smaller wave type shapes. The colors are dark blue to light blues and some warm yellow-browns.
Silver Blue Vase
The silver blue shape functions as the base of the work out of which and around which emerge brown, silver and yellow tubular shapes.
Skirt Suit
Skirt suit. A) Jacket of ivory wool with shirt collar with long, wide lapel that is rolled around toward the front and held in place by 2 gold coiled ornaments, one on each side; single snap closure at center-front with gold S-shaped ornament over; jacket is fitted at waist with two crescent seams; long sleeves with inner shoulder pads; two diagonal pockets at hips with lapels; lower hip length; lined in soft white synthetic. B) Pencil skirt of black wool with 4 panels and 1” waistband with diagonal snap closure at left back side; left back zip closure; 6” slit at front right; 24” length; lined in black synthetic. Size 38 Designer's label: "Thierry Mugler / Paris" "Made in France"
Skirt Suit
Skirt suit. A) Jacket of fuchsia flat weave wool with ring collar and zip-front closure; long raglan sleeves with inner shoulder pads; circular geometrical stitched panels at front and back; two circular patch pockets at hips; crescent princess seams; fitted at waist; peplum at back with reverse box pleat and attached belt of self-wool with metal buckle above; lower hip length; partially lined in magenta synthetic. B) Skirt of black stretch wool with 2” waistband with diagonal snap closure; darts at front and back; center-back zip closure; 18 ½” length. Size 38 Designer's label: "Thierry Mugler / Paris" "Made in France"
Skirt Suit
Skirt suit of purple worsted wool. A) Jacket has collar with long lapel with geometric cut edge; geometric cuts along hem line; double breasted snap closure with 2 purple faux buttons at front; princess seams; long sleeves with vents at the wrists, and inner shoulder pads; hits at hips. B) Skirt with two vents at front hemline; center-back zip and hook and eye closure; 19 ½” length. Designer's label: "Thierry Mugler / Paris" "Made in France"
Skirt Suit
Skirt suit of gray fine plaid. A) Jacket of gray fine plaid with an over-layer of black floral lace exposing the plaid; lace has scallop trim 2” above the wrists and hem of the jacket. Jacket has round neckline; 4 gray button closure down center-front; long sleeves with inner shoulder pads; lower hip length; fully lined in black synthetic. B) Skirt of matching plaid with 1 ½” waistband with center-back zip and hook and eye closure; darts at front and back; lined in black synthetic; 17” length. Designer's Label: "Bill Blass" Retailer's label: "Neiman Marcus"
Smelter Shelter
The artwork consists of five upright copper color poles around which twist decorated rolling pin shapes affixed to the uprights with pipes the same color as the uprights. The rolling pin shapes are covered with patterns and shapes of bright yellow, orange and black.
Postcard used in the Polish Solidarity movement during the 1980s depicting a cracked egg inside a broken, red basket.
Poster used in the Polish Solidarity movement during the 1980s depicting a group of soldiers wearing gas masks and wielding clubs. Across the bottom part of the poster, in red, is the word Solidarność. The boot of one soldier encroaches upon the word, Solidarność.
Space Behind the Dark Wall
The dark ground of the piece also contains square shapes that create great depth and floating on the surface appear trapezoidal pink shapes. The blue ground contains square that gradate from very dark to somewhat lighter and pink in tone. The pink shapes on the surface, floating parallel to the ground, gradate from a lighter pink to darker pink.
Space Beyond the Definition
The horizontally oriented piece consists of gray gradations on the left and upper sides in rectangular shapes. On the right side are circular gradations in pinks. Flowing from the right lower corner toward the upper left are ribbon shapes that create the illusion of deep space.
Space for Eternity
The horizontally oriented picture depicts water and a brown boardwalk of sorts receding into the deep space. Some small cloud like forms float in the top portion of the work and one-half of a rectangular shape floats in the top right hand portion of the picture. Some white tops of waves move out from the boardwalk area toward the right hand edge of the piece.
Square Earrings
The silver earrings consist of mangled square shapes pierced with open rectangular shapes. Moving through the rectangular openings as well as the silver squares are copper wires.
[St. Nicholas Church]
Photograph of the St. Nicholas Church at Malostranske Namesti in Prague, Czech Republic. The church sits in the foreground framed by sky. The photograph was taken from the right side angle of the church.
[St. Peter's Church]
Photograph of St. Peter's Church in Vienna, Austria. The church is visible in the foreground. The church has a dome roof and two bell towers.
[Stained Glass Window]
Photograph of a stained glass window in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, Czech Republic. The backlit window is visible in the foreground.
[Statue on Roof]
Photograph of the corner of a roof in the Yu Garden of Shanghai, China. In the foreground, a stone statue of a male figure is visible on the left side of the roof. The roof curves upward on the right side. Tree branches are visible in the background.
[Stone Bridge]
Photograph of a stone bridge in the Yu Garden of Shanghai, China. The bridge is visible in the center foreground; the bridge passes over a narrow waterway leading to a doorway in a white wall; a white curved wall is visible behind the bridge.
[Stone Carvings]
Photograph of stone carvings on Folded Brocade Hill in Guilin, China. The carvings are divided into four small groupings each containing various figures.
[Stone Doorway]
Photograph of an arched stone doorway in Austria. The doorway and cracked stone brick wall fill the frame. A small illegible sign is posted on the left side of the door.
The Storehouse
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Sculpture of seven photographs with seven electric lamps and one hundred ninety-two tin biscuit boxes containing cloth fragments.
Storm, NYC Rooftop
Long multi-colored pieces are arranged on a rooftop in an urban setting. The pieces are arranged both in organic lines as well as straight lines filling the rooftop area. Some pieces partially move above the base and some appear suspended in space.
Sun: Studio 321
This two-panel woven artwork depicts several gold angular spear shapes that jut downward vertically and break apart in two pieces. Weaving through and around the gold and orange vertical spears are two long two-toned ribbons. The background is purple with a few light blue streaks.
Sunset View from My Window
The horizontally oriented work of art consists of three vertical panels. Each panel depicts space through a series of gradated horizontally running lines and stripes. Moving from the foreground to the background are white ribbon shapes.
[Sydney Botanical Gardens]
Photograph of the Sydney Botanical Gardens. Several large trees are visible on a manicured lawn and there is a pathway in the background.
[Sydney Harbour and Opera House]
Photograph of the Sydney Opera House. In the foreground, the harbor and several ships are visible; the buildings of Sydney, Australia are visible in the background behind the opera house.
[Sydney Opera House]
Photograph of the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia. The side of one architectural shell intersects the top right foreground. The side view of a shell with glass entryway is visible in foreground. A male figure stands in front of the glass entrance. In the background, a metal railing and a bridge are visible.
[Sydney Opera House]
Photograph of the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia. In the foreground, one of the building's architectural shells is visible. Other shells are visible in the left foreground and background. The photograph was taken on the site of the opera house.