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Photograph of large green leaves in Mexico. The leaves and stems are visible in the foreground with a gray background.
Let's Spend Some Time Together, Number 2
This collage features extreme perspective with the piers in yellow and orange moving from the center foreground straight to the horizon line depicted by the blue background meeting the black sky. In the left background area are several green geometric shapes that resemble buildings. A pink orb with a hole in the center floats in the left sky area while a purple one floats in the right hand portion of the sky area. Piercing each of these is a long hollow spear that spills tiny black, blue, white, gray and green circles into the foreground.
[Li River]
Photograph of the Li River in Guilin, China. The river crosses the foreground. The river bank is visible in the middle ground. A mountain range rises behind the river bank.
[Li River]
Photograph of the Li River in Guilin, China. The riverbank is visible in the foreground. A few small boats line the shore. Trees line the bluff with tall hills visible in the background.
[Li River]
Photograph of the Li River in Guilin, China. A red bottomed boat is visible in the water in the right foreground. Trees and hills line the shoreline.
[Liberty Store]
Photograph of the Liberty store in London, England. The store is visible in the left foreground surrounded by a busy street. The street curves into the background.
[Lichères Church]
Photograph of a church in Lichères, France. The church is visible in the foreground in a field. the field is surrounded by trees. A man is visible in the far right foreground.
Lidded Vase
Image of the artwork as seen in the exhibition, From Here to There: Practice, Form, and Meaning, May 22 through August 4, 2012 in the Art Gallery at University of North Texas.
Life on the Moon
The porcelain artwork consists of a cup shape seated on a base. The cup is covered with yellow, gray and black geometric decoration. The yellow sections are textured with linear striations while the gray areas include some squiggly marks that resemble cursive handwriting.
Life's Cycle
The artwork depicts a partial circle of geometric shapes through which float some small oval shapes which float out of two vertical white containers. The ground of the piece is a gradation of pale blue to a darker blue at the top edge.
Life's Cycle
The textured artwork consists of pinks and blues predominately. Geometric shapes float on a blue woven background. Making a circular arc, partially seen, are some wedge shapes with pink tops and turquoise sides. At the far left are two cylindrical pink and purple shapes. Floating among the larger shapes are many small open ovals and open chevron shapes.
The Light from a Shoji Window
The horizontally arranged artwork depicts a circle in the foreground left corner and window grid type images in the middle and background. A pale gray stair image dominates the central portion of the composition.
Light vs. Shadow 01
The black and white image depicts three drinking glasses and their shadows.
Light vs. Shadow 14
Depicted in this digital photograph are several planes of varying levels of value with highlights and shadows.
The sculptural piece is vertical and begins with a large bulbous, teardrop shape as its base. Emerging vertically is a column from which spring nine flower bud shapes that are attached mechanically with pins and cotter pins to the column or stem.
Photograph of archeological ruins in Lindos on the island of Rhodes, Greece. The foreground is covered in shadow. In the background, a set of columns positioned on the end of a cliff is visible. The sea is visible in the distant background.
Photograph of a street in Lindos on the island of Rhodes, Greece. In the foreground, a cobblestone street curves out of view. A carved stone doorway is visible in the right foreground. A few branches of a tree are visible in the background.
[Lindos, Rhodes]
Photograph of a street in Lindos on the island of Rhodes, Greece. In the foreground, a cobblestone street is visible with men and women walking on the left shaded side. The street is lined with stone buildings. Two archways over the street are visible in the background.
[Line of Sphinxes]
Photograph of a line of stone sphinxes at the Temple of Amun-Re in Karnak, Egypt. The line leads from foreground to background. The sphinxes are in various levels of deterioration. A large brick wall with a metal gate is visible at the end of the line of sphinxes.
[Lingyin Temple]
Photograph of the Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou, China. A white structure is barely visible in the foreground. The structure is covered by green foliage. There is a stone pathway leading to the structure. The background is filled with trees.
[Lingyin Temple]
Photograph of a stone figure in the Lingyin Temple of Hangzhou, China. The seated figure is carved into the surrounding rock.
[Lingyin Temple]
Photograph of an open pavilion in the Lingyin Temple of Hangzhou, China. Multiple people with umbrellas walk along the path in front of the pavilion. Trees fill the frame behind the pavilion. The pavilion has red supporting columns and a tiled roof covered in green plant life.
[Lingyin Temple]
Photograph of a doorway in the Lingyin Temple of Hangzhou, China. Tree branches intersect the frame in the foreground. Three men walk on a pathway that leads to the doorway in the foreground. The wooden doors are inset into a red and green wall. More people are visible within the doorway.
[Lion Fountains]
Photograph of two lion fountains in the Piazza San Bernardo in Rome, Italy. In the foreground, a marble lion spurting water from its mouth into a small pool is visible. There is another identical lion visible behind the first. A woman is seen dipping a cloth into the second pool. In the background, a zoo sign is visible.
[Lion Gate]
Photograph of the lion gate in Mycenae, Greece. In the foreground, three figures stand in front of the lion gate. More stones and figures are visible in the background.
[Lion Monument]
Photograph of the Lion Monument in Lucerne, Switzerland. The sculpture is visible in the foreground cut into the rock. Trees frame the image. The lion is cut into the center of the image surrounded by text.
[Lion Statues]
Photograph of a row of lion statues on the island of Delos, Greece. In the foreground, a statue fills the frame with a row of similar statues receding into the background. Distant hills and vegetation are visible in the background.
The cordial glass consists of two pieces which are similar in form. The ebony base holds the sterling silver vessel portion. At the top and bottom of the piece are similar thin silver bands.
These two cordial glasses are designed in the shape of an angular animal's horn or cornucopia, one piece in wood acts as the stand and the smaller one in metal acts as the drinking vessel portion.
Little Chapel
The black and white digital image depicts the interior of a church with brick arches and large globe lamps with the stained glass window in the background.
I'll Tumble For You
The vertically oriented painting consists of many textures, colors and motifs. The dark ground is richly textured and covered with words, numbers and calculations sometimes partially obliterated. Two large heart shapes face each other, one in the bottom half of the canvas and the other in the top half. They are also richly covered in texture with letters and numbers. About a dozen forks are attached across the surface of the painting; they tumble from the top to the bottom. Flanking the top and bottom edges are some large X marks with thick top and bottom bars.
[Loft shed]
Photograph of a loft shed in Lund, Sweden. The loft is visible in the foreground backed by trees. The shed is constructed of wooden logs and a grass roof.
[Log Houses]
Photograph of a log houses in Lund, Sweden. A low log house with grass roof is visible in the left foreground. Other log houses are visible behind the first.
[Log shed]
Photograph of a log shed in Jämshög, Sweden. The shed facade is visible in the foreground. A low wooden door is open in the center of the shed. The shed has a grass roof which is partially visible in the top foreground.
[Loggia dei Lanzi]
Photograph of the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence, Italy. In the foreground, one archway of the loggia is visible with two statues underneath the archway silhouetted by the light from the piazza. The Piazza della Signoria is visible in the background with surrounding buildings.
[London Harbor]
Photograph of the harbor in London, England. Water is visible in the foreground flanked by boats and cranes. A bridge and a smokestack are visible in the background.
[London Underground]
Photograph of the London Underground in London, England. In the foreground, people are visible on the platform. A passing train is visible behind them. The underground is dark in the background.
[Longmen Caves]
Photograph of the Longmen Caves in Luoyang, China. A cave entrance is visible in the foreground. Stone figures frame the entrance to the cave.
[Longmen Caves]
Photograph of the Longmen Caves in Luoyang, China. A figure is carved out of the stone in the center of the frame. A large stone flower is carved into the rock surface of the ceiling.
[Longmen Caves]
Photograph of a stone carving in the Longmen Caves of Luoyang, China. There is a niche cut into the stone facade. Within that niche, a large stone figure is visible. The heads of three people are visible in the bottom of the frame.
[Longmen Caves Exterior]
Photograph of the Longmen Caves in Luoyang, China. An exterior view of the caves is visible in the foreground. Multiple arched niches are carved into the rocky hillside.
Loteria Funduszu Niezależnych Plastyków
Lottery ticket used during the Polish Solidarity movement during the 1980s. Four tickets, each stamped with a number in purple, depict a pencil, broken on one end in the center of the ticket. The Polish Solidarity logo is in the lower right hand corner.
[Lotus pond]
Photograph of a lotus pond in the Heian Shrine Garden in Kyoto, Japan. The pond is visible in the foreground. Tree branches are reflected in the bottom foreground.
[Louis XIV Statue]
Photograph of the statue of Louis XIV at the Palace of Versailles in Versailles, France. The figure of Louis is visible in profile sitting atop a horse. A wing of the palace is visible behind the statue.
Lounging Pajamas
Lounging Pantsuit/Pajamas ensemble of pink/orange, pink, black and white floral print satin consisting of: A) Tunic-style top with deep V-neck. Waist-to-hip length, with modified kimono style full-length sleeves with no upper seam. Unlined. Designer's label at inside back neckline: "Halston", with faint handwritten note "DUNN" B) Pants to match. Full-length, with elastic waistband and center front zipper with hook & bar on waistband. On left inside leg seam: "Professionally / Dry Clean only"
Lounging Pajamas
Lounging pajamas outfit of mint green velvet consisting of: A) Blouse with rounded neckline with center front "keyhole" slit which fastens at neckline with gold braid cord. Long sleeves with gathered, elastic cuffs. Neckline and lower hem edged with green and gold braid, with side slits at sides at hem forming rounded corners. Designer's label: "Oscar de la Renta / At Home" Size label: "6" Union label B) Pants of matching fabric, full-length, with wide legs and slightly flaring cuffs. C) Tie belt of braided green and gold cord.
[Louvre ceiling]
Photograph of the ceiling of the Louvre in Paris, France. A hallway is visible in the foreground. The hall is filled with people. The walls and ceiling are decorated with paintings and gilded moldings.
[Louvre Palace]
Photograph of the Louvre Palace in Paris, France. In the foreground, flower beds are visible. A stone monument stands between the flower beds and the palace.
Photograph of a street in Lucerne, Switzerland. A red and white barrier is visible in the right foreground. A child on a tricycle is visible next to the barrier on the street. A man in white walks across the street. A row of shops is visible on the left side of the street. More buildings are visible in the background.
[Luton Hoo]
Photograph of Luton Hoo in Luton, England. A large grass lawn and a tree are visible in the foreground. The house is visible in the background.