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[Side View of Trevi Fountain]
Photograph of the Trevi Fountain as seen from the left side. The silhouette of a man is visible the foreground in front of the fountain. In the background, a building is visible with a glove shop.
[Siena, Italy]
Photograph of a street scene in Siena, Italy. Two buildings line a narrow street filled with pedestrians in the foreground. Another building and a flag are visible in the background.
Silk Panel I
The vertically running piece consists of a predominately dark ground with some vertical stripes in lighter colors and shades. Moving inward from the lower two corners are some mountainous shapes that overlap on the lower edge and meet again in the upper portion of the piece in front of the vertical striping.
Silk Panel III
The fabric yardage consists of a dark ground with some horizontal pink stripes and running vertically the length of the yardage are some ribbon shapes in purple, pink, brown and blue.
Silk Panel IV
The yardage consists of light and dark horizontal cloud like forms intersecting with each other and occasionally overlapped with floating rectangular shapes.
[silk screened cotton velveteen artwork]
The horizontally oriented work consists of shapes that resemble floating sidewalks in the sky. Running from the upper left corner to the lower right is a long ribbon shape that floats into almost a calligraphic word. The ground depicting distance gradates from a darker blue to a pink at the horizon. In the far distance appears some shapes resembling mountains. The left and upper edge of the work is bordered by gradated stripes.
[silk screened cotton velveteen artwork]
This screen printed cotton velveteen artwork depicts in a horizontal orientation two curved brown boardwalk type images. These boardwalks reach through the sky and enter into two rectangular frame shapes. Mountainous shapes line the bottom edge of the work.
[silk yardage, batiked]
The length of the silk yardage contains geometric shapes set at an angle and amongst the geometric shapes are smaller wave type shapes. The colors are dark blue to light blues and some warm yellow-browns.
[silk yardage dyed pinks and oranges]
Silk yardage dyed in pinks and oranges with large circular lines and small spots resembling eyes or knots of wood.
Silver Blue Vase
The silver blue shape functions as the base of the work out of which and around which emerge brown, silver and yellow tubular shapes.
The painting depicts the profile view of a human skeleton made up of parts of a gun, syringes and shapes resembling pills with a brain that is a brown oval textured with white spots. This painting was included in the Lightwell Gallery in the Art Building, September 2012, for the NAEA All-Level Invitational.
Skimmer hat of straw and silk. The skimmer, or boater style hat has a low woven straw crown with flat top. Around the crown is a matching woven straw ribbon edged in brown silk, with a bow at back. The wide, flat brim is of woven straw, covered with brown silk matching the trimming of the band on the crown. The silk covering is quilted in a pattern of concentric bands with running wavy lines. The crown and underside of the brim are unlined, with a black grosgrain ribbon inner hatband at base of crown. Extending from the inner hatband are two panels of brown silk, forming a chin-strap with black cord knot fastener. A small "F" is stitched to inner hatband to indicate the front of the hat. Maker's label sewn to inner hatband: "Paris / Maynor Hats / New York".
Skirt of open weave silk ribbons. The floor-length skirt is created of loosely woven silk ribbons of yellow, red, blue, green, pink, orange, brown, white, and black, forming a lattice or trellis. It gathers into the orange waistband, which has a single hook-and-eye closure, and is unlined. No labels in garment. Designed Fall 1996. Gift of the Todd Oldham Archives. Bodice in image is a modern wrap placed on form for display purposes.
[Skyline at Imperial Palace]
Photograph of the skyline at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan. A parking lot is visible in the foreground. Trees and buildings are visible in the background.
Sling-Back Platform Pumps
Pair of sling-back platform pumps made of stripes of red, mustard yellow, green, and blue leather. Designed with a round toe, and thick platform sole, the open-toe shoes have a wide strap across instep to create vamp of shoe. Strap is of red, yellow, green, and blue leather, the stripes of which continue onto platform sole. Separate red leather sling-back strap wraps around ankle and fastens with a gold colored oval buckle.
Sling-Back Platform Pumps
Pair of sling-back platform pumps covered with a dark blue fabric printed with yellow circles and small dark blue or white polka dots. Shoes have thick platform sole and rounded toe. Open-toe style, with slight pleating across the vamp. Sling-back, with strap from sides across back of heel, fastening with small fabric covered buckle. 3 3/4" high chunky heel tapering slightly to base. Maker's label stamped inside: "Enosis / Made in Greece"
Sling-Back Pumps
Pair of sling-back pumps of black calf leather. Shoes have a narrow platform and are open toe. Rounded throat on vamp, which is decorated with applied oval detailing in 3 layers. Center layer of black grosgrain, upper and lower layers of black leather. Oval cut-out in center of detail. Ankle-strap fastens with small rectangular black metal buckles. 3" black-lacquered French set-under heel similar to a spike form. Handwritten in side of each shoe: "6 1/2 B / r28514 / 1510-6BF" Stamped inside both shoes: "Palter DeLiso / Capri / Last" Stamped in left shoe: "Palter DeLiso inc / New York City" Right shoe with inlaid woven cloth label: "Neiman Marcus Co. Dallas / Fenwyn / Trade Mark Reg'd"
Sling-Back Pumps
Pair of sling-back pumps of brocade and gold leather. Shoes have toebox of gold and silver on cream brocade cloth, with closed, pointed toes. Across top of toebox is large bow of same fabric, with fringed ends. Extending back from toebox are gold leather straps which connect at sides of heel, and fasten to gold strap which secures across back of heel with small gold buckle. 3 5/16" high stiletto heel covered in matching gold leather. Designer's label stamped in shoe: "Herbert Levine" Retailer's label stamped in shoe: "Neiman Marcus" Handwritten in shoe: "4 1/2 M / 49198 / 6.93144L"
Sling-Back Shoes
Pair of sling-back shoes of hand-painted leather. The shoes are designed with a slightly pointed toe, cut away beyond toe-box. The single strap fastens at outer edge with a gold buckle. The heel is a modified Spike heel, covered with matching leather. The leather used is painted with a pale blue background on which is an over-all pattern of scrolling framework in beige and dark green, with rosettes, flowers, quatrefoils, etc. in greens, pinks, blues, etc. Maker's label inside: "Herbert Levine / Fine Shoes" and "Hand Lasted" Retailer's label inside: "Neiman-Marcus" Handwritten inside: "6AAA 9214-4L2 / 32769"
Sling-Back Shoes
Pair of shoes of beige leather. The heeled shoes are designed with slightly pointed closed toe-box, with a large, non-functional curved rectangular textured metal buckle across instep. Sling-back in style, the shoes have a strap of same leather extending from either side of toe-box back, around heel, through short straps at sides, and buckling with small metal buckles at outside ankle. Low, 1 3/4" modified kitten heel. Designer's label inside: "Herbert Levine" Retailer's label inside: "Neiman Marcus" Handwritten inside strap: "7a 2. 4223.9L / 58189"
Pair of lady's slippers of brown kid leather with jet beading. Designed with pointed toes, the uppers are of brown kid leather, heavily decorated with radiating patterns of jet beads, over toe, around sides and throughout openwork that decorates throat and sides of shoes. Originally had sewn-in ties across the instep. Lined in black leather. Soles of black leather. High heels are of modified French style, sometimes called "spool" style, with rounded sides and back, flaring to base, and with curved front. There are no marks or labels in the shoes. The brown ribbons in photographs are not original, are to hold the shoe closed in place of original ribbons, now missing.
Pair of slippers of light green silk. Designed with slightly pointed toes, and with a small, almost square mother-of-pearl decorative buckle across vamp. Uppers are edged with green satin ribbon. Modified Louis heel, flaring at base. Stamped inside: "The Balta / [line illegible] / B. Altman & Co. / Paris New York" Stamped on sole: "The Balta" Handwritten inside: "a 5307 / 30160"
Pair of party slippers of pale pink silk satin. Shoes have rounded toes, and wide self strap across instep, which secures with domed coral-colored button on outside edge. Strap, vamp, and upper edges of shoe are edged in slightly darker pink silk ribbon. 1 3/4" high modified Louis or cuban heel. Marked inside shoe: "3-C" (size?)
Slouch Hat
Slouch hat of dark brown, medium brown and cream paper with high pillbox crown; wide floppy brim. Hat and brim stamped with various "tribal" symbols. Lined in orange and light olive striped material. Size tag attached to inside hatband: "23"
Small Casseroles
Image of two small casserole containers as seen in the exhibition From Here to There: Practice, Form, and Meaning, May 22 through August 4, 2012 in the Art Gallery at the University of North Texas.
[Small temple]
Photograph of the top of a small temple in Kyoto, Japan. The roof line is visible in the foreground. The roof is decorated with wood carvings painted in contrasting colors.
[Smallest House in Amsterdam]
Photograph of the smallest house in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In the foreground, a number of cars are visible; a large tree and an out of focus wooden beam are visible in the left foreground. A row of buildings are visible behind the cars and tree.
[Smallest Warehouse in Amsterdam]
Photograph of the smallest warehouse in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The photograph was taken from inside a wooden structure. In the foreground, two wooden beams are visible on either side of the frame; The top of a boat and two cars sit in front of a row of buildings.
Smelter Shelter
The artwork consists of five upright copper color poles around which twist decorated rolling pin shapes affixed to the uprights with pipes the same color as the uprights. The rolling pin shapes are covered with patterns and shapes of bright yellow, orange and black.
The sculpture depicts a large blue-green hand with four fingers outstretched. A pink spiral circles the back of the hand and crosses over three vertical black bar openings.
[Snow bank]
Photograph of a snow bank on Mount Pilatus in Switzerland. In the foreground, a man in a suit is visible in front of a snow bank. The sky is visible in the background.
So, Number 2
The drawing consists of a grid drawn with graphite with a splash and run of India ink.
Poster used in the Polish Solidarity movement during the 1980s depicting a group of soldiers wearing gas masks and wielding clubs. Across the bottom part of the poster, in red, is the word Solidarność. The boot of one soldier encroaches upon the word, Solidarność.
Postcard used in the Polish Solidarity movement during the 1980s depicting a cracked egg inside a broken, red basket.
Song Sung Blue
The bowl shape sits atop a cushion shape that echoes the surface colors and textures of the bowl. A circle shape enclosing wiggly lines decorates the center of the exterior side of the bowl. Also around the exterior of the bowl are vertically oriented linear black lines and textural lines.
Sound Wave Series No. 37
Square piece of paper divided into five vertical columns with horizontal lines and dots and dashes in light beige on toned paper.
[Southern View of Cathedral]
Photograph of the Cathedral of Siena in Siena, Italy. The rear of the cathedral is visible with the dome and bell tower in the foreground.
Space Behind the Dark Wall
The dark ground of the piece also contains square shapes that create great depth and floating on the surface appear trapezoidal pink shapes. The blue ground contains square that gradate from very dark to somewhat lighter and pink in tone. The pink shapes on the surface, floating parallel to the ground, gradate from a lighter pink to darker pink.
Space Beyond the Definition
The horizontally oriented piece consists of gray gradations on the left and upper sides in rectangular shapes. On the right side are circular gradations in pinks. Flowing from the right lower corner toward the upper left are ribbon shapes that create the illusion of deep space.
Space for Eternity
The horizontally oriented picture depicts water and a brown boardwalk of sorts receding into the deep space. Some small cloud like forms float in the top portion of the work and one-half of a rectangular shape floats in the top right hand portion of the picture. Some white tops of waves move out from the boardwalk area toward the right hand edge of the piece.
Photograph of a stone sphinx in Giza, Egypt. The sphinx profile is visible in the foreground. In the background, the Great Pyramid of Giza is visible.
Spring Flowers
The painted artwork depicts a vase of flowers. The predominant colors are yellows and greens. The brushstrokes are bold and expressive. The composition in square.
Square Air Return Vent
The brooch is modeled after a ceiling air return vent.
Square Earrings
The silver earrings consist of mangled square shapes pierced with open rectangular shapes. Moving through the rectangular openings as well as the silver squares are copper wires.
[Square of Miracles]
Photograph of the Square of Miracles in Pisa, Italy. In the foreground, part of the Baptistery and the Cathedral of Pisa are visible. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is visible behind the Cathedral.
[St. Albans Abbey detail]
Photograph of the exterior of St. Albans Abbey in St. Albans, England. The abbey exterior is visible in the foreground. The building is constructed of stone, rocks, marble, and bricks. Two windows are visible in the top of the frame.
[St. Mark's Basilica and Campanile]
Photograph of the Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy. Numerous people and pigeons cross the piazza in the foreground. St. Mark's Basilica and the bottom portion of the campanile are visible in the background.
[St. Mark's Basilica doorway]
Photograph of St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy. The top detail of a doorway fills the frame. A mosaic scene is inset into the top half dome of the doorway. Columns line the sides under the mosaic. The doorway is carved out of marble.
[St. Mark's Basilica Interior]
Photograph of the interior of St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy. The painted walls and ceiling are visible in the frame. The photograph was taken looking upward towards a dome with light coming in through the windows.
[St. Mark's Basilica Interior]
Photograph of the interior of St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy. The paintings on the walls and ceiling are visible in the frame. The photograph was taken looking up towards a dome with light coming in through the encircling windows.