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Pair of off-white nylon mitts. The elbow-length fingerless gloves have a loop for the thumb, and are embellished along the finger opening with a trim of openwork daisy heads. Stamped: "Nylasuede / by Hansen / 6 1/2"
Model 54
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Photograph of a mosaic in St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy. A marble archway fills the frame. The mosaic is inset within the top of the archway.
[Mosaic Detail]
Photograph of a mosaic above a doorway in St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy. The mosaic shape mimics the arch of the doorway. The subject matter is religious with Jesus holding the cross in the center.
[Palazzo Ducale di Venezia]
Photograph of the Doge's Palace in Venice, Italy as seen from the Lagoon of Venice. The lagoon is visible in front of two buildings. The building on the right is the Doge's Palace (Palazzo Ducale).
Pantsuit ensemble of light tan fine wool. A) Jacket. Long sleeved, hip-length jacket with Peter Pan collar. Center front opening with 7 flat, circular self-covered buttons. Four patch pockets, two on upper left and right breast, two at left and right hips. Designer's label: "Norman Norell / New York Retailer's label: "Lou Lattimore / Dallas" Care label: "Care Instructions / Professionally / Dry Clean Only" B) Slacks. Full-length, center back zipper with hook and eye at waistband. No labels in slacks. C) Belt. Long, rectangular tie belt of same fabric. Originally attached to jacket at sides by two short cords at each side. No labels on belt.
[Piazza San Pietro]
Photograph of the Piazza San Pietro in Rome, Italy. A man faces the camera in the foreground in front of three white cars. The piazza is visible in the background behind the cars.
Photograph of the Piazzetta in Venice, Italy. The piazza is filled with people and pigeons throughout. In the background, two statues are visible by the waterfront.
Picture Hat
Picture hat of muted orange/red straw. The low crown is sunken at edges and domed at center, and is encircled by a wide, gathered band of matching chiffon. The wide, somewhat floppy brim curves downwards and rolls under at edge. The hat is unlined, with a matching grosgrain ribbon inner hatband. It is accompanied by a single hatpin with a matching bead head. Retailer's label: "Neiman-Marcus / Salon"
Photograph of a flock of pigeons in Venice, Italy. Numerous people are visible in the foreground. A large flock of pigeons is visible in the center of the image between crowds of people. A line of buildings is visible in the background behind the crowd.
Pillbox Hat
Hat of brown velvet. Pillbox hat with cylindrical crown of brown velvet, flat at top. Lower edge scalloped, edged with brown beads. The whole is overlaid with fine brown veiling. Lined in black mesh and edged with brown grosgrain ribbon inner hatband. Affixed to hatband are two plastic combs, one on either side, to secure hat to wearer's head. Designer's label inside crown: "Bes-Ben / Made in Chicago".
Pillbox Hat
Hat with pillbox style crown. Crown of green netting is covered with fuchsia and orange velvet flowers. Inner headband of green grosgrain ribbon. Designer's label: "John Andrew / San Francisco"
Pillbox Hat
Pillbox hat of pink satin. Low circular crown covered in a deep pink satin. Flat top is slightly sunken, creating a rolled upper edge effect. Lined with a white machine lace, with wide inner white grosgrain ribbon hatband. Retailer's label inside: "Neiman-Marcus"
Pillbox Hat
Pillbox hat of yellow organdy roses. The low, domed, cylindrical hat is constructed on a base of stiffened mesh, the exterior covered with large yellow organdy roses. The hat is lined with yellow lace, with two small brown plastic combs to help secure to wearer's head. Label inside: "Petite / Modes"
Pillbox Hat
Pillbox style hat of black satin. Edge of crown wrapped in folds of same fabric. Inner headband of black grosgrain ribbon. Retailer's label on inside headband: "Neiman-Marcus"
Pair of heeled pumps of faux leopard fur. The shoes are designed with gently squared toes. Across vamp is wide leather band covered with same faux fur. The heel is covered with same fur, and tapers to base. Designer's label: "herbert levine" Retailer's label: "Amen Wardly / El Paso Texas" Written inside: "7 1/2 M / 35254"
Pair of woman's pumps in champagne satin. Designed with a square toe, the vamp has an applied plaque of same satin on which are mounted brilliant rhinestones of various sizes in horizontal rows. The low heel is covered in same fabric, and tapers slightly to base. Designer's label stamped inside left shoe: "Herbert Levine" Stamped inside right shoe: "Especially for / Ann Wardy" Handwritten note inside shoe: "7 1/2 B / D2490"
Pumps of black velvet. The shoes are designed with gently pointed toe and plain uppers. A narrow band of low-pile area outlines the foot opening. The 3 1/8" high spike heel is covered with the same velvet as the upper. Designer's stamp inside: "Andrew Geller / Exquisite Footwear" Retailer's label inside: "Neiman-Marcus" Handwritten inside: "5 1/2 aa / 49199 / S9013a"
Radiant Green
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[Railroad switchpoint]
Photograph of the cogwheel railroad station on Mount Pilatus in Switzerland. A red rail car is visible in the foreground traveling uphill. The station is visible in the background.
Round Table
The stoneware and porcelain piece is a table with a realistic appearing fringed leather covering.
Sailor Hat
Hat in sailor style of red straw with wide flat brim trimmed with 3 big silk roses and small white and pink flowers. Flat crown trimmed with triangular pulls from straw. Red nose veil that ties in back with narrow red velvet ribbon. Hatpin with spherical pink head. Unlined with red grosgrain inner headband. Manufacturer's label: "Mrs. Eugene Gray Inc. / Columbus, Ohio Harbor Springs, Mich"
Shift Dress
Daytime shift dress of oatmeal wool knit. Short set-in sleeves trimmed in dark brown wool knit. Mandarin style stand up collar of dark brown wool knit. Below knee length with 5-1/2 inch hem extension of matching dark brown wool knit. Center back zipper closure with hook & eye. Two large patch pockets set below hips at sides. Lined in very pale beige/rose silk. Designer's label on side seam of lining near hem: "Norman Norell / New York" Retailer's label a back neckline: "Sakowitz / Houston M"
Pair of women's shoes of beige leather. Designed with slightly rounded toe, the uppers are cut away at sides and heel, leaving a single strap extending from center top of toebox at vamp to side straps which hook to sling-back strap which buckles around heel. The heels taper to base, and are covered in same leather. Designer's label stamped inside shoe: "Herbert Levine" Handwritten notation inside strap: "48L58 7 1/2 M"
[Side View of Palazzo Vecchio]
Photograph of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy. In the foreground, multiple parked cars flanked by buildings on either side are visible. The photograph was taken on a shaded street ending in the Piazza della Signoria with a side view of the Palazzo Vecchio in the background.
Skirt Suit
Skirt suit ensemble: A) Blazer jacket of black silk gaberdine. Short waist with notched collar. Double breasted with four 1" mother-of-pearl buttons; closure reinforced with clear plastic button inside jacket. Three-quarter length, set-in sleeves with snap closure at slit. Two false pockets with rectangular flaps. Lined in black silk faille. B) Skirt of white linen. Knee-length skirt with 1 inch waist band. Slightly A-line. In-seam front panel pockets. Left side zipper closure with two large silver colored hook and eyes. Skirt looks to have been let out at hem. Lined in ivory silk. Designer's label on inside left seam of lining: "Norman Norell / New York"
Skirt Suit
Suit of cream/blue/pink wool boucle. A) Waist-length jacket with round neckline and no collar, two-piece set-in long sleeves, four patch pockets on front, and center-front opening with 5 circular sculptural lion-head gold-tone metal buttons. Matching non-functional buttons sewn on each pocket and on cuffs. Neckline, opening, cuffs, and top edges of pockets with rolled(?) edging. Fully lined in pink silk. Inside bottom hemline weighted with gold chain. No labels. B) Skirt of same material. Below-knee-length. Slim, almost straight, flaring slightly to hem. Narrow waistband with two hook-and-eye closures, just above zipper closure. Lined in pink silk. No labels.
Slit Gong
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The vertical sculpted gong has a head like top and a visible slit down the length of the piece. Some paint highlights the face and head.
[Snow bank]
Photograph of a snow bank on Mount Pilatus in Switzerland. In the foreground, a man in a suit is visible in front of a snow bank. The sky is visible in the background.
[St. Mark's Basilica and Campanile]
Photograph of the Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy. Numerous people and pigeons cross the piazza in the foreground. St. Mark's Basilica and the bottom portion of the campanile are visible in the background.
[Statue of Dante Alighieri]
Photograph of the Dante Alighieri Sculpture in the Piazza di Santa Croce in Florence, Italy. In the foreground, a horse-drawn carriage, cars, and two men are visible. The back of the statue is visible in the middle ground. Surrounding buildings and a Taxi sign are visible in the background.
Suit - Jacket, Skirt, and Blouse
Three-piece suit of pink/lavender wool yarn with cream, yellow and green highlights in exaggerated weave pattern. A) Jacket. Hip length, with center front opening having three circular gold-tone buttons with reliefs of lion heads with oval buttonholes. Sleeves are 3/4 length and adorned at lower edge with a false cuff turned back to reveal pink facing, forming a square, with two matching buttons (1 missing). Standing 2-1/2" collar. Two front flap pockets lined with pink fabric and finished with welted edge at opening. Lined in quilted pink silk satin. Jacket is weighted with "Chanel" chain at hemline. B) Blouse of pink silk. Banded rounded neckline. Sleeveless; hip length. Princess seams. Center front opening with hook and eye at neckline and 4 self-covered buttons and oval buttonholes. String loops at sides for belt at natural waist (missing belt). Lined in self. Care Label at left hem: "Is Recommended That This Garment / Should Be Dry Cleaned" Size Label: "12" C) Skirt, matching jacket. Slightly A-line, mid-calf length (23-1/2"). Narrow waistband of pink silk. Left side closure of 7" zipper with two hook & eyes on waistband. Lined in quilted pink silk satin; 1-3/4" lace hem facing. Skirt has been taken in 1-1/2" at front center seam. Size tag at center back waistline: "12"
[Tapestry in the Chagall Hall Knesset Assembly Hall, Jerusalem]
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The colorful tapestry depicts Jerusalem as the focus of the Jewish experience and its history. The tapestry depicted in this view is the left most section of the triptych.
Textile. Rectangular panel of handwoven cotton/wool, with fringed ends. Mexican weaving, in the Saltillo style, done in reds, blacks, blues, greens, and white. Inlay designs with central diamond shape formed of chevrons and diamonds, width-wise stripes of gradated colors, and bands with short trapezoidal gradated bars of color.
Toque of light brown nutria fur. The high, cylindrical crown is flattened at top, and is lined with yellow faille/grosgrain fabric. Retailer's label: "Neiman-Marcus / Salon"
Toque of black velvet. The circular, domed crown is of black velvet. The black velvet brim at sides and front folds up around crown, and is gathered ruched/shirred to form horizontal "tucks" around the crown. At front of hat the brim extends somewhat higher than back. At sides and front of hat are black netting veil. Hat is lined in black fabric. Hat has an inner black grosgrain ribbon hatband. There are no designer's, maker's, or retailer's labels in the hat.
Toque hat of copper brown colored fur felt. Low close brim that narrows towards the back. Around the crown is a wide band of orange satin with four pleats that crosses over at back. Unlined, with copper brown colored grosgrain ribbon headband around inside brim. Label sew to inside headband: "Jan Leslie / Custom Design" Label stamped on inside top: "MONTARA / HB / Made in Italy" (very faded)
Toque hat of fuchsia pink fur felt; rounded crown with sides extending 1" above top of crown; 4" front sides of crown narrow to 2 1/2" at center back sides. Unlined, with fuchsia pink grosgrain ribbon headband. Label sewn inside band: "Florence Killey / CLEVELAND" Label stamped in white on inside top: "MARTELLE / Body made in West Germany"
[Tower Bridge]
Photograph of the the Tower Bridge in London, England. In the foreground, a man is visible standing next to a bus. A wall topped with barbed wire is visible in the left foreground. Part of the bridge is visible in the background.
[Uffizi on the Arno River]
Photograph of the Uffizi Gallery entryway on the Arno River in Florence, Italy. In the foreground, a section of the river is visible with a single kayak in the water. The facade of the Uffizi Palace is visible with steps leading up from the river and many people on the balcony. The tower of the Palazzo Vecchio is visible in the background behind the Uffizi.
[Van Gogh's House]
Photograph of Vincent Van Gogh's house in Paris, France. The house is visible in the foreground with a black car in front. Other buildings are visible in the left background.
[Venice Canal]
Photograph of a large canal in Venice, Italy. In the foreground, a few gondolas are tied to wooden poles in the water. Two more boats are visible in the middle of the canal. A ship is visible in the background in front of a red brick building across the canal.
[Venice Canal]
Photograph of a canal in Venice, Italy. The canal is visible in the foreground in front of two buildings. There is a split between the two buildings which forms a smaller canal.
[Venus de Milo]
Photograph of the Venus de Milo sculpture in the Louvre of Paris, France. The sculpture is visible in the center foreground on a black pedestal. People are visible in the background in front of a stone wall.
[View from Montmartre]
Photograph of the view of Paris, France from Montmartre. The city spreads across the bottom of the image frame. The blue sky is visible in the top of the image.
[View from Mount Pilatus]
Photograph of Pilatus Mountain in Switzerland. The photograph was taken while descending the mountain. A patch of grass intersects the bottom foreground. The valley is visible below the grass. Two red buildings are visible in the valley. Other mountains are visible in the distance.
Wall Fragment Number 2
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No Description
Western Expansion Memorial Arch and Park
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The view is of the lower half of the arch and also shows its park setting.
[Westminster Abbey Interior]
Photograph of Westminster Abbey in London, England. In the foreground, metal ornamentation is visible inside the abbey. The central nave is visible leading from foreground to background. A large stained glass window is visible in the background.
[Anne Frank House]
Photograph a canal and row of buildings in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Tree branches and a light post are out of focus in the foreground; cars and a row of buildings fill the background. One of the buildings is the Anne Frank House.