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The Europeans
Two figures in the foreground, seen from the chest up, comment on European angst. A figure in silhouette exits by a set of stairs. Bright yellow light illuminates the exterior of the gallery in which the people in the foreground stand. Talk bubbles are used for the figures' comments. A poster on the wall depicts German Expressionism. The style is like that of cartoons and graphic novels. The colors are bright and flat.
Excuse Me
A male figure in the foreground looks at something on a woman's desk. She is seated and holds a telephone receiver. Behind her is a man looking closely at a painting on the wall. The woman states, "Excuse me, these are private papers." The painting on the wall consists of squares of different colors. The man in the foreground is painted in a dark pinkish red tone.
Video Conference and Eddie
This predominately black and white work consists of three main images, some text and several colorful marks moving across the face of the artwork. The larger text states, "Bush and Iraq's leader have video conference."
Cezanne Painting
This monochromatic painting depicts the artist Paul Cezanne in the countryside with some of his plain-air paintings and on the left hand edge text and dialogue unrelated to Cezanne.
Gotta Gun
This artwork consists of two portions, the top a grid, eight by seven, of colored squares and the lower dialogue between Caroline and Steve.
Bush Meets Pope
The painting depicts George W. Bush meeting the Pope, Pope Benedict XVI. The colors are solid and flat with black outlines.
Bush and McCain
This work of art consists of three components, a black and white depiction of George W. Bush and John McCain with some text below. To the right of this panel is a red canvas containing more text. And, to the left of the main panel, resting against the wall on its side is a long, rectangular cartoon type piece.
Senate Testimony
The left hand section of the painting depicts three men seated at a table with microphones while the right side consists of text, dialogue between two people, Steve and a woman.
Tares and Wheat
The vertically oriented painting depicts pieces of several contemporary images, a small portion of Life magazine logo, woman's face, cigarette package, tire, rocket, photograph, woman in a swimsuit and a car. The way in which the images are painted they appear to be torn from a magazine and are arranged in a collage fashion.
Paul Newman is Hombre
The nearly square painting is composed of several standing figures, some of whom hold weapons. The colors of the painting are primarily reds, blues and yellows. Two figures on the right side of the canvas appear to be holding microphone and a guitar. Green and red silhouettes of horses are in the background. The picture plane is filled with figures with almost no negative space.
Painted Sports Magazine
This painting depicts a 1976 Sports Illustrated magazine cover featuring Steve Spurrier, a San Francisco 49ers football player. The painting depicts the cover as though the corner has been torn away and some extraneous expressionistic paint marks overlay the realistic portrayal of the football player.
The painting, mostly monochromatic, depicts a portrait of Orson Welles in the top two-thirds of the canvas. Along the bottom edge, also in monochromatic tones, are men depicted in combat with automatic weapons. At the right edge, the face of a superhero is depicted in pink, blue, red and yellow. Running vertically in the left hand portion of the canvas is a depiction of lined notebook paper with a small pencil sketch of a landing craft or space ship.
Painted Magazine Triptych
The triptych depicts events and people from the early to mid 1970s such as a battlefield in the Vietnam War, Black Panthers and Patty Hearst being escorted to trial by a federal marshall.
Elvis / Blue Boy Still Life
This large, mostly black and white painting, depicts a scene of a bar fight from one of Elvis Presley's movies and a reproduction of the famous painting, Blue Boy, by Thomas Gainsborough is superimposed. In front of the painting is a wooden table holding an apple, a pear and a pitcher, not unlike a Paul Cezanne still life.
Painted Magazine Triptych
This is the center panel from a triptych.
Santa Fe
In this black and white painting are depicted three men. The two main figures wear cowboy hats and the figure on the right side of the painting also sports a sheriff's badge in the shape of a star. The brushstrokes are loose and expressive. The men appear to be having a dialogue.
Richardson Endorses Obama
Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, stands next to President Barack Obama. Both men are looking downward but smiling. The digital painting is a creative depiction of an AP photograph by Alex Brandon. Text below the image states, "Richardson gives endorsement to Obama." Included on top of the photo depiction are several loosely digitally painted colorful geometric shapes, an orange square, a green square, a pink rectangle and miscellaneous other loose yellow, red and turquoise marks. In the white margin at the bottom of the image of the men is a small inset image that depicts a highway overpass, a billboard and a car on the road with two dialogue bubbles.
The Big Heat
The black and white painting depicts a version of a famous scene in the movie The Big Heat from 1953 directed by Fritz Lang and starring Glenn Ford. The brushstrokes are loose. One man holds a gun on a second wounded man. The man in the right foreground reaches out to the man in the center who leans against the wall.
The Color of Money
In this horizontally oriented painting, two men, in the foreground, are recognizable depictions of Paul Newman and Tom Cruise from the movie titled The Color of Money. In the background, a car and a woman are seen on the right side of the picture. The older man has his arm around the shoulder of the younger man and is holding a roll of money in front of the face of the younger man. The background is a light bright green color. The young man wears a pink and purple plaid shirt and blue jacket. The older man wears a green coat and has gray hair.
Jesus and Disciples in a Storm
The oil painting represents the Bible story in which Jesus is sleeping in a boat when a storm arises and his disciples wake him and he calms the storm. This colorful oil painting depicts the moment Jesus is awakened. The colors are bright and flat with black outlines.
Cain and Abel
This large colorful painting depicts the brothers, Cain and Abel, from the Book of Genesis in the Bible. The story of these brothers is also found in the Quran. The painting consists of many bright colors in flat fields with black lines and outlines. The shepherd brother is in the background herding sheep and in the foreground is the second brother holding a large club and peering over his left shoulder.
Black Growth
This head piece was created using mylar removed from floppy disks that were individually machine stitched into form, then hand sewn to create the overall look.
Willowwood House
Image of house under construction in 1964.
Willowwood House
Image of Ray Gough house under original construction in 1964.
The painting depicts the profile view of a human skeleton made up of parts of a gun, syringes and shapes resembling pills with a brain that is a brown oval textured with white spots. This painting was included in the Lightwell Gallery in the Art Building, September 2012, for the NAEA All-Level Invitational.
Dad's Stash of Porn
This photograph was included in the Photo III class exhibition, Lightwell Gallery, September 2012, in the Art Building on the University of North Texas campus. The black and white photograph depicts three young boys finding a stash or pornography. There is a collage element of a nude man with no head, hands or feet. However, through a television set one of the man's hand becomes visible. The man's head appears to be partially removed. The tableaux created from collage and sculpture was then photographed to create this work of art.
A Sea of Power Tops, Ad Infinitum
In this photographic montage, a group of men, most missing portions of their limbs, heads or bodies are engaged. In the foreground, a young boy looks on. The work consists of collage and sculpture which creates a tableaux that is then photographed. This photograph was included in the Photo III class exhibition, Lightwell Gallery, September 2012, in the Art Building on the University of North Texas campus.
[Recording of Lecture by Dr. David Darts]
Recording of a lecture presented by Dr. David Darts titled "The Makers of Things: Art Education and Freedom in the Digital Age of Digital DIY" at UNT on the Square in Denton, Texas as the 4th annual D. Jack Davis Endowed Lecture in Arts Education.
Willowwood House
Image of the interior of the house through to the exterior. Indoor and outdoor seating is seen.
Willowwood House
Image of the kitchen with the doors closed hiding the cabinetry, stove and refrigerator. Several artworks are seen on the wall in the background.
Willowwood House
Image of Gough living room and kitchen. Artwork on the walls is also shown.
Willowwood House
Image of interior of house with kitchen doors in closed position. 1984.
Willowwood House
Image of living room in 1969. In the foreground, a chess game is set. On the floor is an animal rug and a large painting hangs on the wall.
Willowwood House
Image of the loggia before enclosure.
Willowwood House
Image of interior of the house shows its modern furnishings, large painting on the wall and an animal skin rug on the floor.
Willowwood House
Image of the courtyard and the many plantings about 1965.
Willowwood House
Image of courtyard from high angle.
Willowwood House
Image of the loggia as seen in 1980.
Willowwood House
Image of interior of house in 1978. In this view are large built-in cabinets that hold glassware. Large windows flank the cabinetry.
Willowwood House
Image of exterior patio area as seen in 1967.
Willowwood House
Image of main entry to the house in 1969.
Willowwood House
Image of main entry to the house.
Willowwood House
Image of loggia area with abundant foliage and plants as it was in 1978.
Graduate Students' Sculpture Exhibition
Photograph of sculptures on view as part of the Graduate Students' Sculpture Exhibition in the Lightwell Gallery in the Art Building on the University of North Texas campus in December of 2012.
Tail Shoes
This pair of hand-made shoes includes a tail like feature. They are natural in color with a closed toe.
Willowwood House
Image of exterior detail. View is from above.
Willowwood House
Image of the courtyard with plants and sculpture.
Willowwood House
Image of artworks on the wall of the Ray Gough House.
Willowwood House
Image of the courtyard in 1965.
[Poster for a Lecture by Dr. David Darts]
Poster for a lecture presented by Dr. David Darts titled "The Makers of Things: Art Education and Freedom in the Digital Age of Digital DIY" which was the 4th annual D. Jack Davis Endowed Lecture in Arts Education. The poster includes a photograph of Darts with children at a playground as well as details about the lecture, held at UNT on the Square on Wednesday March 9, 2011, and logos for UNT and the College of Visual Arts + Design.