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Account by Wazir Abbas discussing the history of Polo
Recording of Wazir Abbas telling the History of Polo in the Nagar dialect. Abbas claims that the modern version of Polo on horses originated in Nagar. He then tells of a battle between the people of Nagar and Hunza.
Story of Polo by Abdullah
Recording of Abdullah reciting a historical account of Polo in the Nagar dialect. Abdullah tells the history of the people throughout Nagar, and how after Winter the Kings would congregate the people of different villages, and concerts and competitions would be held.
Story of Shuwa Wau by Namak Alam
Recording of Namak Alam reciting "Shuwa wau," in the Yasin dialect. This is a popular story that shows the importance of good morals in life.
LEAP II Institute: Digital Curation and Lifecycle Management Workshop
This presentation contains a pre- and post-workshop surveys, with an overview of digital libraries, digital lifecycle management, and digital preservation.
Sociodemographic characteristics and sexual behavior as risk factors for human papillomavirus infection in Saudi Arabia
This article seeks to determine the prevalence and the sociodemographic characteristics and sexual behavior risk factors for human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in a hospital-based cohort of women in Saudi Arabia.
Conversation with Jamsheed Ali
Recording of Jamsheed Ali talking in the Srinagar dialect of Burushaski.
Conversation with Jamsheed Ali and Safdar Ali
Recording of Raja Safdar Ali discussing the Buruskaski Documentation Project in the Srinagar dialect of Burushaski with friend Raja Jamsheed Ali
Conversation with Raja Jamsheed Ali
Recording of Raja Jamsheed Ali having a discussion.
Story of Hamale Khatun by Naseema Ali
Recording of Naseema Ali reciting "Hamale Khatun," in the Nagar dialect. In this popular story Hamale Khatun is invited to the house of a paranormal Queen, and stiches clothing for all of her sons and daughters at their weddings. When she returns home, Hamale Khatun comes with warnings to remain moral by the Queen, and tries to make sure her children obey them.
Story of The Sparrow's Pearls by Naseema Ali
Recording of Naseema Ali reciting "Chine Maghuyo," in the Nagar dialect. In this popular story a sparrow wants a string of pearls, but is unable to reach them, so it tricks thing after thing into doing its bidding.
Story of Badshah and Jatkus by Ramzan Ali
Recording of Ramzan Ali reciting "Badshah ke Jatkus," in the Nagar dialect. In this popular story A King is widowed, so his sons go find him a new bride. When she gives birth to a boy, a wise woman comes to tell her that her baby will rule the Kingdom, not the two elder sons.
Conversation with Raja Jamsheed Ali and Raja Safdar Ali
Recording of Raja Safdar Ali and Raja Jamsheed Ali discussing a couplet in the Srinagar dialect of Burushaski.
Strategic Planning of Technology for Education: A Beginning Framework
Article discussing strategic planning of technology for education and a beginning framework for future technology implementation in school districts.
Training Older Workers: Implications for HRD/HPT Professionals
Article discussing training older workers and implications for human resource development (HRD) and human performance technology (HPT).
Retrospective Pretest: A Practical Technique for Professional Development Evaluation
Article discussing a research study to field test an instrument incorporating a retrospective pretest to determine whether it could reliably be used as an evaluation tool for a professional development conference.
Training Employees With Disabilities: Strategies from Corporate Training
Article discussing strategies used by corporate trainers to effectively teach populations with disabilities in their corporate workplace.
Investigating the Screwdriver: 25 Years of Technology Change
Article broadly discussing some of the technological changes in vocational education over the last 25 years, as well as strategies for implementation and planning in the new millennium.
Copyright and Fair Use: An Issue of Ethics in a Changing Learning Environment
Article discussing copyright and fair use in regards to ethics in a changing learning environment.
The Journal for Vocational Special Needs Education
This issue of the Journal for Vocational Special Needs focuses on the aging process and its effects on society and the workforce. Aging is the one experience that we all have in common. Individuals are expected to live longer in the future. Many will undoubtedly work beyond the traditional retirement age. This means that the composition of workers will be a blend of people, both young and old.
Technology in Secondary Career and Technical Education: Issues for the New Millennium
Article discussing the use of technology in the secondary career and technical education classroom and the number of issues concerned with efficacy of career and technical education.
Reconstructing Bellour: Automating the Semiotic Analysis of Film
This article discusses automating the semiotic analysis of film, including visual representation, search and retrieval, and ways of seeing.
The Functional Ontology of Filmic Documents
This book chapter discusses the functional ontology of filmic documents. The authors examine a few phases of probing of filmic documents, and the relationship between structure and meaning. The authors have taken the liberty of sketching the earlier phases and of presenting the most recent in somewhat more detail. Considerations of the early phases, among other issues of document use, led to the functional ontology construction as a foundation for this probing and for wider concerns within the arena of messages, meanings, and uses.
Analysis of Management and Employee Job Satisfaction
Article on an analysis of management and employee job satisfaction for gender, age group, length of time with the organization, and between management and non-management employees.
Utilization of Technology-Enhanced Delphi Techniques
This article discusses the Delphi consensus-building technique. Also discussed are the Delphi Technique's history, the process, and some advantages and disadvantages found in the literature. Finally, this article examines a technology-enhanced version of the process.
Story of Sakhi by Badaq
Recording of Badaq reciting "Sakhi," in the Yasin dialect. This is a popular story of a historical narrative.
Story of The Ancient Horse by Imam Yar Baig
Recording of Imam Yar Baig reciting "Aqalin-e-Hagur," in the Yasin dialect. In this popular story a girl is told to search for silk in her father’s beard, but finds a flea. She is told to keep the flea in a bag, and watches as the flea grows.
Value and Pricing of MOOCs
This article reviews the potential for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to transform higher education delivery, accessibility, and costs.
Story of Baqtti Jamal and Alqash by Bano
Recording of Bano reciting “Baqtti Jamal ke Alqash,” in the Hunza dialect. This popular story tells a tale of Baqtti Jamal and Alqash, two friends that grew old together. One day on a picnic, Baqtti Jamal found a golden treasure, and decided to share it with Alqash, but Alqash was greedy, and killed Baqtti Jamal to keep the gold to himself. One day Alqash, now a wealthy minister to the King, needed help deciphering dreams, called upon Baqtti Jamal’s son Abu Zare Jamhur, who held a book of prophecies
Story of Bilbal Wazir by Bano
Recording of Bano reciting “Bilbal Wazir” in the Hunza dialect. This is a popular story about Minister Bilbal, who was once a worker, and spent his money before he came home t his wife. He then proves his wisdom by not doing what he was told, and became a minister.
A Repository for Learning Objects: Supporting the Reuse and Repurposing of Redesigned Courses and Their Content
This paper describes the design and development of a learning object repository for a new statewide higher education initiative.
The Apiary Project: High-Throughput Workflow for Computer-Assisted Human Parsing of Biological Specimen Label Data
Presentation for the 2009 Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections Meeting. This presentation discusses research on high-throughput workflow for computer-assisted human parsing of biological specimen label data. This is part of the Apiary Project, a collaboration of the Texas Center for Digital Knowledge at the University of North Texas and the Botanical Research Institute of Texas.
Collaboration and Crowdsourcing: The Cases of Multilingual Digital Libraries
Article discussing research on collaboration and crowdsourcing. The purpose of the study is to understand existing multilingual digital libraries and to suggest strategies for building and sustaining multilingual digital libraries.
Metadata Records Translation And Evaluation for Multilingual Information Access
This presentation was given as an invited talk to faculty and students at Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (UAEM) in Toluca, Mexico. The presentation discusses research on multilingual information access and the Metadata Records Translation (MRT) Project.
Multilingual Information Access for Digital Libraries - The Metadata Records Translation Project
This presentation was given as an invited talk to faculty and students at Wuhan University, Beijing Normal University, Nankai University, and the Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The presentation discusses research on multilingual information access for digital libraries and the Metadata Records Translation (MRT) Project.
Resource and Resource Sharing in Intelligent Information Access
This presentation discusses an exploratory study on resources and resource sharing among researchers in Intelligent Information Access (IIA). The investigation consists of two stages. In Stage One, the authors conducted a content analysis to identify resources used in 145 research papers and reports in two subfields of IIA; and in Stage Two, the authors carried out an online survey of IIA researchers to understand resource-sharing channels and the researchers' perspectives on resource sharing.
Toward a Unified Retrieval Outcome Analysis Framework for Cross-Language Information Retrieval
This paper proposes a Retrieval Outcome Analysis Framework, or ROA Framework, to systematically evaluate retrieval performance of Cross-Language Information Retrieval systems.
Cross-language search: The case of Google Language Tools
Article on cross-language searching and a case study of Google Language Tools, especially its cross-language search service.
Instructional Design Strategies for Teaching Technological Courses Online
This paper describes different instructional design strategies for teaching computer technological courses online.
Resource and Resource Sharing in Intelligent Information Access
This paper reports an exploratory study on resources and resource sharing among researchers in Intelligent Information Access (IIA).
Metadata Records Translation: The Case of The Portal to Texas History
Article on metadata records translation and a study of The Portal to Texas History.
A preliminary evaluation of metadata records machine translation
Article discussing a preliminary evaluation study of metadata records machine translation. This study evaluates freely available machine translation (MT) services' performance in translating metadata records.
UNT at TREC 2004: Question Answering Combining Multiple Evidences
This paper discusses Question Answering (QA) combining multiple evidences.
Chinese Information Retrieval Using Lemur: NTCIR-5 CIR Experiments at UNT
This paper discusses Chinese information retrieval using Lemur, a freely available information retrieval toolkit.
Chinese QA and CLQA: NTCIR-5 QA Experiments at UNT
This paper describes our participation in the NTCIR-5 CLQA task.
UNT 2005 TREC QA Participation: Using Lemur as IR Search Engine
This paper reports the authors' TREC 2005 QA participation. The authors' QA system Eagle QA developed last year was expanded and modified for this year's QA experiments. Particularly, the authors used Lemur 4.1 as the Information Retrieval (IR) Engine this year to find documents that may contain answers for the test questions from the document collection. The authors' result shows Lemur did a reasonable job on finding relevant documents. But certainly there is room for further improvement.
The Development and Assessment of an Instrument for Measuring Mental Model Styles in Korea
This article discusses a research study on the development and assessment of an instrument for measuring mental model styles in Korea.
Educators', Administrators' and Students' Perceptions of Principles of Technology Programs in Pennsylvania
This study assesses the Principles of Technology Applied Science high school courses taught in Pennsylvania.
The Semantics of Semantic Interoperability: A Two-Dimensional Approach for Investigating Issues of Semantic Interoperability in Digital Libraries
Paper discussing a two-dimensional approach for investigating issues of semantic interoperability in digital libraries.
Miles to go before we sleep: education, technology, and the changing paradigms in health information
Article discussing a philosophy of educating health information professionals in a rapidly changing health care and information environment.
[Review] Intellectual Freedom Manual
This article reviews the book "Intellectual Freedom Manual," compiled by the Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) of the American Library Association. The manual is designed to answer practical questions that confront librarians in applying the principles of intellectual freedom to library service.