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 Department: Applied Technology and Performance Improvement
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The Development and Assessment of an Instrument for Measuring Mental Model Styles in Korea
This article discusses a research study on the development and assessment of an instrument for measuring mental model styles in Korea. Abstract: This research study documents the development and validation of a new instrument for measuring individual mental model styles. In particular, the instrument is developed for use in organizational performance and change settings. Existing approaches to accessing and assessing mental models are reviewed, and the conclusion is drawn that none are survey-based, quantitative measures useful in organizational settings. Instrument development procedures with an expert panel are described, as well as data collection and analysis. The resulting instrument is provided along with exploratory factor analysis, and confirmatory factor analysis results. Recommendations for further research and establishing continued validity are provided.
Leadership, Training, Mentoring, and Instructional Design
Editorial article for the second issue of Learning and Performance Quarterly. In this piece, the author describes the second issue and the overall focus on leadership, training, mentoring and instructional design.
[Review] Social Media for Educators: Strategies and Best Practices
This book review discusses 'Social Media for Educators: Strategies and Best Practices' by Tanya Joosten. 'Social Media for Educators' is an excellent book that interweaves theory, applications, and current pedagogical experiences for learning environments. For those in the learning and performance industry, this book provides insights and ideas to help guide social media use for both educators and learners. Joosten provides current examples, benefits, and considerations throughout each chapter. Whether educators are beginning to design their learning curriculum or learners are considering social media for organizational development, this book presents helpful insights and experiences that will potentially influence and shape effective engagement and learning with social media.
The Subject of Learning and Performance
This editorial article discusses the inaugural issue of the Learning and Performance Quarterly (LPQ) open access journal. This editorial offers a welcome and introduction to the first issue.