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  Partner: UNT College of Engineering
 Department: Engineering Technology
 Decade: 2010-2019
Enhancing the Undergraduate Research Experience in a Senior Design Context
This paper discusses enhancing the undergraduate research experience in a senior design context.
Evaluation Results of an E and ET Education Forum
This article discusses evaluation results of an Engineering (E) and Engineering Technology (ET) education forum at the University of Houston. A central focus to these discussions revolved around whether Engineering and Engineering Technology exist as separate fields or whether there was value in thinking about them as part of a continuum.
On B.S.E and B.S.ET for the Engineering Profession
This article discusses a proposed model for baccalaureate programs for the engineering education. If adopted, the model will result in several benefits including: (1) improved program marketing; (2) increased enrollment and retention rates; and (3) improved human and facility resource utilization at both undergraduate and graduate engineering and engineering technology education.