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  Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences
 Decade: 2000-2009
Field Environmental Philosophy and Biocultural Conservation: The Omora Ethnobotanical Park Educational Program
This article discusses the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve's Omora Ethnobotanical Park educational program which was launched to contribute to a biocultural citizenship.
Metaphoric Analysis of a Shipyard Union Dispute: Theory and Method in the Cultural Analysis of Collective Action
This book chapter discusses the metaphoric analysis of a shipyard union dispute and the theory and method in the cultural analysis of collective action. Rather than treating grievances and political opportunities, given, and exogenous to organized movement groups, cultural analysts of social movements have recently focused on cognitive and linguistic processes by which factors relevant to collective behavior are themselves interpreted collectively.
Ecological theory and values in the determination of conservation goals: examples from temperate regions of Germany, United States of America, and Chile
This article discusses ecological theory and values in the determination of conservation goals, as well as the interdisciplinary and interagency cooperation required for the success of conservation work.
Functional Characterization of the Arabidopsis AtSUC2 Sucrose/H+ Symporter by Tissue-Specific Complementation Reveals an Essential Role in Phloem Loading But Not in Long-Distance Transport
This article discusses functional characterization of the Arabidopsis AtSUC2 Sucrose/H+ Symporter.
Functional and Phylogenetic Analyses of a Conserved Regulatory Program in the Phloem of Minor Veins
This article discusses functional and phylogenetic analyses of a conserved regulatory program in the phloem of minor veins, which are developmentally and physiologically distinct from the phloem in the rest of the vascular system.
Using GIS technology to identify areas of tuberculosis transmission and incidence
This article discusses using GIS technology to identify areas of tuberculosis transmission and incidence.
Ten Principles for Biocultural Conservation at the Southern Tip of the Americas: The approach of the Omora Ethnobotanical Park
This article discusses ten principles for biocultural conservation at the southern tip of the Americas. The article focuses on a case study at the Omora Ethnobotanical Park in Chile.
Real event detection and the treatment of congestive heart failure: an efficient technique to help cardiologists to make crucial decisions
Paper discussing the treatment of congestive heart failure. Abstract: Using a method of entropic analysis of time series we establish the correlation between heartbeat long-range memory and mortality risk in patients with congestive heart failure.
Complexity and Synchronization
This article discusses complexity and synchronization in decision making and information transmission.
Effective carbon partitioning driven by exotic phloem-specific regulatory elements fused to the Arabidopsis thaliana AtSUC2 sucrose-proton symporter gene
This article discusses the effect and overall importance of the Arabidopsis thaliana AtSUC2 sucrose-proton symporter gene on carbon partitioning and plant growth.
Effects of covalency on the p-shell photoemission of transition metals: MnO
This article discusses the effects of covalency on the p-shell photoemission of transition metals. The treatment of covalency has not been included previously in ab initio theoretical studies of the 2p-shell XPS of transition-metal complexes. In this work, covalent interactions between the metal and ligands are treated on an equal footing with spin-orbit splittings.
Enabling Large Scale Scientific Computations for Expressed Sequence Tag Sequencing over Grid and Cloud Computing Clusters
This paper discusses expressed sequence tag sequencing over grid and cloud computing clusters, specifically for biological applications. In this paper, the authors propose a Web service framework for high-level job scheduling that is developed for scientific applications.
Evidence for Strong Tantalum-to-Boron Dative Interactions in (silox)3Ta(BH3) and (silox)3Ta(ɳ2-B,CI-BCI2Ph) (silox = tBu3SiO)1
This article discusses strong tantalum-to-boron dative interactions in (silox)3Ta(BH3) and (silox)3Ta(ɳ2-B,CI-BCI2Ph) (silox = tBu3SiO)1.
Disproportionation of Gold(II) Complexes. A Density Functional Study of Ligand and Solvent Effects
This article discusses disproportionation of gold(II) as an atomic ion as well as with chloride and neutral ligands.
Late-Summer Presence of the Patagonian Tyrant, Colorhamphus Parvirostris (Darwin) on Navarino Island, Cape Horn County, Chile
This article discusses the late-summer presence of the Patagonian tyrant, Colorhamphus parvirostris (Darwin) on Navarino Island, Cape Horn County, Chile.
Implicaciones éticas de narrativas Yaganes y Mapuches sobre las aves de los bosques templados de Sudamérica austral
This article discusses the ethical implications of Yahgan and Mapuches narratives of the birds of the temperate forests of southern South America.
An IRE-Like AGC Kinase Gene, MtIRE, Has Unique Expression in the Invasion Zone of Developing Root Nodules in Medicago truncatula
This article discusses AGC kinase genes. The authors report here the isolation and characterization of the first AGC kinase gene identified in Medicago truncatula, MtIRE.
Invasive American mink Mustela vison in wetlands of the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve, southern Chile: what are they eating?
This article discusses invasive American mink Mustela vison and its ecological effect in wetlands of the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve, southern Chile.
Generalized Master Equation Via Aging Continuous-Time Random Walks
This article discusses the problem of the equivalence between continuous-time random walk (CTRW) and generalized master equation (GME).
Inter- and Intramolecular Experimental and Calculated Equilibrium Isotope Effects for (silox)₂(ᵗBu₃SiND)TiR + RH (silox = ᵗBu₃SiO): Inferred Kinetic Isotope Effects for RH/D Addition to Transient (silox)₂Ti=NSiᵗBu₃
This article discusses inter- and intramolecular experimental and calculated equilibrium isotope effects.
Olefin Substitution in (silox)3M(olefin) (silox = tBu3SiO; M = Nb, Ta): The Role of Density of States in Second vs Third Row Transition Metal Reactivity
This article discusses the role of density of states in second vs third row transition metal reactivity.
Integrando la Ciencia y la Sociedad a través de la Investigación Socio-Ecológica de Largo Plazo
This article discusses integrating science and society through long-term socio-ecological research.
Low Coordinate, Monomeric Molybdenum and Tungsten(III) Complexes: Structure, Reactivity and Calculational Studies of (silox)3Mo and (silox)3ML (M = Mo, W; L = PMe3, CO; silox = tBu3SiO)
This article discusses low coordinate, monomeric molybdenum and tungsten(III) complexes.
Quantum Entanglement and Entropy
This article discusses quantum entanglement and entropy.
Superando la Dicotomía Entre Conocimiento Local y Global: Diversas Perspectivas sobre la Naturaleza en la Reserva de Biosfera Cabo de Hornos
This article discusses local versus global knowledge and diverse perspectives on nature in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve.
Studies of Low-Coordinate Iron Dinitrogen Complexes
This article discusses low-coordinate iron dinitrogen complexes. Understanding the interaction of N₂ with iron is relevant to the iron catalyst used in the Haber process and to possible roles of the FeMoco active site of nitrogenase.
A Dream of Toasted Cheese, the Bunsen Burner, and Beatrix Potter
Front cover of The Hexagon, featuring a painting by Beatrix Potter. In the painting, a mouse wearing glasses sits on the intake tube of a lit Bunsen burner and reads a red book. Behind this is a group of unpainted mice using chemistry equipment. "A Dream of Toasted cheese" is written to the left of the burner's flame, and a note concerning NH3 is written to the bottom left. Above these images is the title of the magazine. Above that are pictures concerning other articles. The inside cover features a table of contents, work credits, and an introductory editorial.
Rediscovery of the Elements: Althofen, Austria and Auer von Welsbach
Article recounting a visit to sites related to Baron Carl Auer von Welsbach, discoverer of lutetium and ytterbium and inventor of the incandescent "Welsbach mantle." Maps and tourist information are provided regarding the Welsbach Museum in Treibach, Austria.
Rediscovery of the Elements: Strontium
Article describing the history of the element strontium from its discovery in Strontian, Scotland, to its early uses in English medicine. Maps with directions and photographs of pertinent locations are included.
Rediscovery of the Elements: Europium. Eugène Demarcay
Article describing Eugène Demarcay and his discovery of europium. The authors toured Paris, France, in search of locations important to Demarcay, providing the reader with maps and historical information regarding the sites.
Riddarhyttan City Motif
First page of The Hexagon of Alpha Chi Sigma. The blue cover features a black and white drawing of a medieval knight wearing mail and a tunic with a cross motif. He is holding a shield that bears the image of a stone building with flames shooting out of the roof. The word "Riddarhyttan" appears on a banner above the knight's head. Two photographs are arranged to the left of the knight, with text and an image of a computer mouse to the right. The next page includes a table of contents, an editorial, and a list of contributors. Near the bottom of this second page is a piece labeled "On the Cover," which describes the previous page.
Rediscovery of the Elements: The Platinum Metals
Article describing the history of the platinum metals, from its discovery in the New World and subsequent experiments in Europe. Tourist information is provided regarding areas pertinent to the history of platinum.
Rediscovery of the Elements: Ruthenium
Article describing the discovery of platinum in Russia and the history of ruthenium. Tourist information regarding sites pertinent to this history are included.
Rediscovery of the Elements: Jáchymov (Joachimsthal), Czech Republic
Article describing Jáchymov, Czech Republic, and its relation to radon. Tourist information is included for pertinent areas.
Scaling Breakdown: A Signature of Aging
In this article, the authors prove that the Lévy walk is characterized by bilinear scaling. This effect mirrors the existence of a form of aging that does not require the adoption of nonstationary conditions.
Mega et al. Reply
This article is a reply to a comment by A. Helmstetter and D. Sornette about the article 'Power-Law Time Distribution of Large Earthquakes' from 2003.
Rediscovery of the Elements: Montpellier and Bromine
Article recounting the history of the element Bromine, including its discovery in the salt lagoons of the Montpellier region of France by Antoine-Jérome Balard. Maps of the region and of Balard's birthplace are presented.
Rediscovery of the Elements: The Road to Karlsruhe
Article describing the history of atomic weight and the events leading up to the Karlsruhe Congress of chemists. The authors visited several sites pertinent to these events and offer tourist information.
Rediscovery of the Elements: Yttrium and Johan Gadolin
Article describing the life and career of Johan Gadolin. Tourist information regarding locations significant to his history is included.
The Story Behind the Cover
Article explaining the front cover of issue 3 of volume 99 of The Hexagon, which features a painting of mice around a Bunsen burner. James Marshall discusses the picture and how it relates to the history of chemistry.
Rediscovery of the Elements: Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner
Article describing the life of Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner and his attempts to systematically organize the elements. Tourist information regarding locations significant to his history is included.
Rediscovery of the Elements: Titanium, Manaccan, Cornwall, England
Article wherein James and Virginia Marshall visit Manaccan, England, to explore the site where titanium was first discovered. The area is described, as well as the man who discovered titanium, Reverend William Gregor.
Rediscovery of the Elements: Aluminum
Article describing the history of aluminum, from its use in alum to its isolation. Tourist information is given regarding locations pertinent to aluminum.
Rediscovery of the Elements: Agricola
Article describing the career and discoveries of Georgius Agricola. Tourist information regarding locations important to his life are visited and discussed.
Rediscovery of the Elements: Carl Wilhelm Scheele
Article describing the career and discoveries of Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Tourist information regarding locations important to Scheele's life are visited and discussed.
Rediscovery of the Elements: The Second Discovery of Vanadium
Article describing how vanadium was "rediscovered" in Sweden and found to be identical to del Rio's sample. Includes tourist information regarding areas relevant to this portion of vanadium's history.
Rediscovery of the Elements: Tellurium and Fata Baii (Fascebanya), Romania.
Article describing the discovery of the element tellurium. The authors travel through Romania to visit the Transylvanian mine where tellurium was discovered. They also visit the Brukenthal Museum of Sibiu and describe the museum's mineral collection.
Manaccan Church, Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, England.
Cover of The Hexagon bearing the image of the Church of Manacca in Cornwall, England. The church is a stone building with arched windows visible on two levels. A crenelated tower extends up from the nearest portion of the church. Tombstones are visible near the bottom of the image, with a fronded plant to the left. The picture has the logo of The Hexagon across its top, a photo of James and Virginia Marshall on the right, and a photo from an article about pharmaceutical jobs near the center.
[Review] Infinite Nature
This book review discusses 'Infinite Nature', by R. Bruce Hull. Hull's book dissolves dichotomous positions by portraying a plurality of views about nature and relations between human communities and their environments.
Metal Effect on the Supramolecular Structure, Photophysics, and Acid-Base Character of Trinuclear Pyrazolato Coinage Metal Complexes
This article discusses the metal effect on the supramolecular structure, photophysics, and acid-base character of trinuclear pyrazolato coinage metal complexes.