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Electronic transport in extended systems: Application to carbon nanotubes
Article on electronic transport in extended systems and the application to carbon nanotubes.
Mechanical deformations and coherent transport in carbon nanotubes
Article on mechanical deformations and coherent transport in carbon nanotubes.
High-pressure low-symmetry phases of cesium halides
In this article, the relative stability of different high-pressure phases of various cesium halides is studied from first principles and analyzed using the Landau theory of phase transitions.
Phonon Softening and High-Pressure Low-Symmetry Phases of Cesium Iodide
Article on phonon softening and high-pressure low-symmetry phases of cesium iodide.
Lip-Lip Interactions and the Growth of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes
Article on lip-lip interactions and the growth of multiwalled carbon nanotubes.
Ordering of a prototypical conjugated molecular system during monolayer growth on the (1 x 2)- Au(110) surface
Article on the ordering of a prototypical conjugated molecular system during monolayer growth on the (1x2)-Au(110) surface.
Low-energy vibrations at the InSb(110) surface
Article on low-energy vibrations at the InSb(110) surface along the ΓΥ direction.
O(N) real-space method for ab initio quantum transport calculations: Application to carbon nanotube - metal contacts
Article on O(N) real-space method for ab initio quantum transport calculations and application to carbon nanotube-metal contacts.
CO Adsorption on Noble Metal Clusters: Local Environment Effects
Article on CO adsorption on noble metal clusters and local environmental effects.
Strain effects on the interface properties of nitride semiconductors
Article on the strain effects on the interface properties of nitride semiconductors.
Brittle and Ductile Behavior in Carbon Nanotubes
Article discussing research on the response of carbon nanotubes to a tensile load.
Mechanism of strain release in carbon nanotubes
Article on the mechanism of strain release in carbon nanotubes.
Cysts of Azotobacter vinelandii with Double Coats
Article on members of the genus Azotobacter, which are characterized by their ability to form cysts.
Giant Cysts and Cysts with Multiple Central Bodies in Azotobacter vinelandii
Article on giant cysts and cysts with multiple central bodies in Azotobacter vinelandii.
Improved Staining of Extracellular Polymer for Electron Microscopy: Examination of Azotobacter, Zoogloea, Leuconostoc, and Bacillus
Article on improved staining of extracellular polymer for electron microscopy and an examination of Azotobacter, Zoogloea, Leuconostoc, and Bacillus.
Freeze-Etching of Azotobacter vinelandii: Examination of Wall, Exine, and Vesicles
Article on the freeze-etching of Azotobacter vinelandii and an examination of wall, exine, and vesicles.
Renewal and memory properties in the random growth of surfaces
Article discussing the renewal and memory properties in the random growth of surfaces.
Dynamical Origin of Memory and Renewal
This article discusses a dynamical origin of memory and renewal.
First principles theory of artificial metal chains on NiAl(110) surface
Article on the first principles theory of artificial metal chains on NiAl(110) surface.
Electronic and Transport Properties of Artificial Gold Chains
Article on electronic and transport properties of artificial gold chains.
Complex Materials for Molecular Spintronics Applications: Cobalt Bis(dioxolene) Valence Tautomers, from Molecules to Polymers
This article discusses complex materials for molecular spintronics applications.
Substrate-Mediated Intermolecular Hybridization in Binary Phthalocyanine Superstructures
Article on substrate-mediated intermolecular hybridization in binary phthalocyanine superstructures.
Ab initio transport properties of nanostructures from maximally localized Wannier functions
Article on ab initio transport properties of nanostructures from maximally localized Wannier functions.
Mechanism of Hydrogenolysis of an Iridium Methyl Bond: Evidence for a Methane Complex Intermediate
Article on the mechanism of hydrogenolysis of an iridium methyl bond and evidence for a methane complex intermediate.
Racial and Ethnic Politics in the 2012 Presidential Primaries
This presentation is part of the faculty lecture series UNT Speaks Out on the 2012 Presidential Primaries. In this presentation, the author discusses how members of different racial and ethnic backgrounds responded to the 2012 Republican primary candidates.
Estación Biológica Senda Darwin: Investigación ecológica de largo plazo en la interfase ciencia-sociedad
This article discusses Senda Darwin Biological Station and the work of the scientists who study the anthropological role in ecological processes there.
Senda Darwin Biological Station: Long-term ecological research at the interface between science and society
Article discussing long-term ecological research at the interface between science and society at the Senda Darwin Biological Station (SDBS).
The Transcriptional Regulator AlgR Controls Cyanide Production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Article on the transcriptional regulator AlgR controlling cyanide production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Convict Transportation and Penitence in 'Moll Flanders'
Article discussing convict transportation and penitence in 'Moll Flanders.'
Episodic or Novelistic? Law in the Atlantic and the Form of Daniel Defoe's Colonel Jack
Article discussing the form of Daniel Defoe's 'Colonel Jack.'
Engineering Lipids in Vegetative Tissues of Plants
Patent relating to engineering lipids in vegetative tissues of plants.
Methods for Extending the Freshness of Cut Flowers, Ornamental Trees, and Plant Cuttings
Patent relating to methods for extending the freshness of cut flowers, ornamental trees, and plant cuttings.
Plant Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolases
Patent relating to plant fatty acid amide hydrolases (FAAH) coding sequences.
N-Acylethanolamines: Formation and Molecular Composition of a New Class of Plant Lipids
Article on N-acylethanolamines and the formation and molecular composition of a new class of plant lipids.
N-Acylethanolamines in Seeds. Quantification of Molecular Species and their Degradation upon Imbibition
Article on N-acylethanolamines in seeds and the quantification of molecular species and their degradation upon imbibition.
[Review] A Grammar of Mongsen Ao
This book review discusses 'A Grammar of Mongsen Ao' by Alec R. Coupe. Ao is one of the approximately 20 indigenous languages of Nagaland spoken in around fifty villages in northwestern area of the state. This book reviews discusses each of the eleven chapters in the book.
Enthalpies of Sublimation of Organic and Organometallic Compounds. 1910-2001
Article on enthalpies of sublimation of organic and organometallic compounds.
Enthalpies of Vaporization of Organic and Organometallic Compounds, 1880-2002
Article on enthalpies of vaporization of organic and organometallic compounds, 1880-2002.
Estimating Solid-Liquid Phase Change Enthalpies and Entropies
This article discusses estimating solid-liquid phase change enthalpies and entropies.
Modeling the Deposition of Metal Atoms on a p-Type Organometallic Conductor: Implications for Stability and Electron Transfer
Article discussing modeling the deposition of metal atoms on a p-Type organometallic conductor and implications for stability and electron transfer.
Improvement of Quality in Publication of Experimental Thermophysical Property Data: Challenges, Assessment Tools, Global Implementation, and Online Support
Article on the improvement of quality in the publication of experimental thermophysical property data.
Method of Making Integrated Circuits Using Ruthenium and its Oxides as a Cu Diffusion Barrier
Patent relating to a method of making integrated circuits using ruthenium and its oxides as a Cu diffusion barrier.
The Ecoresponsive Genome of Daphnia pulex
This article discusses the ecoresponsive genome of Daphnia pulex.
Synthesis and Reactivity of a Coordinatively Unsaturated Ruthenium(II) Parent Amido Complex: Studies of X-H Activation (X = H or C)
Article discussing the synthesis and reactivity of a coordinatively unsaturated Ruthenium(II) parent amido complex and studies of X-H activation (X = H or C).
Food Choice and Waste in Texas Middle School Cafeterias
Infographic on a study of food choice and waste in Texas middle school cafeterias. During winter/spring 2011 researchers at the University of North Texas (UNT) documented school meal choices in a district that participated in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). This infographic describes the methods and results of the study.
A Priori Assessment of the Stereoelectronic Profile of Phosphines and Phosphites
This article discusses research that has demonstrated the utility of a rigorously calibrated, molecular mechanics/semiempirical quantum mechanical protocol for developing stereoelectronic (Tolman) maps for phosphine ligands.
Chaos and thermal conductivity
Article discussing research on chaos and thermal conductivity.
Use of tree-based models to identify subgroups and increase power to detect linkage to cardiovascular disease traits
This article discusses the use of tree-based models to identify subgroups and increase power to detect linkage to cardiovascular disease traits.
Three-Coordinate Terminal Imidoiron(III) Complexes: Structure, Spectroscopy, and Mechanism of Formation
Article discussing three-coordinate terminal imidoiron(III) complexes and the structure, spectroscopy, and the mechanism of formation.
Selectivity and Mechanism of Hydrogen Atom Transfer by an Isolable Imidoiron (III) Complex
This article discusses a mechanistic study of hydrogen atom transfer by an isolable iron (III) imido complex, LᴹᵉFeNAd (Lᴹᵉ = bulky β-diketiminate ligand, 2,4-bis(2,6-diisopropylphenylimido)pentyl; Ad = 1-adamantyl).