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Toxicological Case Study of Dallas' Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent and Ambient Trinity River Samples: 1989, 1990, 1991
"This study was implemented voluntarily by personnel at Dallas Water Utilities in response to concerns that the Dallas Central Wastewater Treatment Plant was adversely affecting downstream water quality." The treatment plant was studied to determine whether it was "discharging toxic materials in toxic amounts to the Trinity River" (p. 1).
Remote Sensing and GIS for Nonpoint Source Pollution Analysis in the City of Dallas' Eastern Watersheds
This report describes the findings of a study conducted on the Eastern Watersheds of Lake Lavon, Lake Ray Hubbard, Lake Tawakoni, Lake Palestine and Lake Fork, which are located within the Blackland Prairie, Post Oak Savannah and Pineywoods provinces. These watersheds are among nine that provide drinking water to Dallas, Texas. The study examines the potential benefit of "remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) for watershed management" in these five watersheds (p. iii).
Historic Archaeology of the Johnson and Jones Farmsteads in the Ray Roberts Lake Area: 1850-1950
This study represents the findings of research done on the Jones and Johnson farms, "situated in Johnson Branch Park in the north-central portion of the Ray Roberts Lake area." The purpose of the study was to offset future disturbances and damages to these farmsteads, and it includes "archival investigations, architectural documentation, oral-history interviews of long-time area residents and family members, farm equipment and artifact analyses, archaeological excavations, stabilization measures, and the development of interpretative exhibits for area schools, museums, and the general public" (p. i).
Remote Sensing and GIS for Nonpoint Source Pollution Analysis in the City of Dallas' Western Watersheds
This report describes the findings of a study conducted on the watersheds of "Lake Lewisville, Lake Ray Roberts, Lake Grapevine and the Elm Fork of the Trinity River between Lake Lewisville and Frazier Dam," which are all part of the upper Trinity drainage basin (p. 31). The study examines the potential benefit of "remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) for watershed management" in and around Dallas, Texas (p. i).
Young Latinos Use of Mobile Phones: A Cross-Cultural Study
This article is about a study designed to analyze how young people, operationalized in this study as people of Latino descent between the ages of 18-25, are using their mobile phone for various applications and what particular gratifications they derive from using the phone.
The Media and Communication Industries: A 21st Century Perspective
This article discusses the media and communication industry.
Reversing the Bricks: The Evolution of ETDs at UNT
This presentation discusses electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs). Beginning in fall 1999, UNT has required the submission of theses and dissertations in electronic format. As an early adopter of what was to become the electronic thesis and dissertation (ETD) movement in higher education, UNT encountered and overcame several challenges in the pursuit of providing greater public access to the scholarship conducted at the University. Dr. Terrell was there from the very beginning, and will share her unique perspective on how far the ETD movement has come, and what challenges remain.
UNT Wellness Initiative
This presentation is part of the faculty lecture series UNT Speaks Out, the Symposium on Well-Being. In this presentation, the author discusses the importance of quality of life to achieve happiness and wellness.
U.S. Mexico Migration
This presentation is part of the faculty lecture series UNT Speaks Out on Unauthorized Immigration. This presentation discusses immigration, specifically between the United States and Mexico.
Who Are These Unauthorized Immigrants and What Are We Going To Do About Them?
This presentation is part of the faculty lecture series UNT Speaks Out on Unauthorized Immigration. This presentation discusses immigration in the United States, unauthorized immigration, and policies in place on immigration.
The History Engine: Doing History with Digital Tools
Article on the History Engine project. One of the primary goals of the History Engine project has been to design a research and writing exercise modest enough in its analytical scope and its length that it allows students to "do history" long before a senior seminar or capstone course. Another important goal, discussed in this article, is to capture this research to amass a large history archive.
Peer Review and the Ex Ante Assessment of Societal Impacts
This article discusses peer review. Funding agencies and research councils around the world rely on peer review to assess the potential impacts of proposed research. This article compares the procedures of two major public science agencies - the US National Science Foundation and the European Commission's 7th Framework Programme - for evaluating ex ante the potential societal impact of research proposals. In this paper the authors survey the state of the art and discuss some of the conceptual questions that arise in using ex ante peer review to assess the societal impact of scientific research.
[Review] Communications and Management at Work
This book review discusses 'Communication and Management at Work' by Thomas Klikauer. The book, intended primarily for scholars of management, business, and organizational communication, invokes the theories of Kant, Habermas, Orwell, and Marx to assess at a macro level the historical and contemporary relationships between communication and control in the workplace.
Defending Design Decisions With Usability Evidence: A Case Study
This paper discusses a case study on defending design decisions with usability evidence.
Decision-Making Strategies in Design Meetings
This paper is about research on decision-making strategies in design meetings.
Discourse Variations Between Usability Tests and Usability Reports
This article discusses the discourse variations between usability tests and usability reports.
The Sword of Data: Does Human-Centered Design Fulfill Its Rhetorical Responsibility?
This article discusses human-centered design, the guiding philosophy and process for more than twenty years in the field of design from both practice and pedagogy perspectives.
[Review] Nexus of Empire: Negotiating Loyalty and Identity in the Revolutionary Borderlands
Book review of 'Nexus of Empire: Negotiating Loyalty and Identity in the Revolutionary Borderlands' edited by Gene Allen Smith and Sylvia L. Hilton. The book examines the individuals who inhabited the Gulf of Mexico regions, analyzing the ways in which these people defined and redefined themselves amid a world of competing loyalties.
Unions of Slavery: Slavery, Politics, and Secession in the Valley of Virginia
Book chapter discussing research on the issues involved in the secession of Virginia around the Civil War, including slavery and politics.
Examining Error in the Technical Communication Editing Test
This paper discusses examining errors in technical communication.
Dynamics of Electroencephalogram Entropy and Pitfalls of Scaling Detection
This article discusses dynamics of electroencephalogram entropy and pitfalls of scaling detection. Herein the authors study the time evolution of diffusion entropy to elucidate the scaling of EGG time series.
Brain, Music, and Non-Poisson Renewal Processes
This article discusses brain, music, and non-Poisson renewal processes.
Complexity and Synchronization
This article discusses complexity and synchronization in decision making and information transmission.
Correlation Function and Generalized Master Equation of Arbitrary Age
This article discusses correlation function and generalized master equation of arbitrary age using non-Poisson, Markovian, and Liouville methods.
An IRE-Like AGC Kinase Gene, MtIRE, Has Unique Expression in the Invasion Zone of Developing Root Nodules in Medicago truncatula
This article discusses AGC kinase genes. The authors report here the isolation and characterization of the first AGC kinase gene identified in Medicago truncatula, MtIRE.
Renewal, Modulation, and Superstatistics in Times Series
In this article, the authors consider two different approaches, to which the authors refer to as renewal and modulation, to generate time series with a nonexponential distribution of waiting times.
Sun-Climate Complexity Linking
This article discusses sun-climate complexity linking. It is known that Earth's short-term temperature anomalies share the same complexity index μ as solar flares. The authors show that this property is not accidental and is a consequence of the phenomenon of information transfer based on the crucial role of non-Poisson renewal events in complex networks.
Publisher's Note: Beyond the Death of Linear Response: 1/f Optimal Information Transport [Phys. Rev. Lett. 105,040601 (2010)]
This is a Publisher's Note for the article 'Beyond the Death of Linear Response: 1/f Optimal Information Transport' [Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 040601 (2010)].
The AGC Kinase MtIRE: A Link to Phospholipid Signaling During Nodulation?
This article discusses the AGC Kinase gene MtIRE.
Criticality and Transmission of Information in a Swarm of Cooperative Units
This article discusses criticality and transmission of information in a swarm of cooperative units.
Experimental Quenching of Harmonic Stimuli: Universality of Linear Response Theory
This article discusses experimental quenching of harmonic stimuli.
Beyond the Death of Linear Response: 1/f Optimal Information Transport
This article discusses linear response and 1/f optimal information transport.
Control of Root Architecture and Nodulation by the LATD/NIP Transporter
This article discusses root architecture and nodulation.
Dynamical Origin of Memory and Renewal
This article discusses a dynamical origin of memory and renewal.
Event-Driven Power-Law Relaxation in Weak Turbulence
This article discusses event-driven power-law relaxation in weak turbulence.
Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem for Event-Dominated Processes
This article discusses fluctuation-dissipation theorem for event-dominated processes.
Transmission of Information Between Complex Systems: 1/ f resonance
In this article, the authors study the transport of information between two complex systems with similar properties.
Temporal Complexity of the Order Parameter at the Phase Transition
This article discusses temporal complexity of the order parameter at the phase transition. The authors study a decision making model in a condition where it is equivalent to the two-dimensional Ising model, and the authors show that at the onset of phase transition it generates temporal complexity, namely, nonstationary and nonergodic fluctuations.
A Putative Transporter is Essential for Integrating Nutrient and Hormone Signaling with Lateral Root Growth and Nodule Development in Medicago truncatula
This article discusses a putative transporter for integrating nutrient and hormone signaling with lateral root growth and nodule development in Medicago truncatula.
Spontaneous Brain Activity as a Source of Ideal 1/f Noise
In this article, the authors study the electroencephalogram (EEG) of 30 closed-eye subjects with a technique of analysis recently proposed to detect punctual events signaling rapid transitions between different metastable states.
Rapid Analysis of Legume Root Nodule Development Using Confocal Microscopy
This article discusses the rapid analysis of legume root nodule development using confocal microscopy.
LIN, a Medicago truncatula Gene Required for Nodule Differentiation and Persistence of Rhizobial Infections
This article discusses LIN, a Medicago truncatula gene.
Memory Effects in Fractional Brownian Motion with Hurst Exponent H<1/3
This article discusses a study on the regression to the origin of a walker driven by dynamically generated fractional Brownian motion.
Non-Markovian Nonstationary Completely Positive Open-Quantum-System Dynamics
This article discusses non-Markovian nonstationary completely positive open-quantum-system dynamics.
Non-Poisson Dichotomous Noise: Higher-Order Correlation Functions and Aging
This article discusses non-Poisson dichotomous noise and higher-order correlation functions and aging.
Solar Turbulence in Earth's Global and Regional Temperature Anomalies
This article presents a study of the influence of solar activity on the earth's temperature. In particular, the authors focus on the repercussion of the fluctuations of the solar irradiance on the temperature of the Northern and Southern hemispheres as well as on land and ocean regions.
Diffusion Entropy and Waiting Time Statistics of Hard-X-Ray Solar Flares
This article discusses diffusion entropy and waiting time statistics of hard-x-ray solar flares.
Lévy Scaling: The Diffusion Entropy Analysis Applied to DNA Sequences
This article discusses Lévy scaling and the diffusion entropy analysis applied to DNA sequences. The authors address the problem of the statistical analysis of a time series generated by complex dynamics with the diffusion entropy analysis.
Generalized Master Equation Via Aging Continuous-Time Random Walks
This article discusses the problem of the equivalence between continuous-time random walk (CTRW) and generalized master equation (GME).
Quantum Entanglement and Entropy
This article discusses quantum entanglement and entropy.