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  Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences
 Country: Sweden
 Decade: 2000-2009
Rediscovery of the Elements: Carl Wilhelm Scheele
Article describing the career and discoveries of Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Tourist information regarding locations important to Scheele's life are visited and discussed.
Rediscovery of the Elements: Jöns Jakob Berzelius
Article describing the life and career of Jöns Jakob Berzelius. Tourist information regarding locations significant to his history is included.
Rediscovery of the Elements: Riddarhyttan, Sweden
Article describing the authors' tour through Riddarhyttan, Sweden, to visit the areas where cerium and cobalt were discovered. Maps and photographs of pertinent locations are located as well as a history of the area and the elements discovered there.
Rediscovery of the Elements: The Second Discovery of Vanadium
Article describing how vanadium was "rediscovered" in Sweden and found to be identical to del Rio's sample. Includes tourist information regarding areas relevant to this portion of vanadium's history.
Rediscovery of the Elements: Yttrium and Johan Gadolin
Article describing the life and career of Johan Gadolin. Tourist information regarding locations significant to his history is included.
Riddarhyttan City Motif
First page of The Hexagon of Alpha Chi Sigma. The blue cover features a black and white drawing of a medieval knight wearing mail and a tunic with a cross motif. He is holding a shield that bears the image of a stone building with flames shooting out of the roof. The word "Riddarhyttan" appears on a banner above the knight's head. Two photographs are arranged to the left of the knight, with text and an image of a computer mouse to the right. The next page includes a table of contents, an editorial, and a list of contributors. Near the bottom of this second page is a piece labeled "On the Cover," which describes the previous page.