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 Decade: 1940-1949
The Use of the Golden Proportion in Paintings by Titian and Raphael
Paintings of Raphael and Titian were chosen for study (1) to ascertain the extent to which they used geometry, and (2) to determine, if possible, the differences and likenesses in their underlying schemas, and (3) to determine how geometrical divisions, if used, affected the character of their paintings.
The Value of Filmstrips in the First Grade of Travis School, Mineral Wells, Texas
The purpose of this study is to determine the influence of filmstrips upon a group of first-grade pupils as compared to another group of first-grade pupils not using filmstrips.
Value of Motion Pictures in Coordination with Sixth-Grade Social Studies
The problem undertaken in this survey was to determine the value of motion pictures in the social-studies program of the elementary school, with special emphasis upon the learning and retention of facts and general information related to the social studies at the sixth-grade level.
The Value of the Critical Angle Board in Diagnosing Handedness
The present study addresses some of the problems in human handedness studies by noting the manual choices of one hundred twenty elementary pupils in the first through fifth grades. It discusses the value of the Van Riper critical angle board, the correlation indices of handedness based upon different types of activities, and the divergence with respect to degree and pattern of hand preference in the children.
The Vegetation and Habitat Factors of Rockwall County, Texas
This paper consists of a study of the soils and vegetation found in Rockwall County, Texas. This county is located in the northeastern part of the state. Rockwall County lies in the northeastern part of the Black Waxy Belt of the Coastal Plains province.
The Vegetation of the Austin Chalk Formation of Collin County, Texas
No Description
A Vital Program of Conservation Education at Third Grade Level
The purpose of this study is to determine a basis on which to develop a conservation education program applicable to third grade children and to recommend a program that has been evaluated by that stated criteria.
Vitamin A Administration and Dark Adaption of Second and Third Grade Children
This study was formulated for the following purposes: (1) To determine if a learning factor is involved when repeated tests are made with a dark adaption instrument, (2) To determine if the dark adaption of a group of second and third grade children showing poor dark adaption can be improved by the daily administration of Haliver oil capsules, (3) To obtain a dark adaption curve for two hundred twenty-three grade children of Denton, Texas.
The Vitamin A Content of Dehydrated Sweet Potato Made from the Freshly Harvested Puerto Rico Variety
The purpose of this study was to determine by biological method of assay the vitamin A content of Puerto Rico sweet potatoes which were dehydrated immediately after harvesting.
The Vitamin C Content of Eight Varieties of Sweet Potatoes and the Effect of Cooking on the Vitamin Content
Since sweet potatoes, which also furnish vitamin A, are a common food in the popular diets of Texas and are so generally grown over the state, the purpose of this study is (1) to ascertain the amount of vitamin C in eight of the varieties most commonly grown and (2) to determine the effect of the three most popular methods of cooking (boiling, baking, and candying) on the vitamin C content of these varieties of sweet potatoes.
A Volley Ball Manual for Coaches and Players
The purpose of this study is to prepare a manual that will aid in the coaching and playing of volley ball in interscholastic, intramural, and amateur competition.
Wartime Wage Stabilization
This thesis examines the wartime wage stabilization program in detail, and how it may help with controlling inflation in general.
Waste of Human Resources in Education
The problem of this study is the non-utilization of human resources in the educational system, with concrete emphasis on the relationships between the value of human beings and the waste of human resources.
The Weatherford Municipal Light and Power Plant
This thesis is a study of the Weatherford Municipal Light and Power Plant. An attempt has been made to trace the history of electric service in Weatherford, Texas, and to reveal why this present, and previous, service has culminated in a municipally owned system.
Weaving in the State of Guanajuato, Mexico
A study of the history of weaving in Guanajuato, Mexico.
What Makes Right and Wrong?
This thesis is an attempt to find out what makes right and wrong.
Whitman's Friends and Literary Acquaintances
This thesis examines Walt Whitman's friendships with many of his contemporaries in New York, Boston, Washington and Camden, and highlights the differences among them.
The Wife and Family Finance
The problem for this study consists of determining what a wife should know about family finances in order to share the burden of family living with her husband and for protection against the probability she may be left with all the responsibilities and decisions.
William Dean Howells : the Development and Demonstration of his Theory of Fiction through 1892
This study of the development of Howells's theory of fiction and the extent of its expression in his own novels involves a study of the development of his literary tastes. In order to arrive at an understanding of Howells's critical views as expressed in his own fiction, his literary notices and critical essays will be studied concurrently with his novels.
Witchcraft in the Elizabethan Drama
This thesis resulted from an examination of the influence of witchcraft superstitions upon Elizabethan-era dramas.
Wordsworth and Whitman: a Comparative Study
This thesis consists of a comparative study of William Wordsworth and Walt Whitman.
Wordsworth as a Citizen
William Wordsworth was not the civic-minded public servant who is often thought of when good citizenship awards are given. However, it can be said that through his writings, he did much to arouse others to an awareness of political, religious, and educational needs of his country. This thesis examines his views in these areas and how they contributed to him as a citizen.
The Workability of Monopoly in the Oil Industry
In this thesis, the author examines the theory that competition in the oil industry is "unworkable" and looks at the development and current status of monopoly in the oil industry to determine whether or not monopoly is workable.
The Workshop for Teachers
The problem of this study is concerned with the history, trends, and evaluation of the summer workshop movement for teachers in the United States. In addition, a study was made of the Child Development Workshop conducted on the campus of the North Texas State Teachers College, Denton, Texas, during the summer of 1942.
The Workshop Project at Denton, Texas, Senior High School for the Summer of 1940
We propose in this study to give a brief review of the workshop project as carried on at the Denton Senior High School, Denton, Texas, during the six-weeks summer session of 1940. While the purpose of this paper is not to give an evaluation of the program, we shall point out some of the best points and suggest a few items which might be improved.
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