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Classifying the End-of-Term Archive
This paper discusses the Classification of the End-of-Term Archive project.
Classifying the End of Term Web Archive [Poster]
Poster presented at the 2012 IS&T Archiving Conference. This poster discusses a research project on classifying the End-of-Term Archive. This Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) funded research project investigates whether link analysis and cluster analysis were effective techniques for classifying the materials in the End-of-Term archive to improve discovery.
Cleaning up Messy Data with Open Refine
This Tech Talk presentation discusses the open source software OpenRefine and strategies for cleaning up messy data.
[Client Survey Summary: Portal to Texas History Interface Redesign]
Document summarizing surveys conducted for the IOGENE project. It relates to information about the user interface of The Portal to Texas History.
Collaborating in Tough Times: Responding to State Cuts
This presentation was for a panel session with librarians from school, public, academic, and the North Texas Library Partners (NTLP) at the Texas Library Association (TLA) annual conference. In this presentation, the authors discuss collaboration strategies during difficult financial periods and funding cuts.
Collaborating with Your Local Public Library
This book chapter discusses collaborating with local public libraries.
Collaboration in Practice: Megadata Happens
This presentation discusses The Portal to Texas History and how collaborations with other organizations has helped add to the collection. In this presentation, the author illustrates examples from The Portal to Texas History with information about metadata management, quality issues, and the automated systems in place by the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries' Digital Projects Unit.
Collaborations, Best Practices, and Collection Development: Born-Digital and Digitized Materials [Presentation]
This presentation discusses the phases of web collection development, challenges with web archives, and the need and benefit for preserving web materials.
Collaborations, Best Practices, and Collection Development for Born-Digital and Digitized Materials
This paper discusses collaborations, best practices, and collection development for the preservation of born-digital and digitized materials.
Collaborations: How Ussachevsky Interacted with Other Composers in the Creation of Electronic Music
Presentation for the 2008 Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) Annual Conference. This presentation discusses collaborations and how Vladimir Ussachevsky interacted with other composers in the creation of electronic music.
Collaborative Approach to Address Scholarly Communications and Digital Curation Challenges
Presentation for the Cross Timbers Library Collaborative (CTLC) Scholarly Communications and Digital Curation (SCDC) Affinity Group 2013 Summer Meeting. In this presentation, the authors discuss collaborative approaches to address scholarly communications and digital curation challenges.
A Collaborative Approach to the Trusted Repository Audit Checklist
Poster presented at the 2015 Cross Timbers Library Collaborative (CTLC) Annual Conference. This poster discusses a collaborative approach to the Trusted Repository Audit Checklist.
Collaborative Digital Repository Opportunities
This presentation discusses collaborative digital repository opportunities. The presentation offers questions and considerations as well as managing digital collections.
Collaborative Strategies for Digital Preservation of Newspapers
This presentation discusses collaborative strategies for the digital preservation of newspapers. The University of North Texas (UNT) Texas Digital Newspaper Program (TDNP), the MetaArchive Cooperative, and the Chronicles in Preservation Project are discussed with information on what they do, the importance of newspaper digitization projects, and how collaboration can further efforts in this area.
Collecting and Archiving the Federal Web
Presentation for the 2015 Open Access Symposium discussing collecting and archiving the Federal web.
Collecting and Disseminating New Music: Originally Presented as "The Impact of Women in Music, New Composers Forum"
Paper contributed to the 2002 Bar Harbor Music Festival. This paper discusses collecting and disseminating new music and the impact of women in music.
Collection Development and Management Issues
This presentation discusses collection development and management issues. It describes considerations to keep in mind, suggestions and strategies, and ideas for successful digitization projects.
Collection Development for an Environmental Science Digital Library
This presentation discusses the University of North Texas Libraries' strategies for creating digital collections and services from datasets and born digital objects and serving users outside of formal education and research.
Collection Plan for the CyberCemetery
This report discusses the collection plan for the CyberCemetery, part of the Web-at-Risk project. The topics include the mission and scope, the selection, acquisition, descriptive metadata, presentation and access, maintenance and weeding, and preservation.
Collection Plan Guidelines for Project Curators
This report is part of the Web-at-Risk project. These policy and planning documents typically guide collection management within libraries and archives. Some familiar concepts and practices from collection development for non-digital materials easily transfer to collection development for web-based materials while some new concepts and unfamiliar practices are introduced. To effectively manage web collections, it is good practice to either create new policies and plans or modify existing collection policies and plans.
Collection Planning Guidelines
This report is part of the Web-at-Risk project. The Web-at-Risk project is developing a Web Archiving Service (WAS) that will enable the project's partner institutions to act as archive agencies that will assist the project's curators in building and managing archived collections of web-published materials.
Collections Shifting Methodology Report for the UNT Libraries
Report for the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries on collection shifting methodology.
Combined Library Services Desk: Round Table Discussion
Presentation for a round table discussion at the 2013 Cross Timbers Library Collaborative (CTLC) Conference. This presentation discusses combining library service desks.
Combined Services Desk Report
Report for the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries on the combined services desk.
Combining Circulation and Reference Desks into a Single Service Point
Presentation for the 2014 Cross Timbers Library Collaborative (CTLC) Annual Conference. This presentation discusses a project of combining circulation and reference desks into a single service point at the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries.
Command-Line Image Manipulation with ImageMagick
Presentation slides from a workshop at the 2013 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL). These workshop slides introduce command-line image manipulation to its participants using the open source software ImageMagick.
Command-line Tools for Digital Preservation
Presentation for a 2011 command-line workshop at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. This presentation discusses command-line tools for digital curation and preservation.
Community-Driven Approaches to Digital Preservation
This presentation discusses community-driven approaches to digital preservation. The authors state the importance of collaboration and who is collaborating and how. In addition, information on some core principles of collaborative preservation and what these look like in practice.
Comparison of Digital Asset Management Systems (work area E)
Paper for an Institute of Museum and Library Sciences (IMLS) Grant Partner Uplift Project. This paper describes examinations of various digital asset management systems' (DAMS) capabilities and functions. Evaluation is based on the documentation relating to each package.
Comparison of Full-text Versus Metadata Searching in an Institutional Repository: Case Study of the UNT Scholarly Works
This paper discusses a case study comparing full-text versus metadata searching in the University of North Texas (UNT) Scholarly Works institutional repository.
Comparison of Strategies and Policies for Building Distributed Digital Preservation Infrastructure: Initial Findings from the MetaArchive Cooperative
This article offers a comparison of strategies and policies for building distributed digital preservation infrastructure.
Computational studies of the potential energy surface for O(³P) + H₂S: Characterization of transition states and the enthalpy of formation of HSO and HOS
Article on computational studies of the potential energy surface for O(³P) + H₂S and the characterization of transition states and the enthalpy of formation of HSO and HOS.
Connect With Your Part-Time Library Staff: Using Learning Styles to Individualize Training
Presentation discussing ways in which supervisors can individualize their training of part-time library staff based on individual learning styles. Training techniques currently in practice at the University of North Texas (UNT), Willis Library, for part-time shelvers will be demonstrated as well as assessment methods utilized to determine the effectiveness of staff training.
Connecting Constituents to Government Information: 150 Years of Congressionally Designated Libraries
Article on connecting constituents to government information and 150 years of congressionally designated libraries.
Content Curation and Online Portfolios: Tools and Tips
Presentation for the 2015 Texas Library Association Annual Assembly Continuing Education Program. This presentation discusses tools and tips for content curation and online portfolios.
Content Divide: Africa and the Global Knowledge Footprint
This presentation discusses Africa and the global knowledge footprint.
Content Divide: Africa and the Global Knowledge Footprint Sponsored by: SIG/III
This paper discusses Africa and the global knowledge footprint.
Content Producer Interview Questionnaire
This document is an interview, questionnaire for the Web-at-Risk project. The purpose of this interview is to explore the issues information publishers or content producers have regarding web archives. The purpose of this discussion is to elicit the needs and thoughts of the users regarding web archives of materials created by a third party, such as a universal library.
Content Provider Interviews: Summary Report
This report is part of the Web-at-Risk project. This report summarizes the results of the interviews with content providers. Section 2 identifies the interview methodology. Section 3 describes the results and Section 4 discusses the major findings.
Copyright and Authors' Rights: Fact or Fiction?
Presentation for the Toulouse Graduate School summer workshop series. This presentation discusses copyright, authors' rights including creative commons licensing, repositories, and open access.
Copyright and Creative Commons (CC) Licenses
Presentation for the 2015 Southwestern Association of Law Libraries (SWALL) Annual Conference. This presentation discusses copyright and creative commons (CC) licenses.
Copyright and Social Media
Presentation for the Oklahoma Library Association on copyright and social media.
Copyright, Digital Media, and Libraries
Article offering a brief bibliography on the subject of copyright and digital media in the context of libraries.
Copyright, Open Access, and Library Instruction
Article discussing copyright, open access, and library instruction.
A Cost-Benefit Approach for Describing and Processing Digital Objects
This presentation discusses the costs and benefits associated with creating the metadata and ensuring metadata quality in The Portal to Texas History.
Councilor's Report: 2006 Annual Conference - New Orleans
This article discusses the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference in 2006, which took place in New Orleans, Louisiana. Information about the topics discussed and issues that were brought up are included.
Councilor's Report: 2006 Midwinter Meeting - San Antonio
This article discusses the American Library Association (ALA) midwinter meeting in 2006, which was held in San Antonio. The discussions include an increase in dues and several resolutions.
Creating a Culture of Collaboration: Collaborative Models for Digital Libraries in a Heterogeneous Institutional Landscape
This presentation gives a brief overview of the collaborative efforts of the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries Digital Projects Unit and its partners in digitization projects.
Creating a Faculty Book Delivery Service: Supporting Faculty Research
Article on creating a faculty book delivery service and supporting faculty research.
Creating A Featured Book Display: Marrying old and new technologies
This Tech Talk presentation describes the process used to select the individual works and the inspiration behind the solution to the problem - a physical representation of a digital object.