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To Determine the Correct Organization, Content, and Method of a Course of Marital Relations for Senior High School Students
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A History of the Education of Spanish-Speaking People in Texas
Introduction -- List of tables -- Chapter I. The beginning of the education of Spanish-speaking people in Texas in the Spanish period 1687-1821 -- Chapter II. The beginning of the segregation of Spanish-speaking people and Anglo-Americans in schools in Texas during the Mexican period, 1821-1836 -- Chapter III. Lack of interest in the Spanish-speaking people in Texas during the Texas republic and early statehood period, 1836-1860 -- Chapter IV. Efforts to establish special schools for Spanish-speaking people in Texas 1860-1900 -- Chapter V. Increase of Spanish-speaking people in the schools of Texas 1900-1940 -- Chapter VI. General Education status of Spanish-speaking people in Texas 1900-1940 -- Chapter VII. Special curricula for Spanish-speaking people in Texas and the question of segregation, 1900-1940 -- Chapter VIII. Conclusion.
A Social and Economic History of the El Paso Area
Chapter I. The Spanish and Indian period -- Chapter II. The development of the Anglo-American settlement -- Chapter III. Agriculture and ranching in the El Paso area -- Chapter IV. The Development of Industry in the El Paso area -- Chapter V. The importance and growth of transportation in the El Paso area -- Chapter VI. Present day El Paso.
To Determine If the Industrial Arts Teachers of Texas Need Or Want State-Wide Industrial Arts Supervision
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A Study of Ravel's Tombeau de Couperin
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Personnel Study of North Texas State Teachers College Lettermen from 1936 to 1946 as to Military and Scholastic Attainments During World War II
" determine military and scholastic achievements made by North Texas State Teachers College lettermen during World War II..."--1.
The History of the Trombone from the Renaissance to the Early Romantic Period
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Naturalism in the Work of Stephen Crane
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A Study of the Fugal Writing of Paul Hindemith
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The History of Education in Texas During the Reconstruction Period
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A Rating Scale for the Measurement of Teacher Readiness for the Role of Administrative Leadership
This study has a twofold purpose. The first is to demonstrate the use of the Forced-Choice Technique in developing a rating scale for the selection of teachers adjudged to be ready to assume responsibility of an administrative nature and a role of leadership. The second is to develop a tentative rating scale for this purpose in the Dallas Independent School District, Dallas, Texas,
A Study of some Relationships between Level of Self-Concept, Academic Achievement and Classroom Adjustment
The purpose of this study is two-fold: (1) to evaluate an instrument for measuring the self-concept of middle grade children; and (2) to determine the relationship of a middle-grade child's self-concept to his peer status, his classification by the teacher as a problem in behavior or classroom management, and to his academic achievement.
Early Development of Robertson County
Includes chapters on topography, historical background, military contribution after statehood, social history, economic development, government organization and early towns: Franklin, Benchley, Calvert, Hearne, Wheelock, New Baden, Bremond, Mumford, Petteway, Easterly, Ghost Towns.
Semantic Change in Biblical Translation
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Implications of Social Class Structure and Developmental Tasks for Teaching Techniques in Home and Family Life Education
Can home and family life education incorporate sociological findings, psychological procedures, and frames of reference typical of lower and middle classes into educational techniques and content which will assist adolescents to achieve certain developmental tasks more satisfactorily?
A Comparison of the Hindemith and Schenker Concepts of Tonality
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The Rhythm of Western Polyphonic Music from About 850-1300
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Differences in the Extent to which Certain Factors are Associated with the Success of Departments of Vocational Agriculture
The problem of this study is to determine if certain factors which may be associated with quality of programs of work are significantly different in the most successful departments of vocational agriculture in selected areas of Texas from those in the least successful departments in the same areas. A consideration of the following sub-problems is involved in solving the main problem. 1. Evolution of the objectives of vocational education in agriculture. 2. Identification of activities denoting success in departments of vocational agriculture. 3. Selecting the most successful and the least successful departments of vocational agriculture. 4. Determining the relationship of certain factors to the success of departments of vocational agriculture.
A History of the Oboe from Antiquity to 1750
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The Organ Concertos of George Frideric Handel
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A Technique for the Development and Validation of Job Evaluation Cases
The primary purpose of this dissertation was to provide a technique for the development, evaluation, and validation of cases to be used for teaching courses in job evaluation. The same technique as developed in this study might have some degree of application to business cases other than those found in job evaluation. The secondary purpose was to provide an initial set of cases to be used in teaching job evaluation.
The History of the Industrial Arts Department of North Texas State College from 1911 to 1955
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Piano Sonatas Six, Seven and Eight of Prokofiev
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Quintet for Woodwinds
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A Study to Determine the Validity of the Uniform-Assessment Assumption Implied in the Use of Certain Measures of Local Taxpaying Ability in Arkansas
This study examines the assumption that property is assessed uniformly from district to district in Arkansas.
Transcriptions and Editions for Harp by Carlos Salzedo
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The Validity of the Texas Economic Index
Since the economic index is one of the two instruments which are so important to the financing of every school district of the state, and since the index is a hypothetical measure, it should be studied at regular intervals. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to re-examine the economic index used in Texas school finance for the purpose of determining its validity.
An Analysis of Certain Factors Associated with Financing Capital Outlay for Texas Public Schools
The problem of this study is to determine the desirable characteristics of a sound program for financing Texas public school buildings--commensurate with need and with an equitable relation between state and local effort.
Characterization of Women in the Fiction of Nathaniel Hawthorne
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Considerations in Selecting, Developing, and Validating Laboratory Experience Units in General Biology for Prospective Elementary School Teachers
The primary purpose of this study was to develop the considerations and techniques for the selection, development, and validation of laboratory experience units in general biology for prospective elementary school teachers. The completed laboratory experience unites developed in this study may serve as resources of activities for college instructors who teach general biology to undergraduate majors in elementary education. For purposes of this study the laboratory experience unites were centered about those principles of general biology which an elementary school teacher should understand in order to teach about plants and animals.
The Effect of Journalism on Modern American Writing
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The Evolution of Capitalist Values
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Modern Trends in the Interpretation of Falstaff
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Music and Information
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Selected Factors of Group Interaction and their Relation with Leadership Performance
The purpose of this study lies in its attempt to contribute to the understanding of leadership in small groups of boys in a conceptual framework that considers leadership as a dynamic interacting process rather than the summation of individual traits.
Stability of Interest of College Students
The problem of this study is to determine the stability of interest of male and female students at the various age levels in the School of Education of North Texas State Collage, Denton, Texas. To be more specific, the problem is to determine the relationship of age, sex, or both upon stability of interest.
A Study to Determine a Sound Pattern of Teacher Education for Teachers for Modern Public Schools of a Democracy
The problem is to develop a sound pattern of teacher education that will produce teachers capable of functioning adequately in modern public schools of a democracy.
The Texas Question as a Factor in the Sectional Struggle
"This thesis is an attempt to study the Texas question in its setting with particular emphasis on the sectional ramifications of the issue. It is not an attempt to document the diplomatic negotiations which led to annexation. It is not a attempt to prove that it was the Texas issue which irreconcilably divided the North and South, but it is an effort to assess the importance of the Texas question as a factor in the sectional struggle, by studying the origin, struggle, and climax of the effort to annex Texas to the United States. The chief concern here is with politics and sectionalism in the United States in the years, 1835-1846, and the way in which they affected, or were affected by the question of Texas annexation. Only incidentally, and insofar as they affected the matter under consideration, is there any concern with affairs and events in Texas." --leaf v.
Treatment of the Leading Soprano Roles in Selected Operas of Benjamin Britten: Peter Grimes, The Rape of Lucretia, Albert Herring, and Gloriana
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The Treatment of Women in the Restoration Comedy of Manners
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Types of Home Repairs and Improvements Made by People Who Maintain a Home and the Factors Influencing the Selection, Use, and Care of Tools and Equipment
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Union Attitudes Toward Job Evaluation
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The Wordsworths' Scottish Tour
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Relationship between Aptitudes and Major Fields of Study
As new measures of aptitude are devised, their implications to education are a fertile source for research. All facets of aptitudes as they relate to education are explored. This study is concerned with such exploration in that it investigates the relationships between aptitudes, as measured by the General Aptitude Test Battery and selected major fields of study at North Texas State College, Denton, Texas. The major fields of study selected for this research are Accounting, Business Education, Elementary Education, Industrial Arts and Marketing.
A Vegetative Key to the Conspicuous Flowering Herbs of Denton County, Texas
"The area of study was restricted to those common flowering herbs of Denton County, Texas, which have conspicuous flowers or a conspicuous flower cluster. There were, however, many plants included in this flora which are common to several counties of north-central Texas. Since there has been no previous key devised for the herbs of Denton County, Texas, the purpose of this key was to provide a flora which could be used by elementary and high school instructors, as well as any other interested persons who lack an extensive knowledge of botanical nomenclature." -- leaf iv.
An Analytical and Descriptive Technique for Rating Student Teachers
The problem of this study was to develop an analytical and descriptive technique for rating the performances of student teachers. In order to arrive at a solution to this problem, the following sub-problems were to be solved; namely, 1. To develop and validate a set of criteria for describing and rating the performances of student teachers; 2. To develop and validate a descriptive rating scale utilizing those criteria; 3. To develop a technique for using this descriptive rating scale; 4. To establish reliability of the instrument and to demonstrate the ability of the instrument to perform its intended functions.
A Plan of Christian Higher Education for Arkansas Baptists
The primary problem in this study was to develop a comprehensive long-range plan for Arkansas Baptists to use as a guide in meeting their needs in the field of Christian higher education. These needs were viewed in two ways: 1. Need as related to the purposes and philosophy of Christian higher education of Southern Baptists; 2. Need as related to the number of persons to be served.
Administering the Use of Instructional Space in Texas State-Supported Colleges and Universities
The problem of this study is to determine the administrative practices for securing the optimum use of instructional space in colleges. This necessitates the development of an instrument to evaluate these practices.
German Unionism in Texas During the Civil War and Reconstruction
Preface -- Chapter I. Settlement and politics-- Chapter II. Early organization and secession -- Chapter III. German unionism and confederate service -- Chapter IV. Presidential reconstruction -- Chapter V. Congressional reconstruction -- Bibliography.
A Study to Determine the Relationships between Growth in Interest and Achievement of Hight School Science Students and Science Teacher Attitudes, Preparation, and Experience
The problem of this study is to determine the relationships between (1) growth in interest and achievement of high school science students and (2) attitudes, preparation, and experience of science teachers. The study encompasses grades nine through twelve, inclusive, in a sample of Texas accredited public high schools.