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Rorschach Patterns as Related to Sociometric Status
The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between an individual's performance on the Rorschach Ink Blot Test and his degree of social acceptance as revealed by a test of sociometry.
The Value of Filmstrips in the Third Grade
The purpose of this study is to determine the possible influence of the use of filmstrip material upon a group of third-grade pupils as compared with another group of third-grade pupils not using filmstrip materials.
A Study of Pragmatism: its Influence on Certain Modern Trends in Education
It is the purpose of this thesis to show that the pragmatic philosophy is basically responsible for present-day developments in various teaching techniques.
Individualized Instruction in the Elementary School
The purpose of this study is to investigate the more recent types of instruction. In this investigation, emphasis has been placed on instruction which has grown out of children's interests and needs, and which recognizes the capacities, abilities and potentialities of children.
To Develop a Desirable Method of Reporting Pupil Progress in the Elementary School
The problem is to examine and analyze the methods used for reporting pupil progress in the elementary schools; to give evidence of the significant changes underlying the concepts of educational achievement; and to give consideration to the basic principles involved in order to develop a desirable method.
A Study to Determine the Common Elements in Ten Newbery Medal Books (1940-1949)
The purpose of this study is twofold: first, to determine whether the Newbery Medal Books under consideration meet the commonly accepted requirements of children's literature; and second, if they do not, to determine wherein they differ from acceptable criteria.
To Determine a Sound Method of Distributing the Public School Funds in Texas
It is the purpose of this study to discover and report a sound method of distributing the public school funds of Texas. This investigation will discuss present-day practices in distributing the public school funds, and where advisable will make recommendations to secure more adequate distribution.
A Comparative Study of the Social and Academic Status of Private Pre-school and Public School Children in the Second Year of a Dallas Elementary School
This study will endeavor to make a comparative study of seventeen children in the second grade in an elementary school in Dallas that attended private schools and omitted the first year of the public school, and seventeen children that are in the second grade after completing the first grade in the public school. The purpose of the study in comparing the social and academic status of the two groups is to determine if the non-scholastic child after a year of private school is able to adjust and accomplish an academic and social status on the level of the second year of the public school as compared with children of school age that have been through the first year and are now in their second year.
An Evaluation of Courses of Study for Teaching the Social Studies in the Primary Grades
The purpose of this study was twofold: (1) to read and analyze professional literature to determine criteria for an adequate social-studies program in an elementary grade, and (2) to evaluate a selected number of courses of study of large-city school systems and state departments of education to determine the extent to which they meet criteria.
The Adequacy of the School Transportation Systems of Montague County, Texas
In this study an attempt is made to determine the adequacy of the school transportation systems of Montague County, Texas.
A Study to Determine the Sound Administrative Steps in the Organization of a Community School
The purpose of this study is to determine the sound steps or procedures for the administrator to follow in organizing a community school. It will attempt to show ways of utilizing to the fullest possible extent the resources of the community.
A Study of the Atypical Child and His Status in the Educational Practices of Texas
The purpose of the study is to study child differentiations in their relation to educational growth; to emphasize a greater need, on the part of today's teachers, for constant study of the atypical child in order to determine his developmental needs; to emphasize the importance and desirability of utilizing the talents of the highly endowed pupil; to consider current educational practices in their relation to the added capabilities of superior children; and to emphasize the importance of developing whatever desirable social qualities the mentally retarded child may possess.
An Evaluation of an Adequate Finance System for Extracurricular Activities
It is the purpose of this study to discover and report educationally sound practices of activity financing and administration, with special emphasis placed on accounting. This investigation will attempt to disclose present-day common practices in financing the activities and accounting in regard to activity finances, and where advisable to make recommendations to secure more adequate procedures.
A Study of Dominance-Feeling in College Women
The purposes of this study are as follows: 1. To measure, compare, and evaluate the level of self-esteem of college women in two colleges. 2. To show the relationship of certain background factors to dominance-feeling in college women.
To Determine the Place of a Sound Guidance Program in the Secondary School
This study has undertaken to determine the characteristics of a sound guidance program and its place in the secondary school.
To Develop an Evaluating Technique which will have a Definite Relationship to the Declared Principles and Practices of the Speech Curriculum
This purpose of this study is to develop a technique which will serve to evaluate the practices in public speaking in the light of the declared principles.
The Use of Easy Reading Materials with Junior High School Pupils
The problem in this study is to determine the effectiveness of the use of easy reading material in improving the reading ability of retarded students in the junior high school.
A Critical Evaluation of the Course for General Mathematics in Meeting the Needs of Youth as Revealed by Several Courses of Study and the Adopted Textbooks for Texas Schools
This study is an attempt to determine how a course in general mathematics can satisfy some of the needs of youth. The purpose of this study is to find out how the course in general mathematics can be made to contribute effectively to pupil growth, and how well the present course is contributing to pupil growth.
The Diagnostic Possibilities of the California Test of Mental Maturity as Found in a Study of Academically Successful and Unsuccessful Students of Cleburne High School
This problem is two-fold: first, to determine the relationships between the traditional school marks and the test scores made by the Cleburne High School students on the California Test of Mental Maturity as a means of estimating the academic achievement students probably will attain in particular school subjects; second, to determine whether or not such relationships are of sufficient significance that their use will reduce student failures in Cleburne High School.
A Study of Dropouts in the Secondary Schools of Port Arthur, Texas
The purpose of this study was to investigate the problem of dropouts or withdrawals among the pupils of the secondary schools of Port Arthur, Texas. It was hoped that some significant information could be compiled as to the reasons why such students in this particular city leave school before high-school graduation, and that academic, environmental, and personal factors might be identified in their relationship to the causation of dropouts or withdrawals.
Class Piano in Relation to the Needs and Interests of the Child
The purpose of this investigation is to show how class piano can meet the needs and interests of the child. Research was made to discover the development of piano from its very beginning to the present time, thereby showing the value of class piano and how old and new methods can be used to meet the needs and interests of the child.
A Study of the Transportation Set-up in District Five, Texas.
This study is a comparative study of the transportation set-ups in the schools of District 5, Texas and attempted to determine the relationships various factors to pupil transportation cost. In light of the findings of the study, the writer made recommendations that would serve District 5 (i.e. Cooke, Grayson, Wise, Denton, and Collin counties).
An Investigation to Determine Improvement in the Social Status of Children Through Concetrated Effort
The problem of this study is an investigation of the development of social adjustment in thirty-three first-grade pupils in Gainesville, Texas, during 1949-1950. The purpose of the study is to determine each child's total readiness status at the beginning of the investigation, surround each with socializing experiences appropriate to his need, and then determine whether measurable benefits appear to result from his participation in the specific activities designed for social development.
An Evaluation of the Program of Phonetic Instruction in Relation to Reading in the Schools of Panola County
The problem of this study is to evaluate the program of phonetic teaching in the Panola County schools in terms of criteria developed from current literature on the history, theories, and studies relating to the teaching of phonics in connection with the reading program in the elementary grades.
The Effectiveness of Certain Recommended Remedial and Diagnostic Procedures in Reading with a Particular Group, the Fifth Grade
It is the purpose of this experiment to discover and report the effectiveness of applying a standardized diagnosis followed by recommended remedial procedures to a fifth grade reading group.
Study of Some Factors Related to Mutual Friendship on the High School Level
This study has been made for the purpose of determining the similarities and dissimilarities in certain factors related to mutual friendships.
The Influences That Audio-Visual Aids Have upon the Progress of Children in the Fifth-Grade Social Studies
The problem undertaken in this investigation is to determine the value of using audio-visual aids in the fifth-grade social studies program of the Austin Elementary School, Wichita Falls, Texas.
Contributions of the Visiting Teacher to the Elementary School Program
It is the purpose of this study to examine the work of visiting teachers or school-social workers in various places which have employed this service for a number of years and to determine some of the contributions which such service makes to the over-all program of the elementary school from the standpoint of services to the child, to his family, and to the teachers.
A Comparative Study of Two Methods of Teaching Eighth-Grade Social Studies in the Granbury Elementary School
The major purpose of this study was to compare the progress made by a group of children taught by the experience method of teaching with a group taught by the old textbook method, to determine whether the experimental group would show as much gain in academic knowledge as the control group, and in turn gain the other desired traits of the present-day personal and social needs.
Repeating and the Financial Cost of Teaching Repeaters in the Kingsville, Texas, Public Schools
The purpose of this problem is to determine the financial cost of repeating students who failed during a five-year period in the Kingsville Public Schools, and to determine if this expenditure is justified.
The Life, Work, and Imprint of Elisabet Ney
This thesis discusses the life and influence of sculptor Elisabet Ney.
How a Student-Participation Program Affected the Citizenship Attitudes of the Students of La Porte High School Over a Period of Two Years
The problem of this study was to determine whether the citizenship attitudes of the students of La Porte High School could be improved through the organization and operation of a student-participation program.
A Report and an Evaluation of an Internship Program in Speech Education
This thesis describes the experience of a graduate speech student as an intern during the 1949-1950 school year at North Texas High School.
Some Significant Concepts and Implications of the God Idea
The problem of this thesis is to show that a humanistic, pragmatic, and instrumental concept of God would help man in his life, at the present stage of development in the western world, more than an authoritarian or absolute concept. This thesis endeavors to show that the confusion and instability in the moral and religious life is caused by a great need of change of attitude and beliefs towards the concept of God and religion.
An Evaluation of Teaching Procedures and Curricula of the Primary Grades of Two Local Elementary Schools
An evaluation of teaching procedures and curricula of the primary grades of two local elementary schools according to criteria formulated from accepted educational psychology and democratic philosophy of educational leaders constitutes the problem at hand.
The Analysis and Some of the Factors Associated with High School Transfers in Hill County
The purpose of this study is to make a survey of the thirteen accredited high schools in Hill County to determine some of the factors associated with high school transfers in Hill County, and their results.
The Educational Value of the Comics
This study is made to determine any educational values to be derived from the use of the comics. The problem shall be to show (1) what those values are, (2) how they shall be attained, and (3) which comics are best suited to aid in the attainment of those values, as shown by the data to be assembled.
Evaluation of the Recreation Program in Certain Junior High Schools in the Texas Panhandle
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the recreational program of certain junior high schools in the Texas Panhandle to determine the extent to which they meet accepted criteria for this type of program.
The Nature of the Group Structure of the Parkland Hospital School of Nursing
This study is designed to investigate the nature of the group structure at the Parkland Hospital School of Nursing, Dallas, Texas.
A Study of the Relationship of a Mother's Age and the Child's Intelligence, Achievement, Personality, and Behavior
The primary purpose of this study is to determine what influence, if any, the age of the mother at the time of a child's birth has on the child's intelligence, educational growth, personal characteristics, and behavior.
A Study to Determine to What Extent the Social Needs of the Rural High School Students of Parker County are Being Met
This is a study to determine to what extent the social needs of the rural high school students of Parker County, Texas, are being met by the present school program.
An Evaluation of Social Guidance in Junior High School Home Rooms
The purposes of this study are: (1) to make an investigation of the home-room programs of the junior high schools in Wichita Falls, Texas, to discover what social guidance, if any, is offered to students; (2) to set up criteria for evaluating a social guidance program in a junior high school; and (3) to evaluate the social guidance programs of the home rooms in the junior high schools in Wichita Falls, Texas, in terms of the criteria set up for evaluation.
An Evaluation of the Training and Preparation of Elementary-School Principals in the Light of Certain Duties They Perform
It is the purpose of this study to determine the value of the academic preparation and the in-service experience of the elementary-school principals as it pertains to three phases of the principals' duties--organization and administration, supervision, and community relationships.
Analysis of the Distribution of the Public School Funds
The purpose of this study is to determine to what extent the present laws for distributing the public school funds meet certain criteria set up for apportioning the public school funds of Texas.
The Relationship between Social Maturity and Personality of Primary Pupils in Eight Elementary Schools of Wichita Falls, Texas
This investigation concerned two major interests of many classroom teachers today: the pupils' social maturity and their personality. The problem was to determine the apparent relationship between these two factors in pupils of the first, second, and third grades of eight elementary schools in Wichita Falls, Texas.
A Comparison of Personality Traits Between Orphanage and Non-orphanage Children
To detect possible adjustment problems and in attempting to identify the areas of maladjustment from which a child may be suffering, the writer administered the California Test of Personality; a test of personality measurement and observation taken from a subjective frame of reference.
Making Health Services Functional for Education in Elementary Schools of Cities with Population of Fifteen Thousand
The purpose of this thesis is to indicate the scope of the health services that an elementary school needs and to show how these services might be made most fruitful in terms of tangible results.
To Determine Methods of Planning more Effectively with Students in Shop Work
This study tries to evaluate more effective ways of assisting students in planning projects in industrial arts classes.
A Study of Behavior Difficulties in a Sixth Grade
The modern school is deeply interested in producing integrated individuals. This study was undertaken to determine the difficulties arising in the behavior of the children, to determine possible conditions, relationships, and experiences which influence unwholesome behavior, to seek proposals by which the school could provide opportunities for intelligent cooperation, participation and thinking which allows for individual needs and freedom, and to help each child to live a richer, more wholesome life in this dynamic society.
A Study of the Relationship Between the Responses Given by Paretics and Mixed Schizophrenics on the Bender-Gestalt Visual Motor Test
The purpose of this study is to present quantitative findings of the Bender-Gestalt Visual Motor Test which will indicate the effectiveness of this media as an instrument of differential diagnosis when applied to General Paresis and Mixed Schizophrenia.