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A Study of Motor Activity Level in Response to Musical Stimuli as Found in Mental Retardates
The purpose of this study is to investigate, empirically, the response of the severely mentally retarded to different types of music, tonic and sedative, as well as responses during "quiet" periods.
The Relationship of Anxiety, Reported Ability to Swim, and a Perceptual-Motor Skill
The problems relevant to this study are concerned with the effect of specific performance criteria on the MAS. The purpose of this study is to determine if MAS scores are related to the following: (1) a subject's inability to swim, (2) a subject's performance on a pursuit rotor task, (3) the effects of an interaction of these criteria.
The Bender-Gestalt Test: A Factor Analytic Study of Each Design as it Relates to Various Individual Personality Traits
Is it possible that the Bender-Gestalt (B-G) protocol of an individual is complex of many different, discrete, perceptual tests? Is it possible to find the relationships among the scoring factors for the B-G and by factor analysis find some systematic order among the individual designs useful in predicting specific behavioral propensities? If a consistent relationship can be shown to exist between scorable deviations on the B-G designs and certain personality variables among individuals, then perhaps a start can be made toward predictive validity of the B-G.
Liver Glyoxalase Activity in Normal Mice and Mice with Lymphosarcoma
It is the purpose of this investigation to determine the variation of glyoxalase activity in liver of normal mice and in the liver of mice bearing a lymphosarcoma and to compare the glyoxalase activity of the lymphosarcoma with values previously reported in the literature for other tumor types. Further, if there is indeed a variation in liver glyoxalase activity between normal and tumor-bearing mice, it will be compared to the variation in the activity of two other enzymes present in liver tissue in relatively high concentration.
The Effects of the Soil Conditioner, Superbio, Upon the Cellulose Decomposing Bacteria and the Crop Yield of a Soil
The purpose of this investigation was to determine if a commercial soil conditioner, Superbio, can improve crop yield, and if the "advertised" soil improvement might be due to an increase in the activity and numbers of aerobic cellulose decomposing bacteria following treatment.
Transfer of Training and Retroactive Inhibition Existent in the Learning of a Selected Tennis and Badminton Skill
The purpose of this study was to determine whether the transfer of training would affect the achievement and retention scores of subjects learning selected tennis and badminton skills. This study was intended to establish the most beneficial teaching progression for tennis and badminton skills.
Philosophical Ideas in Five Plays by Jean-Paul Sartre
The drama of Jean-Paul Sartre is primarily an investigation into the meaning of the human condition. The question of primary concern is: What does it mean to be a human being? Through his drama, Sartre reveals the nature of the existential situation. This thesis looks at five plays of Sartre and discusses the philosophical ideas in each.
Qualitative and Quantitative Chromatographic Determination of Muscle Myosin Production in Control and Chronically Accelerated Chick Embryos
The purpose of this investigation was to employ newly improved qualitative and quantitative chromatographic techniques to obtain purified myosin from 1 G and 3 G chick embryos and to determine if muscle myosin production either follows or precedes the unparallel bone growth during chronic acceleration as reported by several investigators.
War-Time Politics: the Presidential Election of 1864
This thesis describes the circumstances surrounding the presidential election of 1864, including the Civil war and the divided Republican party.
The Racial Attitudes of the White Person Toward the Black Person as Represented in Selected Works of James Baldwin
This study concerns itself primarily with James Baldwin's treatment of the attitudes he thinks most white people hold. He desires to make the white man conscious of his attitude towards Negroes and to analyze the reasons for them, and incorporates his ideas into setting, characterization, and plot.
The Effect of Chlorpromazine on Avoidance Learning in Rats
In this experiment it was hypothesized the (a) those organisms trained under the influence of chlorpromazine will perform a learned task (when tested) with more incorrect responses than a comparable group trained under "normal" conditions; (b) those organisms tested under the influence of chlorpromazine will perform a previously learned task with more incorrect responses than a comparable group of organisms tested under "normal" conditions.
Shakespeare's Richard III: The Sources for his Characterization and Actions in the First Tetralogy
A thorough study of the progressive development of the description of Richard in the sources of Shakespeare's play and a comparison of the results of such a study with Shakespeare's portrait may make possible a deeper and clearer understanding of the character of the man as well as some further insight into the methods of Shakespeare's art.
Solving Linear Programming's Transportation Problem
A special case of the linear programming problem, the transportation problem, is the subject of this thesis. The development of a solution to the transportation problem is based on fundamental concepts from the theory of linear algebra and matrices.
Representation of Father-Son Relations in the Major Novels of Samuel Clemens
John Marshall Clemens was a failure, as a man, as a husband, and as a father. It is his lack of emotion, his inability to express or receive love, with which this thesis is mainly concerned, for it is his emotional vacuum that so greatly affected his fourth son, Samuel Clemens.
Galvanomagnetic Determination of Energy Bands in Arsenic
A study of the transport properties of a substance requires the determination of a set of transport coefficients by experiment. From these coefficients, the elements of the electrical conductivity tensor, thermoelectric tensor, et cetera can be determined. In this experiment, measurements and analyses of galvanomagnetic effects in a single crystal of arsenic were performed. The measurements were made at liquid-helium temperatures in magnetic fields ranging to 25 kilogauss. The gross isothermal, electrical conductivities have been analyzed to determine various parameters characterizing the energy bands in arsenic.
Polynomial Rings and Selected Integral Domains
This thesis is an investigation of some of the properties of polynomial rings, unique factorization domains, Euclidean domains, and principal ideal domains. The nature of some of the relationships between each of the above systems is also developed in this paper.
A Study of Job Prerequisites for Certain Female Employees in the Electronics Industry in the Dallas Metropolitan Area
This study attempted to find out what the employment opportunities and requirements were for women in certain areas of electronic manufacturing.
Running Speed in the Long Path of a Single Choice Maze as a Function of Frustration in the Short Path
The purpose of the present study was to further investigate the effects of frustration on the reward value of a goal object. Under the assumption that animals will learn to take the shortest path to a goal and that the reward value of an object will increase as effort increases, the following hypothesis was proposed: If rats are frustrated in the short path of a single choice maze (experimental group) then the experimental group's running time for the long path will be less than that of a control group not frustrated in the short path.
The Development of Fair Trade
It is the primary concern of this study to examine the development of Fair Trade and the different interpretations which fair trade laws have had. Also, this study will attempt to estimate future action in the area of fair trade. This study closely examines the legal framework upholding the system.
Representations of the Mother-Son Relations in the Major Novels of Samuel Clemens
This thesis examines the relationship between Samuel Clemens and his mother, Jane Lampton Clemens. It is apparent that Samuel was strongly influenced by his mother in his personality, appearance, and beliefs; but of greater importance is the influence she exerted on the literary creations of Mark Twain.
The Professionalized Bureaucracy: A Study of Conflict and Accomodation of Organizational Models in Three Social Work Agencies
The purpose of this research is to determine whether or not meaningful differences exist along these dimensions in the manner in which social workers view their work role, and whether or not any such differences are related to the bureaucratic and professional nature of the agencies and their employees. The analysis will attempt to define the points at which the bureaucratic organization conflicts with professional patterns of organization and attempt to discover the mode of accommodation which results from these conflicts.
Some Activities of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Much of the United Nations' work toward achieving its aim of improving economic and social conditions for the people of the world is carried out by specialized inter-governmental agencies. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is such a specialized agency. It is the purpose of this study to explore what the author believes to be some of the more important projects of FAO as it attempts to achieve its objectives.
Aesthetics in the Popular Culture
The purpose of this thesis is to consider three opposing statements regarding aesthetics in our popular culture. The first statement is that the youth of this age are demolishing the old standards of aesthetic taste and are creating a nonaesthetic; the second statement is that the youth are enlarging the vision and scope of the accepted standard of aesthetic and changing its direction; the thrid statement is that the creations of the youth in our popular culture of today are neither new nor nonaesthetic, but merely a continuation of aesthetics as they are accepted. One statement will be chosen as the most valid of the three.
Ideals and Boolean Rings: Some Properties
The purpose of this thesis is to investigate certain properties of rings, ideals, and a special type of ring called a Boolean ring.
Self-Concept and Dogmatism as Variables in the Prediction of Internal-External Reward Expectancies
The problem of this study was to determine the relationship between the nature of an individual's self-concept and belief system to his orientation toward internal versus external control of reinforcement. This study was designed to investigate the relationship of two variables, self-concept and open versus closed belief system, to a third variable, locus of control.
A Rhetorical Study of President John F. Kennedy's Ceremonial Speaking
Rhetorical studies have been lacking in the area of John F. Kennedy's ceremonial speeches. Therefore, it was felt that a contribution could be made by analyzing samples of President Kennedy's speeches delivered on special occasions in order to describe what he used in such situations and where possible to attempt to explain why he used these devices. This study will be done in light of principles given by some classical and modern rhetoricians concerning the ceremonial speech. The specific criteria will be the rhetorical canons of invention, disposition, and style.
The Antihero in the Novels of Juan Antonio de Zunzunegui
Although some of Zunzunegui's works are not so moralistic in intent as others, it will be seen that each one of them criticizes a particular bad trait in the protagonist which leads to unhappiness or defeat, either for the character himself or for someone close to him.
An Analysis of the Texas University Interscholastic League One-Act Play Directors as Drama Teachers
The purpose of this study is to determine (1) what training is recommended for high school teachers of drama, (2) what training the high school teachers of drama actually have, (3) what job situation is recommended for the high school teacher of drama, and (4) what job situation the high school teachers of drama in the State of Texas actually have. This study should determine if there is a significant relationship between what a high school drama teacher should be and what the high school drama teachers of Texas actually are.
Continuous Solutions of Laplace's Equation in Two Variables
In mathematical physics, Laplace's equation plays an especially significant role. It is fundamental to the solution of problems in electrostatics, thermodynamics, potential theory and other branches of mathematical physics. It is for this reason that this investigation concerns the development of some general properties of continuous solutions of this equation.
Humor Appreciation as a Means of Predicting Creative Individuals
The problem of this thesis is the question of whether appreciation of humor is characteristic of adult creatives. Also, can the humor factor be a significant factor in the prediction of creative individuals? As a consequence of the theory and experimental evidence associated with the relationship between humor and creativity, the following hypothesis is formulated for further study: there is a significantly positive relationship between humor appreciation and creative ability.
Reversal and Nonreversal Shifts in Concept Learning in Three Levels of Retardates
The primary objective of this experiment is to investigate the transition from single unit to mediation control in retardates and to compare their responses with those made by nursery, kindergarten and grammar school children. By utilizing three MA levels of retarded subjects, this transition point may be more specifically demonstrated.
A Study of Relationships of Motor Creativity, Tap Dance Skill, and Tap Dance Choreography
This study sought to determine the relationship of motor creativity, tap dance skill, and experience in tap dance choreography to the ability to choreograph tap dances.
The Effects of Diphenylhydantoin on Maze Performance
Making the assumption that diphenylhydantoin has a lowering or cancelling effect on excess electricity in the brain, it is the purpose of this study to determine the effect of diphenylhydantoin in a stressful learning situation.
Spaces of H-Integrable Functions
In this thesis we consider integrals of a certain class of interval functions. Specifically we consider a nondegenerate number interval [a,b], a real valued function m, defined and nondecreasing on [a,b], and the set Hm, of real valued functions f, defined on [a,b] such that: 1) f(a)=0; 2) for each subinterval [p,q] of [a,b], if m(q)-m(p)=0, then f(q)-f(p)=0; and 3) the set of all sums of the form Σ(Δf)2/Δm for subdivisions D of [a,b] is bounded above.
Personality Variables Related to Academic Achievement
The purpose of the present study is to investigate personality traits or trait clusters that will identify academic high and low achievers and differentiate the two.
A Descriptive Study of Selected Characteristics of Aged First Admissions to a Private Psychiatric Hospital 1959-1963
The purpose of this thesis is to provide a descriptive study of psychiatric and social variables related to aged first admissions to a private psychiatric hospital in the calendar years 1959 through 1963. The study also seeks to determine what, if any, relationship exists between background characteristics of the patients and their diagnoses. Finally, the diagnosis of the patient is compared with a series of patient outcome variables to determine the relationship, if any, between diagnosis and selected recovery variables. Due to the nature of the data used, the emphasis of the thesis is upon describing relationships rather than testing hypotheses.
The Political Theory of John F. Kennedy
This thesis is an attempt to reveal John F. Kennedy, the politician, as a political theorist. Kennedy's philosophy was the underlying current for all his political action, and in the test of time and history, the measurement of his success is more likely to be weighted in favor of his political theory than in favor of his political accomplishments.
Medicine in Tudor and Stuart England: a Study in Social History
Prior to the sixteenth century very little progress had been made in the science of medicine since the Galenic age in Greece. The advent of the Renaissance with its revival of learning produced far-reaching changes in all branches of knowledge. In medicine and science the impact of the new forces was particularly significant. This thesis shows the development of medicine during this time period.
A Study to Ascertain the Place and Function of History in the Curriculum of the Secondary School
The purpose of this study is to ascertain the place and function of history in the curriculum of the secondary school in the United States, as reflected in the published writings of professional educators, historians, ans psychologists.
The Influence of Social Comprehension on the Adjustment of College Students
The purpose of this investigation is to extend the study of the influence of social comprehension on the adjustment of college students by (1) determining the adjustment progress of students in the social fundamentals classes, and (2) comparing the adjustment progress of men and women in these home economics classes with the progress of men and women in other subject-matter fields.
An Analysis of Personnel Programs Currently in Use in Selected Texas Banks
It is the purpose of this study to survey and appraise the personnel programs currently in use in selected Texas banks.
Human Relations Case Problems in the Aircraft Industry in the North Texas Area
The specific purpose of this investigation is to compile selected case problems for use in teaching human relations by the case method. This investigation will include those case situations that involve many of the factors that cause differences of opinion and friction between individuals or groups. The cases selected are limited to those that actually became the subject of a grievance in the aircraft industry of the Dallas-Fort Worth area of North Texas.
Private Beliefs of America's Financial Analysts--1953
This study will furnish the reader with general and specific investment advice as taken from questionnaires sent to a group of men who specialize in giving investment and financial advice -- financial analysts.
Music in the Fiction of Willa Cather
This thesis explores the use of music in the literary works of author Willa Cather.
Extracts of Garden Vegetables as Sources of Nutrition for Various Microorganisms
This study was undertaken in order to determine whether the extracts of common garden vegetables could be incorporated into simple, economical culture media which might be used for the growth and cultivation of at least some of the more commonly used microorganisms.
A Comparative Study of the Philosophy of Certain Authors Relative to Reading Readiness
The problem of this investigation is to determine the amount of agreement or disagreement in the philosophies of certain authors relative to reading readiness in the first grade. Comparative data are included on evidences of the need for reading-readiness program, major factors involved, and desirable types of activities. The purpose of the study is to determine the apparent agreement or disparity found in current educational literature.
Cosmetic Names : Their Formations and Semantic Implications
In order to discover the semantic implications involved in advertising in general, the present study is confined to an investigation of the names of perfumes and lipsticks, taken as representative of the broader field.
Some Properties of Dini Derivatives
The purpose of this paper is to derive certain of the fundamental properties of the Dini derivatives of an arbitrary real function. To this end it will be necessary to investigate the properties of the limits superior and inferior of real functions and to prove the Vitali Covering Theorem as well as a fundamental theorem on the metric density of arbitrary point sets.
The Salome Legend in the Arts
This study of the Salome legend in the arts covers the historical background of the Salome legend, Salome in the early Christian era and in the Middle Ages, Salome in the Renaissance, and Salome in modern times.
Fundamental Properties of Fourier Series
This thesis is intended as an introduction to the study of one type of trigonometric series, the Fourier series.