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 Decade: 1970-1979
Catalog of North Texas State University, 1976-1977, Graduate
The North Texas State University Graduate Bulletin includes information about class offerings as well as general information about the university (academic calendar, admissions and degree requirements, financial information, etc.) about research, and about the colleges and schools on campus. Index starts on page 196.
Catalog of Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, 1979-1980
The bulletin for the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in the North Texas State University Health Sciences Center includes information about class offerings as well as general information about the program (academic calendar, history of the college, admissions and degree requirements, etc.) and about the campus. Index starts on page 99.
Catalog of North Texas State University, 1978-1979
The North Texas State University General Bulletin includes information about class offerings as well as general information about the university (academic calendar, admissions and degree requirements, financial information, etc.) about research, and about the colleges and schools on campus. Index starts on page 286.
Catalog of North Texas State University, 1978-1979, Graduate
The North Texas State University Graduate Bulletin includes information about class offerings as well as general information about the university (academic calendar, admissions and degree requirements, financial information, etc.) about research, and about the colleges and schools on campus. Index starts on page 284.
Catalog of North Texas State University, 1977-1978
The North Texas State University General Bulletin includes information about class offerings as well as general information about the university (academic calendar, admissions and degree requirements, financial information, etc.) about research, and about the colleges and schools on campus. Index starts on page 294.
Catalog of North Texas State University, 1977-1978, Graduate
The North Texas State University Graduate Bulletin includes information about class offerings as well as general information about the university (academic calendar, admissions and degree requirements, financial information, etc.) about research, and about the colleges and schools on campus. Index starts on page 315.
Catalog of North Texas State University, 1979-1980
The North Texas State University General Bulletin includes information about class offerings as well as general information about the university (academic calendar, admissions and degree requirements, financial information, etc.) about research, and about the colleges and schools on campus. Index starts on page 288.
Catalog of North Texas State University, 1976-1977, Undergraduate
The North Texas State University Undergraduate Bulletin includes information about class offerings as well as general information about the university (academic calendar, admissions and degree requirements, financial information, etc.) about research, and about the colleges and schools on campus. Index starts on page 156.
The Public Career of Don Ramón Corral
No Description
Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Two Southwestern Reservoirs
No Description
An Analysis for Performance of Trois Ballades de François Villon, by Claude Debussy
No Description
Conformational Analogs of Some Phytoactive Compounds
No Description
A Stylistic Analysis of Tre Sonetti del Petrarca by Ildebrando Pizzetti
The purpose of this study is to examine the songs Tre Sonetti del Petrarca by Ildebrando Pizzetti. Effort is made to provide the performer with musical and poetic analyses to aid him in the preparation and interpretation of the songs. A consideration of the development of Italian solo song from 1822 to 1950 and brief biographical sketches of both the composer and the author of the text are included as background material. It is assumed that a detailed examination of the music and poetry will lead to a more meaningful expression in performance.
Differences in Performance Between Minimally Brain-Injured and Normal Children as Measured by the "Birch-Belmont Auditory-Visual Integration Test"
The problem with which this study was concerned involved the identification of minimally brain-injured children. The performance on the "Birch-Belmont Auditory-Visual Integration Test" by twenty-five minimally brain-injured students was compared to the performance of twenty-five non-brain-injured children. It was found that when ages and I.Q. scores were not significantly different, and when sexes were approximately proportionate, the M.B.I. children scored significantly lower than did the non-brain-injured children. While it was indicated that the minimally brain-injured children perform less adequately on auditory-visual integration, no comparison of intrasensory and intersensory functioning was made. It was suggested that the test not be employed for sole determination of minimal brain injury, but that it may be used as a screening device quite appropriately.
The Urbanization Variable as It Affects Job Satisfaction
The purpose of this study is to assess the relationship between job satisfaction and the level of city urbanization. Significant job satisfaction differences between employees in highly urban and in moderately urban cities are expected on the basis of past research. It is hypothesized that employees in moderately urban cities will have higher satisfaction scores than employees in highly urban cities. An affirmative finding would enhance the value of the relationships described in past research, and it would imply a basis for generalization of findings along a rural-urban continuum.
A Comparison of Volunteers to Non-Volunteers in Terms of Cooperation in a Psychological Study
This study attempts to show that there is no significant difference in performance between volunteers and non-volunteers in terms of cooperation in a psychological experiment.
The Construction of a Test to Measure Perceptual Ability in Tennis for College Women
"The purpose of this study are (1) to identify some of the factors involved in this perceptual ability, (2) to devise a test to measure these factors, and (3) to determine if this test has any predictive validity."--4.
The Family Characteristics of the Aged White, Negro, and Spanish American
The purpose of this study is a descriptive one concerning some facets of the family setting with emphasis directed to several general questions. What is the basic family structure, i.e., what family characteristics (type of family or subfamily and the relationship to the head of the family or subfamily) characterize the aged? What is the level of family income of the aged? Finally, how do answers to these questions vary with respect to the three basic social traits of race, age, and sex?
A Comparison of an Avoidance Contingency with a Positive-Reinforcement Contingency
The purpose of the present study was to compare their (avoidance contingency and positive-reinforcement contingency) relative effectiveness in producing a desired behavior.
A Study of the Relationship Between Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Scores and Koppitz's Human Figure Drawing Test Scores for Mentally Retarded Adults
The present study explored the possibility of applying Koppitz's developmental scoring techniques of mental maturity to retarded adults. The following hypotheses were tested: 1) that there is a significant correlation between the Koppitz HFD Test scores and the WAIS Full Scale scores; 2) that the correlation between the Koppitz HFD Test scores and the WAIS Performance Scale scores is also significant. Statistical computations did confirm the latter hypothesis but not the former one.
A Comparison of Attitudes Toward Physical Activity Expressed by Male and Female Students in the Required Physical Education Activity Program at North Texas State University
"The problem of this study was to determine attitudes toward physical activity expressed by male and female students in the required physical education activity program at North Texas State University during the 1970 spring semester."--4.
Selected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni: A Burkeian Analysis
No Description
Effects of Instructional Set and Physical Stimuli on the Mueller-Lyer Illusion
No Description
A Study of the Differences in Values and Marital Readiness Between Engaged and Dating Couples
No Description
A Study of How the Use of High Depreciation Rates Creates Resistances to the Diffusion of Technological Innovation
No Description
Tutoring as a Way of Aiding the Underachiever
No Description
The Emergence of Schoenberg's Twelve-Tone System through Opus 11, Opus 19, and Opus 23
No Description
A Correlational Analysis of Maternal Warmth and Infant Mental Development
No Description
The Lady of the Lake: a Reconstructed Piano-Vocal Score, with Commentary on the Historical Background
The document consists of a commentary on the historical background of the work and an edition of the restored score. The commentary treats its relationship to the ballad opera, sources and alternate settings of the music and libretto, a history of the development of "Hail to the Chief," biographical sketches of the primary composers, and a section on early productions in England and America. The commentary includes a history of the English and American premieres, lengths of the first-runs, and the names of the theatres in which the performances were mounted. The reconstructed score is a piano-vocal performance edition with dialogue, cues, scenery, costume and property plots indicated in detail.
Effects of an Acute Bout of Near-Maximal Intensity Exercise on the Cardiac Enzymes in Human Sera
The Cardiac Profile, a pattern of serum enzyme changes seen within seventy-two hours after an AMI, is diagnostic aid for detecting occurrence of infarcts. The effects of exercise stress on the Cardiac Profile aid clinicians in avoiding diagnostic errors in patients immediately after exercise. Five male volunteers ran from six to ten miles. Serum enzyme levels were monitored serially three days before and five days after stress. Enzyme activity was determined spectrophotometrically and electrophoretically. Significant increases in total CPK and LDH were seen. An LDH 'one-two flip' occurred eight hours after exercise. No MB-CPK was found following the run.
Leisure Interests and Leisure Participation of Executives from Randomly Selected Companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
This study investigated leisure interests and leisure participation of executives in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The Leisure Activities Blank and a questionnaire designed to collect demographic information were administered to twenty-five randomly selected executives. Five hypotheses were tested. Four were retained; one was rejected. Gold was found to be the favorite leisure interest of the respondents. They are currently engaged in eighteen leisure interests, and indicated a desire to participate in thirty-six leisure activities at some future time. Leisure interests which the respondents participated in during their past, or are currently engaged in, appear to be those they hope to continue in the future.
A Comparison of File Organization Techniques
This thesis compares the file organization techniques that are implemented on two different types of computer systems, the large-scale and the small-scale. File organizations from representative computers in each class are examined in detail: the IBM System/370 (OS/370) and the Harris 1600 Distributed Processing System with the Extended Communications Operating System (ECOS). In order to establish the basic framework for comparison, an introduction to file organizations is presented. Additionally, the functional requirements for file organizations are described by their characteristics and user demands. Concluding remarks compare file organization techniques and discuss likely future developments of file systems.
A Survey of Parent Attitudes Toward Competition in Youth Soccer Leagues
The problem of this study was to investigate the attitudes expressed by parents of six-, even-, eight-, and nine-year-old boys toward competition in the Carroliton Farmers Branch, Texas, Soccer Association during the 1976 Fall soccer season. Scott's Attitude Inventory and an analysis of variance at the .05 level of significance were used for the study. The data obtained from the 193 parents who participated in the study revealed that the parents held a positive attitude toward intensive competition in youth soccer leagues. Additional analysis of data revealed that attitudes of parents of boys six- and seven-years-old did not difsfner significantly from these attitudes held by parents of eight- and nine-yearold boys.
The SSI and NU 6 in Clinical Hearing Aid Evaluation
This paper reports on the comparison of the performance of fourteen normal hearing listeners and fourteen individuals with sensorineural hearing loss on the Synthetic Sentence Identification (SSI) and the Northwestern Auditory Test No. 6 (NU 6) in order to determine whether there are differences in performance of the two groups of listeners on the SSI and NU 6 and whether either test better reflects aided improvement and residual deficit. Both measures demonstrated significant aided improvement. The results of this study do not suggest a single best discrimination test which can reflect a real-life listening situation. The primary consideration in the hearing aid evaluation is flexibility in determining the appropriate level for the primary signal and the listening conditions.
Public Relations Practices of the Communications Services Department of Dallas Power & Light Company
This study presents detailed analyses of public relations practices of the Communications Services Department, Dallas (Texas) Power & Light Company. Information sources included interviews with company personnel, company publications, and other publications. Four chapters deal with unique problems with which the electric utility industry in the United States is confronted; history and development of the electric power industry in Dallas; history and development of Dallas Power & Light Company, and organizations, functions, and operations of Communications Services Department of Dallas Power & Light Company. The study finds much strength in the department, but recommends several minor writing and clerical changes in the department's practices. It recommends further scholarly examination of public relations activities in other electric utilities.
A Study of the Relationships Between Grip Strength, Wrist Flexion, Arm Length and the Velocity of a Thrown Baseball in Male High School Varsity Baseball Players
This study analyzed the relationships present between grip strength, wrist flexion, arm length, partial and total, and throwing velocity. Thirty-one subjects were tested to obtain the data on these variables. A multiple linear regression equation produced a significant F ratio for the relationship between grip strength and throwing velocity. Neither wrist flexion nor arm length obtained a significant F ratio to throwing velocity. A stepwise multiple regression equation again displayed a significant F ratio for grip strength and throwing velocity. Wrist flexion and arm length did not produce a significant F ratio for their relationships to throwing velocity. This study concludes that of the variables tested, only grip strength displayed a significant relationship to throwing velocity. This study indicates that throwing velocity can be predicted at a moderate level from the measurement of grip strength.
Freedom of the Press in Thailand
Freedom of the press in Thailand fluctuates greatly, depending upon the government in each period. Newspapers have been suppressed since the monarchy political system was changed to democracy in 1932. Several kinds of suppression were imposed in each period which showed that the country, in reality, was under a military dictatorship. This study is a summary of the government control of the press since 1932. The study was divided into five chapters, including the introduction, background of the press and politics in Thailand, style and characteristics of Thai newspapers, government control from 1932 to 1963, and the conclusions and recommendations for further study.
The British Withdrawal from the Arabian Gulf and Its Regional Political Consequences in the Gulf
This study has a twofold purpose: to demonstrate the causes of and various responses (British domestic, Iranian, Arabian, American, and Soviet) to the British decision to withdraw and to illustrate the regional political consequences of that withdrawal. The British Labour Government decision resulted primarily from an economic crisis. The various responses to the decision seem to have been motivated by national self-interest. Some of the Gulf states-- Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait--predicted that the consequences of the withdrawal would be desirable while others--Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates-- predicted that the consequences would not be beneficial. In some ways, both sides were correct in their predictions.
An Investigation of Crisis Intervention Services
The purpose of the study have been: (1) to provide an explanatory, descriptive, and analytic viewpoint of the functions and structure of crisis intervention centers (2) to provide an intensive investigation of counseling and treatment practices in crisis intervention centers and (3) to relate the experiences that the writer has encountered as a resident counselor at Help House Inc. (twenty-four hour drug and crisis intervention center in Denton, Texas) to sociological, psychological, social psychological and philosophical constructs that deal with or pertain to crisis intervention, particularly in the area of drug use. The study indicates how participatory observation serves as an aid in acquiring insight into sociological areas such as crisis intervention centers. The role of the participatory observer is most important because concepts and theories arise out of actual situations.
Caucasian, Negro, and Mexican-American Attitudes Toward Recreation Program Elements Within a Metropolitan Parks and Recreation Department
The purpose of the investigation was to determine if participant attitudes toward recreation program elements varied significantly according to racial origin of the individual. The subjects were adults involved in structured and unstructured recreation programs at six community recreation centers operated by the Dallas Recreation Department. The chi-square test was used to determine significance of the difference among participant attitudes. The results of the investigation revealed a statistically significant difference among the three racial groups with regard to their attitudes toward various program elements. Conclusions were that participants from these three racial groups appear to be more different than alike in their attitude toward recreation programming.
Skin Temperature Increase as a Function of Intelligence, Baseline Temperature, and Autogenic Feedback Training
An experiment was conducted to test the hypothesis that more intelligent Ss would produce greater increases in peripheral skin temperature using autogenic feedback training. At the completion of training, the Ss were divided into two groups by IQ scores and matched with pretraining (baseline) temperatures. The hypothesis was rejected when results opposite to those predicted occurred. Large group differences, however, prompted a po4t-hoc investigation to determine the statistical significance between group performances. This analysis revealed that the less intelligent Ss experienced greater success (p<.05) in increasing skin temperature. Possible explanations for these results are discussed and considerations for future investigations with biofeedback training and intelligence are suggested.
A Semantic Analysis of the Symbolic and Non-Symbolic Functioning of Certain Taboo Terms Used in Three Contemporary Films
This thesis examines four taboo words (Jesus, God, fuck, ass) used in the films Jaws, Shampoo, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. The dominant method of research is semantic, drawing on language theories of I.A. Richards and Alfred Korzybski. Investigation led to these conclusions: (1) Symbolic use of taboo terms is accompanied by positive attitudes, while non-symbolic use, which is more frequent, is accompanied by negative or neutral attitudes. (2) Casual non-symbolic pronunciation is leading to separation of the symbol from its referent. (3) Through this methodology, it is possible to ascertain the speaker's intent and his attitude toward the audience, but not his attitude toward the referent.
A Study of the Impact of Junior High or Middle School Forensic Training on High School Forensic Programs in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
The purpose of this thesis is to determine the impact of intermediate school forensics on high school forensic programs in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. First, the thesis records student and instructor evaluations of both the intermediate school and high school forensic programs. Second, it compares the evaluations by students with intermediate forensics and students without intermediate forensics. Third, it discusses the impact of intermediate forensics on high school forensic programs. This study reveals that intermediate forensics is beneficial to high school forensics. Previously trained students teach and interest others in high school. They are more confident, have more initiative and win more than other students.
The Effects of Change on Television News: A Comparison of the 10:00 p.m. News of the Dallas-Fort Worth Network Affiliates
The study determines and evaluates changes in the 10:00 p.m. newscasts of the Dallas-Fort Worth network affiliates following personnel and ownership changes, and a reduction in length of one station's newscast. Scripts and audio recordings of the newscasts were collected during four-week periods before and after the changes. The data were analyzed and supplemented with interviews conducted with the stations' news directors and producers. Conclusions drawn were that ownership changes had more impact on the presentation of the news than on its content, changes in anchormen and producers had more effect on presentation than on content, and a reduction in news time caused changes in the content of a television newscast.
The Role of Female Stereotyping in Seven Elizabethan Tragedies
During the Elizabethan period, certain stereotypes existed concerning women. Seven tragedies were examined to discover the role played by those stereotypes in the dramas. These include "The Spanish Tragedy," "Edward II," "Bussy D'Ambois," "The Changeling," "A Woman Killed with Kindness," "Othello," and "The Duchess of Malfi." Female stereotyping was found to be used in three important ways: in characterization, in motivation, and as a substitute for motivation. Some of the plays rely on stereotyping as a substitute for motivation while others use stereotyping only for characterization or subtly blend the existence of stereotyping into the overall plot. A heavy reliance on stereotype for motivation seems to reflect a lack of skill rather than an attempt to perpetuate those stereotypes.
Time in the Alexandria Quartet
Any study of The Alexandria Quartet would be incomplete without a discussion of Durrell's concept of time. His spacetime relativity proposition is central to the work and, therefore, must be fully understood if The Alexandria quartet is to be appreciated. This investigation proposes to examine Durrell's relativity proposition as it is presented in The Alexandria Quartet. The study will begin with a general discussion of time from both a scientific and philosophical point of view. This introduction will focus on the modern cyclic view of time, or mind-time, as opposed to the more traditional linear concept of time. After the introductory presentation, the study will deal with the view of time as presented by Durrell in The Alexandria Quartet and will concentrate on time and setting, on time and modern love, on time and reality as seen from the varying points of view of the many characters, and finally on time and the artist.
A Multiple Regression Analysis of the Relationships Between Application Blank Data and Job Tenure
One technique being used to reduce employee turnover is the Weighted Application Blank. Data obtained from application blanks are analyzed and weights are assigned to each item. Utilizing these weights, predicted scores are derived and compared to each person's actual tenure to determine the effectiveness of the model. The present study analyzed application blank data from the files of 93 currently employed and 69 terminated female clerical workers. Twelve items were analyzed by means of a stepwise multiple linear regression procedure, with months of tenure being the dependent variable. The five most significant items yielded a multiple correlation of .54. The total sample also was divided randomly into two groups, and cross-group analyses resulted in simple correlations of .56 and .29.
An Application of Auditory Stimuli as Fading Prompts in Discrimination Training
An experiment was conducted to examine the functionality of using auditory stimuli in isolation as fading stimuli. A review of the literature revealed very few reports regarding the usage of the auditory modality for fading purposes. The study employed auditory prompts as fading stimuli in the transfer of stimulus control across stimulus modalities, specifically, the transfer of stimulus control from auditory to visual stimulus properties. A single subject was employed for the experiment. The results were that the intensity of the auditory stimulus was an ineffective dimension to use for fading operations in the transfer of stimulus control across stimulus modalities, Further investigation is needed regarding the conditions that limit the transfer of stimulus control when auditory prompts are employed as fading stimuli.
Group Interpretation of Biblical Literature: Eight Original Scripts for Use in Church
The purpose of this project was to prepare eight scripts derived from Biblical texts using various techniques of oral interpretation. All scripts employ two or more readers and are non-doctrinal in content, making them useful to any Bible-based church. Chapter I presents a statement of the problem, a review of the literature, justification for the project, the purpose, and procedures that were to be followed. Chapter II contains the scripts, general information for their use, and commentaries on each. The scripts are entitled "The Birth of Christ," "The Crucifixion," "The Resurrection," "The Second Coming of Christ," "The Last Supper," "Baptism," "Marriage," and "Christian Leadership." Chapter III includes a summary of the creative process, observations, and recommendations for future scripts.
A Behavioral-Technological Approach to Increasing Attention-to-Task Behavior in "Hyperactive" Children
The present study sought to alleviate the response cost inefficiency of the behavioral approach to controlling classroom hyperactivity by increasing the observer-student ratio via behavioral-electronic technology. A portable, integrated-circuit, counting and timing device was developed to enable immediate time-sequenced data recording and reinforcing of eight target behaviors by a single observer. A multiple-baseline design, across matched individuals was utilized to demonstrate the reinforcing effects. The results indicated a significant increase over mean baseline frequency in attention-to-task behavior for the group of eight students. It was concluded that by utilizing the behavioral-technological intervention strategy applied in this study, one observer could accurately monitor and reinforce eight students simultaneously and subsequently increase task attentiveness.