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 Decade: 1940-1949
 Year: 1944
[The Activator], Volume 1, Number 1, October 1944
This publication of the Dallas-Fort Worth Section of the American Chemical Society includes information about research, prominent scientist, organizational business, and various other stories of interest to the community. Published monthly during long academic semesters.
The Activator, Volume 1 , Number 3, December 1944
This publication of the Dallas-Fort Worth Section of the American Chemical Society includes information about research, prominent scientist, organizational business, and various other stories of interest to the community. Published monthly during long academic semesters.
The Americanization of the Hawaiians
This thesis is a study of the Americanization of the Hawaiians.
An Analysis of Approaches to Curriculum-Making in the Social Studies Program of the Junior High School
The general purpose of this problem is to set forth needed information necessary to the progress of the social studies program in the junior high school.
The Ascorbic Acid Content of School Lunches Served at the North Texas State Teachers College Demonstration School During March and April, 1944
The purposes of the present study are to determine the ascorbic acid values of foods served in the lunch room of North Texas State Teachers College Demonstration School at the time food preparation is completed, at the beginning of the serving period, and at the end of the serving period; to ascertain the loss of ascorbic acid during these intervals; and to determine the quantity of ascorbic acid present in the size portions served primary, elementary, and high school students.
Attempted Synthesis of Dibarbituric Acid
This study is an attempted synthesis of dithienyl barbituric acid.
Bacterial Survey of Representative Wells of Canyon, Texas, with Special Emphasis on Sanitation
The problem of this thesis consists of a bacterial analysis of twenty-five representative wells within a radius of thirty miles of Canyon, Texas. An attempt has been made to determine the possible presence of the typhoid organism in these wells.
Bacterial Survey of the Sources of Drinking Water of Trinidad, Texas, with Special Reference to Sanitation
A bacterial analysis of the water from thirty-six sources of consumption by the white population of Trinidad, Henderson County, Texas, was made to determine the potability of each of these in regard to infection from typhoid or related organisms.
Byron as Revealed in Childe Harold's Pilgrimage
The purpose of this thesis is to show the extent to which Byron revealed himself as the hero of Childe Harold's Pilgrimage and the extent to which that hero was an original creation.
The Child of Foreign Parentage
It is the purpose of this study to take a group of first, second, and third grade children of foreign parentage who are in a segregated school in Fort Worth, Texas, and a group who are in a non-segregated school and compare them.
A Consideration of Some Linguistic Phenomena in Othello and King Lear
This study was undertaken with the idea of determining to some extent the contribution of Shakespeare's linguistic peculiarities to his effectiveness.
The Development of a Curriculum for the Teaching of Dance Music at a College Level
No Description
The Development of an American Social Dance Program for Boude Storey Junior High School, Dallas, Texas
The problem was to develop, as one phase of physical education, a program of American social dance suitable to contribute to the needs and interests of the students of Boude Storey Junior High School, Dallas, Texas.
The Effect of Photo-Sensitized Mercury on Mixtures of Isobutane and Isobutene
A study of the effect of photo-sensitized mercury on mixtures of isobutane and isobutene.
The Effect of Salad Dressings Upon the Ascorbic Acid Content of Raw Shredded Cabbage
The purpose of the present study is to determine the ascorbic acid content of raw cabbage salads as influenced by the method of shredding and by the kind of salad dressing used.
An Evaluation of the Teaching Loads of Teachers in the High Schools of Texas
The problem of this study is to determine the normal teaching load of teachers teaching in the various fields in certain selected high schools of Texas.
George Eliot's Life and Philosophy as Reflected in Certain Characters of her Four Early Novels
The discussion in this thesis is designed to show reflections of George Eliot's life and philosophy in her four early novels: Adam Bede, The Mill on the Floss, Silas Marner, and Romola.
A History of the Allen Military Academy
The purpose of this thesis is to preserve in an interesting, narrative form the facts connected with the founding and establishment of Allen Military Academy.
The History of the Growth and Development of the Health Education and Health Service Program in the Tyler Public Schools, 1931-1943
The purpose of this paper is an attempt to show the development, growth, and some of the outstanding accomplishments with methods used in control of communicable diseases in Tyler's School Health Program from 1931-1944.
A History of the Schools of Cooke County, Texas
No Description
The Intellectual Development of Shelley as Reflected in Queen Mab, The Revolt of Islam, and Prometheus Unbound
This study of Shelley's intellectual development as it is reflected in these philosophical poems is offered in the hope that knowledge of Shelley's idealism may inspire faith in the beauty which life can possess and trust in the high ideals which alone can create such beauty.
Latin American Music: a Compendium of Bibliographical Aids for Teachers
No Description
Mark Twain as a Social Critic
The author attempts to show in this thesis that Mark Twain was a serious observer and critic of life.
Material for Conversation in Spanish at the High School Level
This thesis consists of material for conversation in Spanish at the high school level.
A Partial Expansion of the 980 Division of the Dewey Decimal Classification Including a Spanish Version of the Tables
The problem of this study is (1) to expand the 980 division (designated by the term History: South America, Latin America, Spanish America) of the Dewey Decimal Classification for the history of Latin America as a whole and for national histories of several typical countries, and (2) to translate the expanded tables into Spanish.
Periodic Interpretations of Milton's Paradise Lost
The object of this study will be to call attention to the gradually developing interest in the poem and the varying interpretations of it.
The Philosophical Beliefs and Practices of the Sherman Elementary Teachers
The purpose of this study was to find what the philosophies and actual practices of the Sherman elementary teachers are; and how they practice or do not practice their philosophical concepts.
Reading Interests of Students of North Texas State Teachers College in the First Semester of the Year 1942-1943
The problem selected for study in the present research project is to determine the reading interests of freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate students enrolled in the North Texas State Teachers College, Denton, Texas, during the first semester of the 1942-1943 school year.
The Relation of Drawing to Behavior Problems in Children
This study was made to determine to what extent behavior problems in fourth grade children in the Palo Pinto Common School, Palo Pinto, Texas, were revealed in their drawings.
The Relationship of Speech Defects with the Personality Development of Elementary School Children
The purpose of this study is to aid in the personal development of abnormal speech defective personalities by determining the effects of crippled speech upon certain individuals.
Remedial Reading in a First-Grade Section of the Gladewater Elementary School
The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of a teaching technique which involves grouping of students on their ability in reading for the improvement of reading in the school.
Social and Economic Factors Involved in the Reconstruction of the South Following the Civil War
No Description
Some Aspects of Vachel Lindsay's Americanism as Reflected in his Writings
This thesis discusses the life and writings, particularly the poetry, of Vachel Lindsay, with an emphasis on his Americanism.
Some Properties and Applications of Elliptic Integrals
The object of this paper is to present the properties and some of the applications of the Elliptic Integrals.
A Study of the Extent to Which the Point of View of the School Patrons of Wichita Falls, Texas, Has a Background of Progressivism or of Essentialism
The purpose of this study is to learn to what extent the point of view of patrons of Wichita Falls, Texas, has a background of progressivism or of essentialism and to what extent, if possible, the children are influenced in school by the point of view held by the parents; also which part of the school system -- general education, the curriculum, the child, or the administration -- has the most progressive approval of the parents.
A Study of the Foods Served and Purchased in a Fort Worth School Cafeteria Duing the Year 1943-1944
The purpose of this study is to show what foods were made available to the children in the year 1943-1944; what foods the children chose from the available foods; what nutritive value the chosen foods possessed; and what the chosen lunches cost the children.
A Study of the Value of Phonics as an Aid in Teaching Second-Grade Reading
The purpose of this study was (1) to determine the need of phonics as a tool in word recognition; (2) to find out the opinions of outstanding educators concerning the value of phonics in primary reading; (3) to know present trends in the teaching of phonics in primary grades; and (4) to ascertain by actual experiment the results of phonetic training.
A Study to Determine the Social Attitudes and Behavior Problems in a Given Elementary School
No Description
A Stylistic and Structural Analysis of David Stanley Smith's Sonata in A, Opus 51
No Description
A Stylistic Comparison of the Accompanied Violin Sonatas of Bach and Handel
No Description
To Determine Whether There is Parallel Advancement in Industrial Arts and Industry in Texas
A study to determine whether there is parallel advancement in industrial arts and industry in Texas.
Wordsworth and Whitman: a Comparative Study
This thesis consists of a comparative study of William Wordsworth and Walt Whitman.