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 Country: France
 Year: 1941
 Degree Discipline: History
 Collection: UNT Theses and Dissertations
Franco-German Diplomatic Relations 1871-1939

Franco-German Diplomatic Relations 1871-1939

Date: 1941
Creator: Madeley, Henry
Description: My purpose is to sketch briefly the diplomatic background of the existing relations between France and Germany from 1871 to 1939. I have told the story chronologically, because I believe that we must follow events as they unfold themselves if we are to understand why statesmen made their decisions. I have attempted to mass all the important facts that I could find on Franco-German Diplomatic Relations from 1871 to 1939 without self-interests or prejudices to either of the two nations. My intentions were to seek a general knowledge of the drift of Franco-German Diplomatic affairs during this period of seventy years.
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