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 Language: English
 Serial/Series Title: Making America strong
 Collection: World War Poster Collection
Making America strong : competitive companies co-operate to produce important instruments for military aircraft.
Black & white poster features comic-book style drawings of an industrial worker, managers, and buildings, and a large outline map of the U.S. containing additional text.
Making America strong : how American shipyards are winning the race against time to build our Navy.
Black & white chart describes how shipbuilding has become quicker during wartime. It features comic-book style drawings of a shipyard, a large ship at sea, and Uncle Sam changing from his decorated top hat to a worker's cap.
Making America strong : how subcontracting accelerates defense production--.
Black & white poster features comic-book style drawings. In the center of a large outline map of United States is a large tank, with numerous lines pointing outward to small drawings of industrial buildings throughout the U.S. In the upper left corner is a more detailed drawing of a factory with smokestacks.
Making America strong : industry's ever improving mass production methods step up output of latest type war planes.
Black & white poster features comic-book style drawings of machinery used to produce airplanes. In the upper right corner is an image of Uncle Sam pointing out to some people a flying military airplane which is seen through a large "hole" drawn in the poster.
Making America strong : today about 800 American industrial concerns either make airplanes or supply the parts.
Black & white chart features comic-book style drawings of airplanes, airplane parts, and industrial buildings arranged in pictograph format illustrating production statistics for engines, propellers, instruments, and complete airplanes.